Friday, April 27, 2018

Choosing a Wedding Venue

When your daughter lives 9 hours away, helping her plan a wedding is a little bit different though it can be done. We mamas in this situation who can't just hop on a plane or get in the car and go when we'd like to just have to do what we can from afar and choose events to attend that are most important to our daughters. The main thing is to make sure your daughter knows you're behind her every step of the way.

Take the tour

One of the main things I will say about wedding venues is no matter what you think of it online, GO TAKE THE TOUR because it will be different one way or the other. And that's exactly what happened this weekend when NashvilleDaughter toured her chosen venue.

It's a family affair

Two of the lovelies flew to Nashville this past weekend to visit NashvilleDaughter and DrummerBoy and to accompany their sister on the tour of her chosen venue. Now, online we all LOVED the venue. It seemed to have so much to offer in a rustic elegant sort of style and the services included sounded above and beyond what some venues offer. So what happened when they took the tour?

Make a connection

It was even BETTER than what we saw online and the pictures and videos they sent me verified this. Cha-Ching! My girls liked the gal who showed them around the venue and the bride-to-be has already bonded with this girl so that should make things go even smoother. Making a connection with the people you contact with while wedding planning does make a difference.

Get a fine tooth comb

One of the most important things you need when it comes to wedding planning is a fine tooth comb for use when going over the contracts. If you're helping your daughter (or son) make sure they SIGN NOTHING until they, you, and someone you trust who has wedding planning experience goes over that thing thoroughly and then look over it again and MAKE SURE YOU READ THE FINE PRINT as well as between the lines. Maybe even check for invisible ink. Seriously, KNOW WHAT IS BEING SIGNED.

So, where are we in the process? We're all in agreement about the venue and after using our fine tooth combs have agreed the contract is ok to sign. In other words, the wedding venue has been secured!

What happens when two of your sisters and your niece show up for a weekend?

You laugh at pillowcase dancing.

You make a new friend.
That's Bug with DrummerBoy's nephew who is a mere 4 months older than Bug.
They are BFFs now.
Aren't they adorable?
 You get to go to your very first Wild Feathers' concert and eat pretzels.

At Uncle DrummerBoy's concert. 
You get spoiled by your auntie.

Bug with the bride-to-be
 You get to ride around and look cool.

Too cool for school, Y'all!
Meanwhile, here at home, this happened:

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  1. our daughter is getting married - 3 weeks from tomorrow - eek! great advice in this post and in your other post about helping daughters!!

  2. We just signed contracts yesterday for the reception venue, planner (although we've already met with her), and church. So glad you've found a venue you love. I feel like getting that pinned down with a date helps a lot! We loved our videographer from Daughter1's wedding, but they've become big and well known and don't do weddings anymore so we have to find a new videographer. Our photographer is booked but Daughter2 and her fiance will meet with him next week to talk specifics and then sign the contract. He did Daughter1's wedding so we know what to expect. The chapel has a bazillion rules so just want him to be aware of that.

    1. When we were planning Daughter1's wedding we were looking at Sullivan's Island and discovered, from the photographers, you can't take certain pictures outside including on the beach. I found that ridiculous as thousands of tourists take pictures out there all the time. As do I. Why in the world do people try to control everything? Then we though about First Baptist downtown but the rules were just too much for our rule breaking family so we just borrowed the minister and his wife who are our dear friends. LOL I'm so glad things are moving along for y'all! What's your date? We're May 11. I get a new son-in-love for Mother's Day 2019!

  3. Excellent news that the venue is secured!! Bug and her new friend!!! Adorable... and then there is that little man. Oh my goodness.

    1. Such a big part and it's already done. What a relief! Aren't they adorable? That's Ben's brother's little boy. They had such fun together. My little red headed boy. Red is my favorite color, especially hair. :)


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