Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Grandma Gone Wild

Do y'all need a way to spend money you shouldn't spend? Because I've discovered the very best way to do this it to have grandchildren. You know how it goes. It's not that they need another toy but that toy looks like so much fun and wouldn't they just have the best time with it? It's not that they need any more clothes but everything you see would look just darling on them and so they must have it.

Is there such a thing as retail therapy for grandmothers and by retail therapy I don't mean go shopping to feel better I mean how to stop shopping for grandchildren because there really does need to be retail therapy for grandparents. At least for this one.

I found Christmas outfits for the kids. Three each. Christmas lasts ONE day. Opie (the blog name for #1Grandson) has THREE outfits as does Lula Mae (the blog name for #1Granddaughter) and yes there are reasons for those names and yes there are also reasons for THREE outfits---I am a grandma shopaholic.

But look---

And this---

These kiddos are 1 and 2 years old but do not get dirty enough to change outfits three times in one day so there's no need for them to have three outfits so Opie got one a bit early and how cute is he? For those of you who don't follow me on Instagram, his mother told him to smile for a picture and this is what you get when all he wants to do is play.

OH! did I mention the Christmas jammies?! So many cute ones!

My first thought was these because they have to have matching Christmas jammies---

But then I found these which are perfect because it's an AWWWW moment every time these two get together as they look at each other, put their hands on each other's cheeks, and then hug. I. Can't. Even.

But then I saw these and seriously who doesn't love a moose and red on a redhead? And I won't even start on the navy ones with snowflakes and polar bears...

And since Lula Mae has decided she LOVES ballet I had to get these---

I know. I have a problem. I haven't even started on a toy or 5 for them. And no, no one is giving me a darn thing for showing Y'all these Christmas clothes I am simply justifying my shopping by showing you the level of cuteness and perfection. OH! And please do not think for one second having an auntie around will help at all because all she did was cheer me on, "Those are so cute! DO IT, MOM!"

Anyway...wait! I just got an email. It's time to look at Zulily.

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  1. Oh my gosh, how cute! I have to go shopping this week because two of my grand daughters are going to have birthdays next week.
    You sound like you are having such fun with your grands.

    1. I am having fun but I'm also spending way too much money. :) I hated missing your traveling bunch this week but I was out of town. I'm still sad about it. :(

  2. Christmas is SO much fun when you have little ones to splurge on! Do it, Pam!! They grow up too fast and won't care about jammies with a moose on them or declarations of cousin love. Just do it!

    1. You know what? You're right! And I did do it! LOL

  3. Those are all so cute. Yes being a new grandmother I can't help but buy cute things for the baby.

    1. I'm so glad you're doing it, too. I didn't want to be in this boat alone. :)


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