Monday, September 4, 2017

Football and Babies!

That was our weekend down here. Which means it was practically perfect. It would have been perfectly perfect had the NFL season actually started yesterday but it didn't so, practically perfect will have to do.

Baby M was dressed for the opening day of college football season with the cutest little bloomers sporting her favorite team logo. It was difficult to get her to be still long enough to get a clear picture-

I got these from a cute Etsy shop called, The Bee Garden. I didn't leave Baby R out but his mommy and daddy are not Clemson fans. His mommy pulls for UNC even though she attended Wofford. I'm not sure if his daddy has a favorite college team. But he pulls for the Broncos on Sundays. Which is not that bad. At least he's not a Patriots or (Heaven forbid) a Falcons fan. 😂😇

When Baby R arrives, Baby M has to get in her car seat, too. Because they're cousins and cousins do lots of things together. Even when they are very, very young.

This girl and DrummerBoy came from Nashville for the weekend. She can brighten up the dreariest of dreary days so Y'all can imagine how amazing she makes a really good weekend. She loved spending time with her niece and nephew.

This morning, Baby M had a video message for her mommy and daddy:

Hope Y'all are enjoying your Labor Day!

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  1. At first I thought this was a post about football babies, but I was wrong, that said these a gorgeous photos

    1. Hahaha! Thanks, girl! For the laugh and the comment. :)

  2. Love this post!! I'm not a football fan but I love the babies!

    1. Thank you! Baby M already loves football and we're grooming Baby R right now. LOL

  3. I'm happy football season is back too. Looks like the Vols are up to their usual tricks and will be keeping my stomach in knots again this season. Ugh! Barely a win, but we'll take it! And Clemson looked pretty good, but we'll see for real next week. Our favorite Vol went to the Steelers and it's hard for us to root for the Steelers. We are pulling for Josh Dobbs though : ) I love the bloomers!!

    1. Isn't annoying when your team does that? Some years I have that with college AND NFL. And yet, I'm back every year. :) Clemson will be interesting this year. They aren't my team but they are Baby M's parents' and Nashville Daughter's and most of my friends so... Baby R's mommy (my Maggie) is a Tar Heel fan and my teacher daughter is about as far from being a football fan as one can possibly be. I don't mind the Steelers because I love Terry Bradshaw. I know, dumb reason. LOL I hope your SIL knows that sweet baby has to wear the same outfit every Saturday now. Just like Marcy has to wear those bloomers. LOL


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