Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The James Island County Park Festival of Lights

s, This is the second year we have bundled up and taken whomever wants to join us to the James Island County Park Festival of Lights.  The park puts this light show on every year and, for the most part, it's very pretty--  I just have a thing about some of the designs out there not being remotely holiday related--the firing on Fort Sumter, for example.  Anyway, a very dear friend of ours plays Christmas music out there a couple of times during the festival weeks so we went last year and had a great time...in the freezing cold rain.  Tonight, it was freezing (not really, it was 36 degrees) but clear and, once again, we had a great time--except we missed Gibby (this crazy, Yankee sweet roommate of Birdie and DoodleBug's!).

DoodleBug and CurrentBoyToy with Tucker
The rider here actually starts to the left of the fence and jumps over it...couldn't quite capture that.

A conglomeration of lights.

This is what the old bridge connecting Mount Pleasant to Charleston looked like.

This is what the new bridge looks like.

This one and the next one are for Patrice and Gail.

 Self explanatory.  LOL


For my Jewish friends.

The moon got into the spirit of the evening.

Friend R

Friends R's hands.



  1. aw...lots of beautiful lights! i have a ruby ring too! great shots!

  2. Yes, I see the ruby ring! Great-looking couple.

    Happy Ruby!

    Maria @ LSS

  3. I want to share Patrice and Gail's shots! They're the best!

  4. I want to share Patrice and Gail's shots! They're the best!

  5. Fantastic display of lights. I relaly love the farm animals and the bridges are cool. Merry Christmas!

  6. Love the lights. There is a bridge near the Arkansas/Mississippi state line that looks very much like that second one that you have posted.
    Merry Christmas and have a happy RT.

  7. It's a small world. I have a nephew that lives on James Island. Have a Happy Holiday !!!

  8. I just love all those christmas lights on those pics

  9. very festive shots. Yep I see the ruby ring...very cute couple

  10. Cool!!

    That ring almost glows in the dark.

    Cute couple and precious puppy!

  11. You know how much I love lights. These are beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I also love the Ruby Tuesday and that ring is pretty along with the boytoy.
    Take care and thanks for stopping by. Gotta share something with you today. I walked/ran my personal best today (according to Lance Armstrong on my nike thing) a 5K in 40:28. All 188 lbs of me moving as fast as I can.
    Take care my friend and have the most awesome, blessed day today.

  12. I haven't had time to get out and look at lights yet. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Your pictures are fantastic, what a fun place to go for an outing to look at Christmas lights! I hope you have a magical Christmas,

  14. I would so enjoy going to that. Love all the pictures.

  15. Spectacular!!! Fantastic, wish I could have been there. Second best thing, a friend sharing pictures...Thanks!

  16. I love the photo! I like the next one too, with the draft horse in it! Thanks for thinking of me. I'd have loved to go to that light show.

  17. These lights are awesome! Love the Bridge all decked out too--Enjoy your Holiday!!We are headed upstate for Christmas..and the S word is in the forecast? WOW.

  18. Love the star and moon shot! Very cool! Your daughter and her beau are a cute couple ... Tucker makes the photo even cuter!

    Just in case I don't make it back before the big day, I want to wish you and your lovely family a warm, wonderful and especially delightful Christmas! Enjoy

  19. Thank you so much everyone! If I didn't already have the Christmas spirit, all of your comments sure would have given it to me! DD2 is almost home--only 2 hours away! Then, off to Wal-Mart. That's right. We're going to Wal-Mart at midnight. She's afraid if I go alone they'll have to visit me in jail for Christmas! How well our children know us, yes? LOL

    Merry Christmas!

  20. Wonderful Christmas lights! Thanks for sharing all the great photos. Merry Christmas!

  21. Wow, what wonderful photos! Looks like a great festival of lights. Have a Merry Christmas!

  22. Hi Pam!

    Come and visit me after 8:30...I have a surprise for you!!! :)


  23. I'm your newest follower from Java's blog hop! Looking forward to visiting often!
    Happy Holidays!

  24. Stopping by on the Follow Friday. Love the Christmas Lights!

  25. Great pictures...I'd love to attend something like this!

    Congrats for being featured on Friday's hop and what a great button!

    Yup, surely is appropriate for what we feel when the kiddos leave :(

    come on over to my place:


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