Monday, December 27, 2010

MeetMe On Monday!

Hop on over to Java's place, Never Growing Old, and join in the fun with Meet Me On Monday!  It's a great way to meet new bloggers and get to know your favorites even better! 



1.  What are your New Year's Eve plans?  We are having an oyster roast!  And, hopefully, no one will get sick like the last time (you might remember that we were supposed to host the FIRST ANNUAL EMPTY NEST CHRISTMAS OYSTER ROAST, but we got sick and had to postpone, so now it's on New Year's Eve).

2.  How tall are you? I am 5'10" tall.

3.  What is your favorite pudding flavor?  It's a toss up between vanilla and chocolate.  BUT it has to be cooked.  None of that instant stuff for me!

4.  What room of the house do you blog the most in?  My 'study.'  It's actually one of our daughter's rooms but, since none of them live with us anymore, I have turned it into a study.  The picture below is from the house on the grounds where our oldest daughter was married--it shows the bookcases I want my study to be surrounded by eventually--and yes, I want them to be filled with books!

5.  What is your best physical feature? I'm not sure that I have one anymore!  Things are droopy now and wrinkly, not to mention that the hair is getting weird--kind of dry and the waistline is nonexistent.  However, I would say probably my eyes (the color of blue not the shape) or my hair. 


  1. Happy Monday!

    Good luck with your oyster roast - I hope everything works out and everyone has a great time!

  2. Hi! I found you from Meet Me on Monday. That study is absolutely exquisite! I could definitely blog in a place like that! It's my dream to have those kinds of bookcases, too. Oh yeah-- WITH the books!

    I'm following you on Google Friends Connect. Would you consider following me?

    Have a wonderful week, and Happy New Year!

  3. Oh, my...your #5 is hilarious!! That lady reminds me of...ME!! :)

  4. You are hilarious, that cartoon is so funny! I know what you mean about everything is getting droopy, the only thing that doesn't droop on me are the "Girls" because they are so small they can not droop! The only thing good about being small breasted!

  5. I hope it all works out this time for your oyster roast...cute cartoon.
    Mama Bear

  6. Good luck with the Oyster Party. Definitely don't be sick this year. What a great cartoon.
    See we all have the same problems...droopy here too.
    I've also turned my son's bedroom into a study and it's where I hang out virtually all the time.
    I love the post below by the way -Just been reading it. So true.

  7. your study is beautiful, and your cartoon cracked me up!

  8. I enjoyed your answers. I also enjoyed your Christmas post. Looks like fun--even though someone was missing :( I loved all of the handmade gifts!
    So you got snow in Charleston, too! Wasn't that a nice ending to Christmas?
    Good luck with your oyster roast on New Years!

  9. Okay that cartoon made me spit Pesi on my screen I laughed so hard! My boobs look like rocks in socks!

    Have a great day!

  10. I do hope all of you are nice and healthy for your oyster roast. :) I loved cooked pudding, but I will fold and go for instant if I must. :) Have a Happy New Year!

    PS A study like the one you pictured would be divine! Hope you can pop by!

  11. Have fun with your oyster roast - and I LOVE your study! Books are a necessary part of a home.

  12. Have fun with the oyster roast! I hope it all goes off without any problems! Have a great week & Happy New Year!

  13. I am a new follower via blog hop. Nice blog! would love a follow back if you like mine at

  14. yummy cooked pudding.. the instant is totally gross, blah!

    Happy New year!!

  15. That last cartoon is hysterical!

  16. Hope your Oyster Roast turns out wonderful. You are very tall, that is awesome, I've always been short.
    My sister is 5'8". Love the last one, that's me for sure!

  17. 5'10? And with a chest like that? :)
    I don't even really know what an oyster roast is...but I don't care for oysters so I assume I would have to eat beforehand!

    I'm having a little get-together at my house-if you run out of things to roast, you're welcome to stop by.


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