Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Drive Home

The drive home from Dad's after Thanksgiving was pretty good.  There was very little traffic on the interstate (because everyone else in the Carolinas was shopping) and that made for a relaxing drive--for a change.  I'm not a fan of being in the car for long periods of time and I like driving on the interstate even less so Hubs does most of the driving once we hit the interstate.  Which leads me to the third thing I don't particularly care for---Hubs' driving.  He follows too closely to the people in front of him and follows them for over 20 minutes before finally going around them.  "Why don't you just go around them?"  "I thought they might speed up."   He has to drive in the fast lane all the way to our destination.  He doesn't keep a consistent speed, especially if his cell rings or if we are conversing or if he sees something interesting--the latter is usually followed by the car heading off in the direction of whatever it is he is looking at.  He tends to slow down once he's in someone's blind spot and when we are passing an 18 wheeler.  He speeds up when, clearly, the car in front of us has its brakes on saying, "You're not supposed to use your brakes on the interstate."  "True but, since they did, WHY DON'T YOU TRY DOING THE SAME THING?"  Followed by a quick step on said brake at the last minute.  His latest thing is to pump the accelerator making my head sway forward and backward, slowly.  "What's wrong with the car?" I ask.  "What do you mean?"  "I mean why is the car speeding up and then slowing down?"  "I don't know."  I'm seriously considering talking with my doctor about some sort of tranquilizer or nerve pill for the next trip--she is a woman with a husband...surely she will understand.

All is going well until we get on the second interstate of the trip I-26.  This one is ALWAYS  crowded no matter what the occasion.  Hubs decides he will get off and we will go the back roads!  Now, for me, this is a very good thing!  I LOVE traveling the back roads.  The scenery is better and there is hardly ever any traffic.  I'll even drive on the back roads.  What a perfect time to take some pictures.  SC is full of small, out of the way towns along lovely, country roads lined with farms, hundred+ year old trees and antebellum homes.  Since I cannot drive AND take pictures, Hubs continues the driving.  And by Hubs continues the driving I mean, we didn't stop so I could take pictures because he was driving like a bat out of hell a speed demon on a mission.  Which might have something to do with the fact that Tucker threw up on Hubs' left leg and we had to stop to get that wiped off (poor Tucky doesn't care for car trips either...apparently).  There's always next year...

Charlotte, NC from I-77- hardly any traffic.

Where we first got onto the back road...

Back on the road after the Tucker incident.

Look! NO CARS!

Still NO CARS!

The one farm house I was able to capture.

Cotton all baled and ready to go.


  1. The back roads look lovely. He sounds just like my husband. I am getting to a point where I just close my eyes because I can't stand how close he follows. Glad you made it home safely.

  2. Oh my gosh, my Hubby is the same! Especiaaly the part when he is looking at something and the car is veering into the next lane. Also, he does not seem to have a very good sense of direction and then when he takes the wrong turn he will keep going forever, on the road to nowhere, instead of turning around. In fact, I was just going to post about our episode last night when he made the worng turn. Maybe I will save that one! Gotta love them!
    Your pictures of the back roads are beautiful.

  3. Thanks y'all! I'm really beginning to think that they're all alike! And, yes, gotta love them...else, what would happen to them? LOL

  4. No husband here so can't comment on that... but loooooved your photographs, the trees are so beautiful and colourful.... absolutely gorgeous.... and yes glad you got home safely.... I myself love long car trips.... would love to drive along those long empty roads too..... CWW

  5. I think your hubby and mine went to the same driving school.

  6. What gorgeous country side! We always drive our back roads also, for many of the same reasons. Your pics are so wonderful, thanx for sharing!

  7. Gosh, my husband joined yours and Gail's at that very same school. Makes.Me.Nuts! (So I usually do most of the driving ... until I then get, um, perturbed that I have to do all the driving.)

  8. I am so happy I do the driving. Jim hates to drive, would rather nap to and from instead. I prefer the no cars over any cars but from driving truck traffic really doesn't bother me any. Same as weather, it can do whatever and I'll just keep going.
    Thanks for stopping by. I hope that you have a terrific and blessed week.

  9. Just remember, driving is better than flying, now that the TSA is patting down passengers. ;-)

  10. Beautiful farmhouse!
    Sorry for Tucker, even more sorry for Hub's leg, and even more sorry for probably had to clean everything up, right?

  11. "Back on the road after the Tucker incident." LOL! Poor Tucker. Luckily all my girls love the car. But Ginger gets so excited she whines and makes us all crazy. Glad you made it home.

  12. Lovely pictures! I'm thinking your hubby went to the same driving school as mine.

  13. Love your description of how your hubs drives! *giggling* Sounds familiar. I, too, have tried to take pics as mine drives-doesn't work very well for me. Hope your cleaning is done. Thanks for the visit. Wow, your blog looks great since last time I was here!! Well done. blessings on your day.


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