Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Martha's Pumpkins

I was flipping through channels this morning and ran across Martha Stewart's show.  She was decorating pumpkins for Halloween and I was, once again, amazed at how the simplest things make so much sense...followed by the usual why-the-heck-didn't-I-think-of-that???  For example, she cuts the BOTTOM out of her pumpkins instead of the top and then, once it is decorated, she places it over the light.  AND the lights are a battery operated string of white lights wrapped around a jar instead of a candle. AND while cutting out the design on the pumpkin, she cuts the rind and leaves the meat which creates a soft effect when it is hit by the lights.

The entire time I'm watching Martha carve the pumpkin, I am furiously texting my daughters giving them this wonderful information (because we are CRAZY about all things fall ESPECIALLY the holidays!).  Daughter C, who is at work, calls me and tells me that she went on the website and found pumpkins decorated with fall leaves.  FALL LEAVES!!!  (Look here if you want a glimpse of the fall leaf pumpkins!).  One of my most favorite things EVER!  I immediately informed Hubs of the desperate need for 3 pumpkins and an assortment of fall leaves because we actually have to travel for the leaves since the lowcountry is not surrounded by the splendor that the fall season is so famous for in other lucky parts of the US (the only real difference between the seasons here is the temp which switches between somewhat pleasant to you have GOT to be kidding.).

We have, in the past, been creative in our Halloween efforts.  Mimi (my mother) has made the girls' costumes from the beginning; we always carved our pumpkins, though mostly for fun NOT for showing creativity (until daughter R got older and then they became elaborate haunted houses, or skeletons, or witches); and we always made Halloween themed dinners  (those mummy hotdogs; ghost mashed potatoes; deviled egg eyeballs, etc. ).  Hubs and I took turns taking the girls out for trick-or-treating (someone had to stay home and hand out candy) and loved watching them spread their candy 'loot' all over the floor and sort it all out into piles of sugary goodness.  Ah, but those days are over.  The most we can do now is buy the candy and wait for other people's trick-or-treaters to come by---which isn't terrible because, whether the children belong to us or not, they are just the cutest things at Halloween and their excitement is simply contagious.
This is what happened when Daughter R got started.

And this...

So we will buy the candy.  We will sit and wait for the knock at the door and the shouts of "Trick-or-Treat!"  And we will do it with pleasure...and a few pumpkins decorated with fall leaves lit with white lights inserted--from the bottom. 


  1. Wow, nice jack-o-lanterns! Martha Stewart has all of the answers, doesn't she?
    In a few years, you'll probably be blessed with a grandchild or two--and you'll have the most special "trick or treaters" ever!!! I'm loving your blog, by the way!

  2. That Martha! Great ideas. I've done the lights in the pumpkin in the past, but never thought about cutting the hole in the bottom.

    Now you and your hubby can make a new Halloween tradition, one that includes answering the door for the little ones -- and maybe engage in a little carving competition. (My husband and I still do ... even without the kids!)

  3. Pam,
    Wow...I was reading your comment to me on my blog and decided I wanted to know more about you. I am so glad I wandered over here to see you and your beautiful daughters. (Your husband looks great, too!). Your daughter's pumpkin carving is amazing and you are right Martha Stewart always provides great tricks. The one about putting the hole in the bottom of the pumpkin I learned a long time ago when living in New Hampshire. This trick helps keep pumpkin safe from wind and snow!

    I will come by again.


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