Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Cash Cab

Every so often I can see a positive aspect of having an empty nest and one of these aspects I have discovered via Discovery Channel's Cash Cab.  Oh how I LOVE this game show-- especially now.  It's not that I don't enjoy the program when the daughters are home, I just like it better when they are not here.  Ever since the girls deserted me leaving me here with no one but this man moved away, I am the FIRST one yelling out answers to the questions (yes, I am petty in my competitiveness I really like to be first and I'm pretty darned unhappy when I am not.).  When they are home they beat me every time and I don't know if this is because they are smarter than I OR the answer just comes faster to their minds because they are younger OR because the answer travels faster from their brain to their mouths.

I love Cash Cab for several reasons but, mainly, I like it because I actually know a lot of the answers.  It's not at all like trying to watch JEPARDY when I'm lucky if I can answer one question in five or more shows.  And, yes, I am one of those people who yell at the television screen when the contestants are taking to long ("HURRY UP! YOU ARE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!"), are about to give the wrong answer ("NO [bleepity bleep]! THAT'S NOT THE RIGHT ANSWER!") or can't think of the answer ("STEVE MARTIN! IT'S STEVE MARTIN! SAY STEVE MARTIN!").  I do realize that they can't hear me but I yell anyway because--it's FUN!  I also really get into pulling for some of the contestants and I hate it when they lose and get put out of the cab.  On the other hand, there are the occasional few that I would put out after the first minute of having them in the cab.

I like the host, Ben Bailey, and I especially like that, when there is a family with young children in the cab, he will ask a question or two that the kids can answer.  How awesome is that?!  Then, there's the Red Light Challenge which is fast and not always easy but I still get most of those as well.  Of course, at the end, there's the little decision winners must make before they get the money--the Video Bonus Question (cue sound effect of doom- dum dum dummmm).  Now, these, I rarely get right.  In fact, I am usually telling the winners to take the money and run, as Junie B. Jones would say, "speedy quick!"

Hubs gets way more correct answers on every question than I do, including the Video Bonus Question.  But I can still beat him on shouting out the answer because he is as slow as Moses very methodical in his thinking and responding.  Most of the time I tell him that I hope he's with me should I ever get to NYC and into the Cash Cab.  However, when he answers incorrectly, I tell  him he's out of the cab.  He always redeems himself on the following question though.  Hubs has a cousin living in NYC and we're always hoping that she, her hubby and their wee one will show up in the Cash Cab one day (meanwhile, you can catch her here!).

Yep.  We're just a couple of empty nesters having fun!


  1. I know what you mean...My brain and mouth don't want to work together anymore. When our youngest still lived at home, he was a whiz at Jepardy--it was disgusting! LOL

  2. It's because we're smarter than you, Mom. Du-uh.

  3. So awesome when one's children possess humor. LOL

  4. How about just control of the remote so you can pick what you want to watch. That might be cool.
    Thanks for stopping by. You're invited to dinner any time.
    take care and God Bless!!

  5. I love cash cab. I want every to win. LOL

  6. I love this show too! And I too am amazed at the answers I know. Alas, whenever I hail a cab in Manhattan, Ben isn't in it!!


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