Monday, November 6, 2017

Keeping Quiet is a Gift I Do Not Possess

How many of Y'all have a hard time keeping quiet? Come on, raise your hands. Mine is up. Way up. If there's one thing nearly impossible for me to do it is keep. my. mouth. shut.

I swear it's like I have no control. I will sit there and listen to someone talk and hear something that NEEDS to be commented on and BAM! whether I want it to or not my mouth opens and words spew out before I even know exactly what those words will be.

Sometimes, I even look around like I have no idea who was talking. Even up at the ceiling just in
case there's a gremlin up there or something. Of course, there are times when I look the person in the face with the attitude of, "Yes, I said that what are you going to do about it?" Because everyone loves to be provoked. And watch out if someone tells me to be quiet. The wrath of Grendel pales in comparison. Ok, not quite like that but if they tell me to calm down, it's on.

I have learned not to respond to people who believe the only right opinion is theirs and no matter what you say or do YOU are wrong. Unreasonable people. People who aren't interested in truth. Or having an intellectual discussion. People who heard it on NPR and that makes them right. Not to be critical of NPR, I have favorite programs on there myself but really, I don't feel the need to spout out something I heard on there as absolute truth just because that's where I heard it. Anyway...

I've also learned to ignore people who are merely trying to draw me out. You know, those people who love to pick a fight? Yeah. NOT worth the time or effort.

One of the worst times I open my mouth is when I offer to do something on the spur of the moment. I immediately regret that decision but it's out there. It's difficult to know how you will feel when you have fibromyalgia but my mouth opens right up and out come the words of offering my services. And then I'm stuck because I said I would and no one understands with fibro you can feel great one minute and not the least bit great the next moment.

What about times when someone spouts off something prejudiced against a minority or women or whomever? Nope. Can't keep the trap shut then either. And it comes off like someone ready to chew their heads off. Do NOT mess with me on subjects such as these. When I am passionate about a subject, there's no stopping the mouth.

I have tried to keep the trap shut. I'm pretty good when it's someone who just isn't worth the effort. The best thing to do is just be quiet and they'll soon be quiet and you won't have to listen to that drivel any longer. Until the next time. But if you're quiet those times will dwindle it.

 Lots of times I think people who just keep quiet are lucky. Or how nice it would be not to have one single opinion about anything. To be able to have a conversation in my head without verbalizing so much as a syllable. To not care about the racist jerk who spouts off about minorities, women, other countries or the ass who abuses women, children, animals, the elderly... But that's not me. My trap must yap.

Maybe that's why I love to be alone. Ha!

Anyone remember this? I need to add, 'opened my mouth.'

What about Y'all? Yappers or not?

Have a wonderful Monday!

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  1. I do wish I could keep my mouth shut. I am right there with you.
    Have a lovely day Pam!

  2. I'm not much of a yapper, Pam.... but I'm married to one! LOL


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