Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Hurry Up Already

Why are we in such a hurry? How do we get ourselves in such a rush? We sit in traffic and get all kinds of irritated because we're going to be late or we just want to get home but the fact is all that irritation doesn't move the traffic any faster. If you're going to be late why didn't you just start out earlier? There are all sorts of ways to check the traffic so I'm not sure why that is ever an issue unless whatever it is happens right in front of you but either way expending energy on irritation won't help a thing. You just want to get home? You will. So, chill.

H is for hurry.

There are times when I am convinced the slow down in traffic is saving me from something such as an accident I am involved it. I know, but I don't really care if people think that's crazy. I have experienced the whole getting caught by a red light and fussing over it but once on my way there was an accident just about where I would have been had I had a green light so...

We're going through a difficult time in life and we put our heads down and go through as quickly as possible but how does that help us learn whatever it is we should be learning from that period? We get excited over some event and before we know it the whole thing is over and we didn't pay attention and enjoy it to the fullest. We rushed through and that took whatever enjoyment we could have had or whatever lesson we could have learned and left us without either.

Pregnant moms want to hurry through the last moments. Parents of toddlers want that phase to hurry and end. Parents of teenagers can't get through that phase fast enough. Employees rush through their day to get home and their work suffers and stress ensues. Drivers rush through traffic and accidents happen. People hurry up to get to the next thing but, when the next thing comes along they rush through to get to the next and before we know it our lives are over. Rush, rush, rush. Hurry up and rush.

My granddaddy always used to tell us not to wish our lives away and I think rushing through things is the same as wishing we were someone else, some other age, some other location, etc. When we aren't focused on what's right now, right there in front of us we rush through with nothing left but that deer in the headlights look of, "WTH just happened?"

It happens in business, too. Instead of following the instructions some brilliant sort decides he can get it done quicker if he just does what he wants to do and problems galore suddenly appear and guess what? It's not anyone's fault and the finger pointing begins. All because someone was in a hurry or someone's boss put on the pressure to hurry or for whatever reason, people were hurried and mistakes were made and there you go.

That kind of thing drives me nuts. Where are the stand-up people who make mistakes and own up to them? I guess that particular trait has died out.

Sometimes we rush through because we have way too much on our plate. This one happens to me, a lot. I over-extend myself and have to hurry up to get through each task and what happens? I don't give myself a chance to enjoy, learn from, appreciate each task and the end result is sometimes lacking. Just getting through the daily routine that has become doldrum can make us not pay attention, rush through, and miss any little light the chore may have brought with it.

Life goes by in a flash as it is so why in the world we try to make it go by even faster is a mystery to me. It seems rather stupid to do this. At the same time, I understand some situations are good to just get through because they are super sad, painful, hurtful...but I've heard it told there are healing and lessons in these situations.

When we don't pay attention and rush through we miss the hidden little delights each day, each task, each moment holds.

H is for hurry up and slow down.

Enjoy your moments.


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  1. I need to head this warning and slow down! I rush through everything and miss alot! Thanks for the reminder! Annster's Domain

    1. I am the same way even though I tell myself to knock it off. It's so easy to get caught up in the routine and just get through it.

  2. I sure needed to read this today! Life sure does go by in a flash and I am impatient way too often. Slow down, slow down, slow down... a good mantra!!

    1. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! I can spout it out but I always seem to forget to apply it. LOL


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