Monday, October 8, 2018

Word of the Day

I joined a wellness group on Facebook started by a friend of mine in the hopes of finding more women, regardless of age, who struggle with various obstacles to wellness would motivate me. My motivation has been MIA for a super long time and I'm beyond ready to get it back. Sadly, I cannot simply command my motivation.

What I've found is a group of supportive, encouraging women who only share positive comments. They are all ages and face all sorts of challenges from the daily grind to some pretty serious physical and mental obstacles and never once has anyone made another woman feel less or unimportant or ridiculous, etc.

The group is filled with women from all over the US who have come together to share stories, encouragement, and support. Can y'all even imagine a group where none of the members judge you or send negative comments?

It's like having your very own cheering squad who actually care and want you to win.

It is so difficult to keep myself in a light/good/positive mood these days. Everything seems so dark and I don't like thinking we're slowly drifting back into an era that was worse for women than the current one.

And the fact autumn has arrived but summer won't loosen her death grip on the low-country and yes, this is a big deal for me because while most people get seasonally depressed during the winter months, I suffer during the summer months. I know. I know.

The women in this group help. And I've come up with a little game that also helps keep me grounded and that will, eventually/hopefully take me back to filling my days with positivity more easily.

All of this just to share where my big idea of how to change my thinking about well, everything originated.

Have you ever had one of those ridiculous ideas that were so over-the-top you just had to give a shot? Because I have those all the time. Not that they always work out. Sometimes I forget probably because the idea wasn't as captivating as I thought or they just don't work or some obstacle thrown in the mix from the universe. Anyway...

I thought if I chose an exaggerated word that is a synonym (of sorts) for the word, good and used it in my day every day I would change my thought process or have fun or both. It is not a secret that I do indeed stretch it with my word choices some days but this has been so much fun and just when I start to think or say something in a negative way I turn it around by rephrasing and inserting my word of the day and BAM! I get a smile on my face or flat-out laughter. So far, it's been fun!

I shared this idea with TeacherDaughter and she's doing it, too. Our texts back and forth have been even more fun. You know it's a pretty darn good idea when it turns your thoughts about an after-school meeting around.

Some of my word choices have been: spectacular, glorious, transcendent, rapturous, sensational. I turned sentences describing my day or activities. Here are some examples from each day--
  • Monday's interval training was spectacular!
  • Washing dishes on Tuesday was ambrosial because clean dishes are ambrosial and so are the meals that are prepared in those dishes. (A stretch? Maybe but ambrosial doesn't just refer to smell or taste, it also refers to divine, worthy of the gods so...)
  • Gathering Mother's recipes was transcendentally nostalgic. And so was the car ride to her house an hour away which is usually not thought of in a positive way. 
  • Shopping for groceries on Thursday was glorious because who doesn't love it when that chore is done. 
  • Friday's negative thoughts about what needs to be done to this house turned into having a roof over my head is sensational! Along with about a dozen other things. 
  • When I woke up Saturday a little stiff from Tai Chi I decided to try an easy 10-minute yoga stretching session that was rapturous
  • Football over Saturday and Sunday was splendiferous! Ok, that was too easy... Figuring out how to create a seashell Christmas tree for the Etsy shop was splendiferous
It's quite easy to have a positive thought and use only positive words when my day includes something like time with the grandloves but when you consider my normal thoughts while undertaking everyday tasks are more like, "Ugh, I hate washing dishes." "How long is this workout going to take?" "I'd love to visit the grandboy but I hate driving up there," "Shopping for groceries is no fun," etc... then you see where this little game is coming in rather handy.
Yes, it's silly. Yes, it's simple. But also yes, it's working. There are still times of frustration but I'm trying to focus on things I can change easily within my own realm of thinking. 

It won't change my mind on the big issues but it will help me not let those issues ruin an entire day and it will also help me figure out how to handle these times and the best ways to make a difference on a larger stage. Let's face it if we don't stand up and fight they will continue to have control over us. Keeping my thoughts more positive helps me stand up, take control and keep it. Being negative helps them. Being positive helps me. No brainer.

Hoping your day is truly magnifique

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  1. I was wondering where you were! I'm glad you found a nice support group. I think your idea is great and the best part is that it is working for you. I definitely need to be more positive. My brain always goes to the dark side.....

    1. I've been swamped trying to make things for the Etsy shop and I'm so slow. Plus, I've had writer's block so... I'm so excited about your grandbaby! When is the due date?

  2. Your support group sounds nice, Pam! I'm glad you are finding positive reinforcement with them! I agree with you completely and know that staying positive is the best way to get through each day. Blessings!

    1. The group is wonderful but we did hear that one of our members passed away Saturday from pneumonia and we're all sad about that. But yes, keeping it positive makes the difference for sure! Thanks!

  3. I am happy that you posted - you have been missed! Positivity and gratitude are my constants!!! I would curl up and wither without them - no doubt!!!

    1. I think I was headed for curling up and withering. Thank you for saying I was missed. I'm not one of those who can crank out handmade creations quickly. It takes thought and time for me. I think being a perfectionist slows me down, too. LOL

  4. Well this is fun! I find I have to be very careful what I allow into my mind these days. I opened FB this morning and first thing was someone's political rant/criticism/opinion and I just thought nope. Not even going to check FB this morning. Self-preservation is a good thing! How goes the wedding planning? I'm getting so excited for ours. Bought my dress last month while at my mom's which always feels like a relief. Hope you're doing well!

    1. I've been going through my social media and 'unfollowing' those who constantly insult others over politics. I don't mind the sharing of opinions but this is ridiculous. One person I had to 'unfollow' is a family member so that's not going to go over well but too bad. Like you mentioned, self-preservation is a good thing. :) Claudia is getting overwhemed with the wedding planning and is ready to elope at this point. I finally got her to just put everything aside until Ben comes back from the road in November and she feels better. She's way ahead of the game but the things that aren't set are driving her nuts. She's the one who wants everything done right away and that just doesn't always happen as we all know. :) I haven't even thought of a dress yet. Mother used to make them for me and since she's not with us anymore well... How's the planning up your way?

  5. Attitude, mindset or whatever you call your thinking at the moment does work better being positive. Positive thoughts are so difficult to pull out when life throws frustrating problems at you. I should create a list of positive words. Fabulous idea.

    1. Absolutely agree with you. The list is fun to make and share but apparently, not that easy to stick with as I'm finding out. Perhaps a Post-It on my forehead?

  6. Finding supportive people is amazing and we all need someone who will support us through both good and not so good times. Positive support can make such a big difference in our lives

    1. It sure can! I know you are a positive influence in the lives of your family and friends!

  7. Sounds like a great group Pam and if it helps with obstacles to wellness then I might need to join it too. Love your new word choices!


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