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Whew!  Christmas seems to literally fly by anymore--and by anymore I mean the older I get.  Each passing year leaves me yearning more and more for the excitement and anticipation that I experienced as a child.  Alas, only children are blessed with this heightened joy at Christmas.  Sooner than we would ever have expected those joys turn to mere memories- delightful though they are.  When we have children of our own, we delight in watching their excitement and anticipation.  Unfortunately, this too becomes mere memory because these wonderful beings that are so precious to us grow up and create lives of their own.  Which is a good thing.  For them.  Oh, they make us proud of the adults they have become but, we still miss them.  And that's ok- we want them to be independent.  But, we also want them to be home for Christmas.  And so, we come to this Christmas.  Our first Christmas with one of our precious grown up daughters not at home.  Don't get me wrong, we still had a grand time!  But it was different.  And it didn't help that she called several times on Christmas Eve crying because she wanted to be home--which made all of us (her sisters were worse than we were) want to cry too but, instead, we all geared up that Lofton humor and turned her tears into laughter.  "I'm having a good time Mom but it's my first Christmas not at home."  I completely understood.  Completely.  By late Christmas Eve though, we were taking turns reading the pages of 'TWAS THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS to her and BestSonInLawEVER and they reciprocated with a reading of the Gullah version of the same story.  (If you don't know what Gullah is, you can hear part of the story here- there is a very rich history surrounding the Gullah culture).  ANYWAY, Breezy can get some of the dialect as she was born and raised here in Charleston but BestSonInLawEVER wasn't and it was HILARIOUS listening to him try to read that story!  Her sisters also opened one of her gifts and took pictures and sent them to her.  They wouldn't tell her what the gift was- she had to wait for the last picture to see for herself!  So, there are ways to include the biddies who aren't physically with us and still have a wonderful Christmas!  Although, if I have to admit this---I did hold on to Deanie before she left today just a bit too long which made her daddy tear up and then her....oops!  But we MISS HER!!! 

There was a bit of family drama but it was with extended not with us so we just didn't worry about it.  People need to get over it, especially at Christmas.  It was Hubs' first Christmas without his mother so we had his sister and brother over since their extended family completely ditched them this year.  And Hubs' youngest nephew and his bride came and they were simply delightful.  There were people in and out all Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  And it was GREAT!  But, if I never have to cook again, it'll be too soon!     

Tucker is an empty nest dog so all the hoopla was wasted on him. 

The opening of the Christmas pajamas--DoodleBug was thrilled that hers had not only sock monkeys on them but they also had FEET!

Deanie reads while DoodleBug holds the phone...

Daddy's turn to read...

Now Birdie reads...

Tucker suddenly comes to life on Christmas morning when it's STOCKING TIME!

He LOVES getting a stocking full of toys...

I mean he really LOVES it!

We handmade some gifts this year...this is what I made for Birdie whose favorite color is ORANGE (those are Beatles buttons)

This is what I made for DoodleBug--favorite color?  Green.  She is BIG TIME into saving the planet.

This is what I made for Deanie.  You've probably seen these around lately...I took pictures from the architecture and design located downtown Charleston to remind her of home. 

Birdie made tote bags for her sisters--this one is for Deanie...

This one is for DoodleBug.

DoodleBug made Birdie a braided scarf...very pretty!!!  I have to figure out how she did that! (She's still working on the other gifts)

Deanie painted glasses for her sisters and this is DoodleBug's--it's Harry Potter relateated. 

Our daughters bought us a Wii for Christmas...and it's RED!  My favorite color!

Aunt B and Mimi joined us later that morning.  (Mimi is my mother and Aunt B is her sister)

Deanie ended up with a lot of winter items...down here in Charleston we don't have need for much winter wear, but in DC...Scarlet (Gone with the Wind reference there) is FREEZING!

Hubs' brother with DoodleBug and Deanie.

Hubs' nephew, nephew's bride, Hubs' sister (mother of nephew)

We had to refill Tucker's stocking and let him go through it again.

Laughing sisters.

Hubs' sister with the scarf and hat I knitted for her.

Sisters playing Wii.

DoodleBug took the winner.

Deanie and Becks.

Becks really loves his Deanie! And now she doesn't have to shower!

Deanie said, "Please just sit down Becks!"  And he did.
And, just for a little bit today, some SNOW!

Can you believe it's almost time to wish you all HAPPY NEW YEAR?!?!?!?!


  1. Your post was lovely and it reminded me of the time when my children were leaving the nest. That time of my life seems so long ago, then we had the years with all the grand babies which has led us into this new stage of our life. Our youngest granddaughter is five and the oldest is twenty-two. Unfortunately, time passes and at each junction we have to adapt, kicking and screaming, to the next stage.

