Thursday, January 27, 2011

For ME?!

I'd like to thank the academy...oh,'d like to thank Carol at Facing 50 with Humour for these two awards.  Not only is she HILARIOUS all the time (except when she brings tears to your, wait, she was funny then as well), she is quite generous with her comments and is just one of the nicest people I've ever met in my life.  Please go visit her blog if you haven't already.  If you don't leave laughing, then your laughing box is broken!  You will love her instantly!  Thank you so much Carol for thinking of me!  And a shout out to my family for being a crazy bunch--without you and your shenanigans, no humor! 

Ok, award number one, Awesome Blog Award, is going to everyone who stops by here today!  I mean it.  If you stop, I'll know it.  If you don't take the award, I'm going to hunt you down!  Seriously, I want you to have it and I'm too lazy to go through every single one of you and hand it out that way!  Remember, I'm like Santa (fat and sees all)-- I WILL know!


 Now, The LOL Award is going to the following blogs (which you would truly be missing out if you didn't visit each of them). As usual, I couldn't narrow it down to one and, also as usual, if you already have this award or do not wish to accept it, please consider taking it and passing it on to a blogger who makes you LOL:

The Bloggess:

Bodacious Boomer:

Attack of the Redneck Mommy:

Wrestling with Retirement:

Anne Dickens/the day after yesterday:

And, seven things about me that I haven't already mentioned?  I don't think that's possible, some of these may be repeats--sorry!

1.  I volunteer as a tutor at the elementary school our daughters attended.

2.  I don't wear jewelry with the exception of my wedding rings and the ring Hubs gave me for our 25th anniversary.  The girls say I have to have one more so each of them will have one when I'm gone.  Nice of them to think of me, don't you think?  LOL

3.  I don't like to wear bright colors, as a matter of fact, I wear mostly black...partially because it has a somewhat slimming effect (although, as over weight as I am what difference could it possibly make?) and because I feel like I blend in better and don't 'stick out' so much.  (I'm not that fond of pastels either)

4. I am a closet Stephen King reader.  And by closet I mean that when you let people around here know you love the way Stephen King writes they judge you harshly---they are focused on his content not his writing style.  Yes, I admit his content is... interesting... but there's no need to raise eyebrows at those of us who do enjoy a book or two of his from time to time.  My all time favorites of his are:  Firestarter (I've read it 4 times) and The Stand (which I've read 6 times).  I also enjoy the movies based on his books.  However, the movies are not near as exciting as his books!  (But then, I feel this way about all movies based on books...they lose something in translation).

5.  I love taking pictures of anything and everything but have really come to enjoy photographing birds.  Only thing is, I am terrible at identifying the birds---it's quite difficult for me.

6.  I love movies but cannot stand to sit through a play.  Even when Birdie (DD3) was taking drama in high school, it was hard to just sit there and watch--she was great though!

7.  Given the choice, I would take going to hear the orchestra over a rock concert...and I've always been like that.  I love all genres of music but classical is my favorite--I love the way, when I close my eyes, the music sends me places and the way I can feel the music.  And, my favorite sound in the world?  The cello.  It's so beautiful that it will bring me to tears almost every time.



  1. Congratulations on the well deserved awards! I love visiting and reading your posts! Keep on blogging and I will keep on reading!


    BTW, why do people raise their eyebrows over Stephen King?

  2. Hello dear awesome one!
    You really should stop being so nice about me. It's bad for me. I've started to believe it all and expect people to bow in the street when they see me coming or ask for my autograph. Thank you though for your mighty fine comments about me.
    Aha! Stephen King eh? Guess who has also read everything that he's written? And guess who has a wardrobe full of black clothes? But I do like bright colours too and will often be seen wearing black trousers and top with a bright red jacket or lime green or something equally subtle - after all I wouldn't want anyone to notice me would I?
    You truly deserve the awards. You are a true blogging friend to so many people.

  3. You just totally made my morning. Thank you so much for thinking of me!

    And I too, would prefer to listen to an orchestra. Nice to meet another person who would shun a rock concert to listen to some great classical music.

  4. Many thanks for the kudos young one. You make me feel special- good special. Not like the special I felt yesterday.

    I don't do pastels either. I tend to look freshly embalmed.

  5. Congrats on your wonderful awards! You do deserve them. You are a wonderful writer, and I truly love reading your blog. I always look forward to it!

  6. Congratulations! What would life be like without humor. I always love a good sense of humor and feel sorry for those without one. :-(

    Hope you'll enter my blog very first Giveaway - at Cranberry Morning! (my handcrafted soaps) :-)

  7. Many congratulations on the Award, which is richly deserved. I'm like you and love listening to classical, although I like most genre of music. Like Carol, I will wear black trousers and top, but with a coloured jacket over it. I love taking photos, but have never read Stephen King (shame on me!).

  8. Congratulations on your awards, and I appreciate the thought, but I stopped dealing with awards about a year ago. I explained that in my comment box. There are many bloggers out there more deserving than I.

  9. Shawn, Thank you so much! I think they believe that if you read Stephen King, you must be a strange sort. LOL

    Carol, If you'll stop being so awesome, I'll stop the comments! LOL

    Tanis, You are so welcome!

    Michele, I love reading your blog- you always give me such a laugh! I feel like I know y'all!

    Tote, that is so sweet! Thank you so much!

    Cranberry- I will be there! With hopes of winning! LOL

    This, he is such a wonderful writer. And not all of his books are scary in the supernatural sense, some are rather realistic --the latter being more scary to me than the other! LOL

    Eva, Not uncommon for me not to see something that is right under my nose! sorry!

  10. I don't think a day goes by where my daughter hasn't said something about "I want that when your gone!"
    Congratulations on your awards. It was fun learning more about you!

  11. Congrats and love the things about yourself. Really interesting. Especially about the rings and your daughters...hahaha.

  12. Congrats to you!! Very well deserved!!! :)


  13. Carol (Facing 50) sent me over here, great blog, I even watched the snowball fight video, your daughter is a real terror in battle! Keep up the great blogging... PS I am your newest follower!

  14. Congratulations on your awards, it was interesting to learn a little more about you.

  15. Congratulations on your awards! Yes you have to have humour.... After all they say laughter is the best medicine!

  16. Oh I am a Stephen King closet reader too... But I must admit I haven't read anything of his in a while. I love his writing. As for wearing black I have to agree on the pants. But in tops I tend to wear brighter colours to draw attention from the bottom LOL LOL... Now does that make any sense. I like to wear bling for the same reason (to draw away from my oversized hips and rear end). And I would like to thank you for the award. I would like to thank the academy and the support of my fellow bloggers who have always supported me..... Hope your smiling...

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