Wednesday, November 22, 2017

30 Days of Thankful for Family

Here we go with another list of Thanksgiving week thankfuls. Today's list is rather specific as all 30 thankfuls are in reference to my children and grandchildren. I'm sure Y'all can tell which ones are specific to grandkids. Ha!

30 Days of November Thankfulness the Grandchildren and Daughters List:
  1. The first everythings
  2. The cuddles and nuzzles
  3. The eye contact and the knowing that accompanies it
  4. The laughter
  5. All the feels
  6. The love- there is none other like it
  7. Watching them make discoveries
  8. The spoiling
  9. Sharing secrets (like candy they aren't allowed to have)
  10. The joy
  11. The silliness
  12. The excitement of new things
  13. Sleepovers
  14. Giggles
  15. Holidays
  16. Surprises
  17. The fun
  18. The energy
  19. The conversations
  20. Sharing family traditions
  21. Curiosity
  22. Daughters
  23. Sons-in-law
  24. Happy adult kids
  25. Sister visits
  26. Sister love
  27. Cousin love
  28. The happys
  29. The closeness (specifically referring to relationships here)
  30. Being a grandma

This list could also go on forever. There's just nothing better than family/daughters/grandkiddos.

What would Y'all add to this list of thankfuls?

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