Monday, November 29, 2010

Meet Me On Monday!!

It's time to HOP on over to Java's Never Growing Old for MEET ME ON MONDAY!


1.  What is your favorite way to eat chicken?  Both of my grandmother's made the BEST EVER fried chicken.  Since they are no longer with us, my favorite has become Chicken and dumplings.  After all, in the south, it's all about comfort food!

2.  Have you decorated for Christmas yet?  I'm working on it but I have to get this house cleaned up first and rivalry football games and reading blogs got in the way this weekend! 

3.  What is your favorite article of clothing?  I have this old, bulky, black sweater that I LOVE to put on and wear around the house.  It gives me warmth and comfort!

4.  Do you pay your bills online or write checks the old way?  We pay bills both ways.

5.  Do you make Christmas cookies?  We used to make them every Christmas when the girls were growing up- and what fun it was!  Now, it depends on whether or not I'm in the mood to make them.


  1. Both USC and UCLA lost this weekend. But my Vikings won.

  2. I try to make everyones favorites. Hopefully I will find time. Chicken soup sounds wonderful.
    Have a great week.

  3. Football is a good enough reason to hold off on decorating for me. I was so excited because I got to watch my team play on Thanksgiving (so rare since I live on the West coast now and my team is the Patriots). The sweater you describe sounds so snuggly and warm. Have a wonderful week!

  4. Hi there! Thanks for your visit and comment this morning. I love doing memes because it gives us more ways to get to know each other. Isn't blogging fun?! I've sure enjoyed myself here.


  5. Any reason to delay dragging out all those boxes of decorations is a good one. I'm looking for someone to come do mine for me!

  6. You are right about the comfort food in the South!

  7. I love your No. 5. That's one of the great things about an empty nest: Some things really no longer need to be done unless you truly feel like doing them!

  8. I love how you call your comments mood true!
    Gosh that chicken and dumplings looks yummy, have never made that, my husband would be in hog heaven!
    Your sweater looks so comfy..
    have a great week!



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