    In my heart, and mind, it is so hard to fathom that so many years have gone by but they have all been good years. This Christmas was fun listening to, and watching, the grand kids in Colorado who range in age from five to thirteen. They are growing up and although most of them can not crawl up into Nana's lap, the long hugs, sitting next to me and now the fun bantering has taken us into a new season of life!

  2. Shawn, you stated it perfectly--we do have to go kicking and screaming! And it seems to happen just when we get used to the stage we're in. Go figure!

    So glad you spent Christmas with the grands! I guess that will be our next stage.

  3. I so agree, we do have to do this...but I too will be kickin' and screamin'... we have to adapt or else it makes it harder on everyone involved!! My mom refused to let us go and layed on the guilt like you would not believe. It was and STILL is awful! She does it every year to me. If we didn't make it we heard about it believe me! I refused to do this to my girls!! Although there was 3 years when my middle daughter was living in TN and we are in northwest Washington state, yes 3 years she stayed in Nashville and we called each was so hard to not have her here with us, but we adapted and are glad to have her back home. They have all moved out and or on their own but, each made it home for the holidays so I am blessed! Yes, blessed and as the years and time march on I will adapt again although again it will be kickin' and screamin' we will do what we do best, and love them unconditionally.


  4. Melody, I know what you mean. My mother does this to a certain degree. Maybe that's why I don't do it to my girls. Hubs doesn't play the guilt card either. Life is way too short for guilt...we self inflict enough of it without others doing it to us! I'm grateful to have others out there via blogging to share these experiences with! We'll all kick and scream together all the while encouraging our children without the guilt!

  5. I loved your Christmas post and pictures. And yes, it reminded me of those first years when our nest was empty. We have two children and grands and a great grand living in LA. and 2 children here in Okla. and grands scattered thither and yon. Always remember, our nest may be empty but our hearts are full. Have a wonderful Holiday!

  6. wow, I so enjoyed your pics! What a fun family you have. And don't you dare feel sad yet, when you still got some at home! Beautiful girls that obviously love each other.

    Hubs & I were just Hubs & I this year. Boring, went to a movie christmas day, yuck! We went out to dinner with one son & his girlfriend for Christmas Eve.

    Better be diff next year, or I don't know what I'll do!

  7. Hey, sorry about that moaning comment of mine. Guess I am still getting used to this in-between stage, Between having little kids and having grandkids. It is nice to have this place to complain because I am careful never to talk like this to my sons. No guilt from this mama!
    Thanx for being here.

  8. Aw, lovely Christmas post.
    I can't imagine Christmas without my 3 here, but still know it's not that far away, adn I'll definitely be the "dragged kicking and screaming to the next stage" person. I still long for the Santa calling and snuggled on the cough reading The Night Before..

    love the pic of sisters laughing together, it's precious.

  9. I'm glad that your Christmas was a good one, even if all your baby chicks weren't able to be home. We've been lucky so far. Both of our kiddos have always been with us on Christmas. However, I know the day will probably come when that won't be possible.

    PJ's with feet always look so cute; but all I can think is HOT FLASH!! LOL!

  10. Wonderful photos of your lovely day.
    I do love the idea of reading to your daughter who could not be there.


  11. Great job on sharing the story of your family Christmas. Our son and daughter-in-law were here, but our daughter had Christmas with her in-laws. We had a good time anyway, but I failed to take any pictures.

  12. What a cute bunch you all are!! Great photos, such a nice Christmas. Love to see the doggies getting in on it too. :-) I once read the Christmas account (Scripture) in Gullah from Wycliffe Bible Translators. It was fascinating! Nice post.

  13. What a great Christmas day, even without everyone right there! How sweet to be able to share it with her even if it was on the phone. You'll be able to say remember that one Christmas....and it's special in it's own way! The pictures were fantastic!! Glad you had a great Christmas and hope your New Year is just as wonderful!

  14. What a wonderful Christmas...loved the photos. Merry Christmas..Michelle

  15. Your Christmas looks like it was wonderful. Love the red Wii! The items that you made are beautiful.
    All the handmade gifts are awesome. So sorry your daughter couldn't be there but I love the way you all read to her. Thank you for sharing your wonderful Christmas with me.

  16. Those are some really amazing handmade gifts!!! The scarves--BEAUTIFUL!! So thoughtful!

    Your family looks lovely and it appears as if this was a great holiday together! I love how you incorporated the daughter who couldn't make it by including her on the cell phone. I bet it really helped.
    Tucker is adorable! :)

  17. I have a big smile on my face from your photos. Thanks a million for sharing this beautiful family Christmas.
    Becks is a cool Schlabradoodle, I mean Schlabrador, still wrong,...
    We have one too, in yellow :)

  18. Such fun at your house for Christmas!! Loved the sock monkey pj's!! Adorable! Lots of fun gifts and I love the picture with the architectural elements! I have one that spells our last name and TRIED to take one home from our girls Christmas party but SOMEONE did not play nice, new girl... whatever!! Hope you have a very BLESSED New Year!!


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