Friday, November 19, 2010

Play Date

What do you do about play dates when your kids are all grown up?  You set them up for your dog, of course!  Birdie (DD3) brought Strider and Charlie over for a play-date with Tucker today---they had a 'doggone' good time--I know! I know!  I hear the groans, but I just couldn't help myself!  Have  a great weekend!

Charlie and Tucker

Charlie is hot on Strider's heels

Almost got it!


Now Tucker gets involved.

 A little doggie 'ring-around-the-rosie'!


I'm taking you down Mister!

Pretty sure he'll sleep this afternoon!


  1. Looks like a fun time was had by all! I loved the last post about the squirrel, too. Your photographs are really nice!

  2. Those are the best kind of play times...all you need is a few bowls of water, a few doggie treats and a pooper scooper :-)

  3. Thanks Kathy! Everyone did have a great time. She was going to take them to the dog park but they love it in our backyard!

    Jeff, the pooper scooper was at work...LOL

  4. HI, there. I wanted to stop by and say Thank you for reading Words of Me!! I haven't been here before...what a great place. Really...I think about our Empty Nest in the future and I get really, sad. I will have to begin reading your blog to see how you are managing. Your daughters are beautiful!!!!!!!!!

  5. PS....just saw myself on your made my day!!:)

  6. What a cute puppy playdate.... I am following you back and can't wait to get to know you.

  7. They are just the cutest! I´m sure your dog had a lot of fun!

  8. What a cute puppy playdate... Thanks for following at A CREATIVE SPIRIT. Following you back.

  9. How oh so very cute! I didn't even know doggies had play dates. Can you tell I don't have a pet? Not unless you count my son's Beta. LOL... Love the photos and seeing all the pups.

  10. Oh my, they had so much fun. Our daughter and SIL are living with us now and they have a dog named Charlie. They play like that and it's so much fun to watch them. (So much for our empty nest!)

  11. I love it. They had such a great time. Come over and visit and see what the kids did to poor Wilbur today. Not really poor because he loved the attention.
    Have a great weekend. God Bless!!

  12. Wonderful pictures... looks like it was a woof of time!!! xo HHL

  13. Thanks, Petula, Senora, Kim, Betty, for the great comments! WOOF of a time,HHL? Hilarious!!!

    Julie- I saw Wilbur in his coat---all set for the cold weather! Tucker would probably look at me like that too!

    Debby, I've heard that they will move back. But only after you get to the point where you enjoy having the nest empty! LOL

    Scrapinmom---it's not the easiest thing we've ever done but we will survive!

    Thanks so very much for following--those who are new and those who have been around!

  14. How cute! My son has been wanting a puppy for awhile now. I must admit I'm missing having a dog around too.

    visiting from SITS

  15. Don't you just love watching them play! There's just something about dogs - even other people's dogs - that puts a smile on my face. :-)

  16. Now that looked like a fun day!

  17. Playdates for dogs - how adorable! If we could only bottle that energy!

  18. Looks like they had a great time!


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