Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Recap

We've had an exciting couple of days, Y'all between a birthday, Easter, April Fools' and an engagement all on the same day and looking at Nashville wedding venues yesterday and having Bug all day and every day this week because school is closed for spring break the Easter post was about to bite the dust.

BUT, I'm not dead yet so here you go! Oh, fair warning: there are a ton of pictures.

First time dying eggs. 

A bow tie and suspenders, the perfect outfit.

Speaking of the perfect outfit. Who doesn't love a chiffon dress with cowboy boots?
The story is they were looking for a pair of white sandals but someone picked up those boots and refused to leave the store without them. What can I say?
She knew which shoes would work best. 
Little man decided he wanted something from Tucker's basket. 

How. Sinkin'. Cute.

Bug is all about dogs and ducks so I had to have this ducky
bubble shooter for her basket. It was a big hit!

Once we got the littles on the blanket, the paparazzi showed up. 

Little man wanted to eat the bubbles. Bug complied. 

These are Bug's other grandparents and Y'all, they are
so wonderful! We LOVE them so much and we all
try to get together as often as we can. 

Bug and TeacherDaughter enjoying the bubbles.
A few black and whites because I love black and whites. 

Bug's family. 

Little Man's family. 
We sure missed these two.

But they were busy in Nashville getting engaged. Which you can read about HERE if you missed it.

There's a whole lot of happy going on around here!

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  1. Oh my! So much fun. Love all the pics of the littles. And the boots and dress are perfect together! I mean really, who wouldn't love it..

    1. We did have such fun! That's the same thing I thought about the boots and the dress. :)

  2. Oh my goodness... SO much cuteness here! I loved reading about all the happy!!

    1. It's days like that you don't ever want to see come to an end. :) Thank you!

  3. It does look like a good Easter was had

  4. Easter pictures are so cute.. seems you had a great time..

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  5. I love all the photos. The kids outfits are adorable. She was right about the shoes!! What an exciting day all around.....


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