Sunday, January 16, 2011

Getting in Shape...Again

Anyone on the box who is smiling, is lying.
Momma Brown over at Growing roots and turning over a new leaf posted about getting fit and mentioned how she felt after using her Wii Fit.  And I thought, really?  She's got achy muscles from a game?  She must be joking.  Well, I have recently discovered that she was not joking.  Oh no.  She was SERIOUS.

Danger! Will Robinson!
We have been having BIG FUN with the Wii from the moment we opened it on Christmas day.  Soon after, I foolishly made the comment that, "All we need now is a Wii Fit."  I got one for my birthday (thanks Hubs). And, I have discovered that instead of reading Momma Brown's post for entertainment and inspiration, I should have heeded it as a WARNING (cue Robot from LOST IN SPACE).  I completed my second day on that evil piece of crap the Wii Fit board yesterday and I am seriously trying to devise a way to inject ibuprofen intravenously.  Either Wii Fit is somewhat misleading OR I have been misleading myself as to how many of those lost 83 pounds I have, in reality, gained back because, and I am being totally honest here, my body KNOWS it has been worked out.  From a freaking GAME.  While I was hula hooping, nothing hurt.  While I was ski jumping and downhill skiing, nothing hurt.  While I was doing the step aerobics, nothing hurt.  All during strength training and the Yoga?  That's right.  Nothing hurt.  But, today?  Well, today is a different story altogether.  Today, EVERYTHING I HAVE HURTS.  And today, I also thank Momma Brown for her warning and am kicking myself (figuratively rather than literally for obvious reasons) for not taking it to heart.

The options provided for a workout seem harmless enough.  All you have to do is stand there and move your body from side to side or up and down.  The Yoga exercise I tried only involved BREATHING  for goodness sakes.  BREATHING.  And my abdominal muscles are sore.  Have I not been breathing all along?  My legs are so sore I didn't want to take Tucker on our morning walk-- I did, but I didn't want to.  And all I did to them were the skiing options (which are for balance not killing your legs).  You just stand there with your legs bent and then straighten them out to jump and, for downhill skiing, you simply lean from side to side to go between the flags.  The running in place, where I refused to stop even though my breathing sounded like an old time steam engine, was nothing more than--running in place.  And that step one?  It's supposed to be for working on your rhythm not making you pant like a cartoon wolf.  Apparently, because you are concentrating on the game, you don't think about using your muscles.  Oh, but they are being used.  Yes indeed! 

Poor, embarrassed Mii
I have made another discovery.  Thanks to Wii Fit I have discovered that I am not only COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY OUT OF SHAPE but that I also have NO BALANCE whatsoever.  It's a wonder I walk upright.  This discovery is thanks to the downhill skiing and the ski jump.  And that soccer balance game?  The one where you lean and head the ball that's thrown at you but lean to AVOID the shoes that come your way?  I have managed to hit my Mii with shoes and avoid the soccer balls (no wonder my Mii hangs her head...she's not experiencing frustration or defeat, she's embarrassed!).  However, sore and unbalanced though I am, I am not deterred.  I'm going to get back on that darn thing today because I know that, if I don't, the pain will NEVER go away.  And I am determined not to live out the rest of my life carrying all this extra UNNEEDED weight around.  I might also be fueled somewhat by the how pisssed I am at myself for gaining ANY of that 83 pounds back.  Plus there is the fact that the darn Wii Fit game keeps a nice little record of how often you 'play' it, what you do, how well you do and it TALKS to you!  (Crap, now I realize that I'm even competitive with a stupid game.).  Oh, and I also reward myself with a few games of Wii Sports bowling afterwards.  I have beat my high score of 200!  It's now 225.  That's right fellas!  Can't wait for y'all to come back for a weekend!  (I TOLD you it was ON!). 
Yes, read it and WEEP!

I even tried the Penguin exercise where you lean to catch fish...

And ended up in the water.

So, it's back on the Wii Fit board today coupled with walking Tucker every day.  AND just as the Wii Fit holds me accountable by keeping records, I have joined in with Julie at The Going to be New Me for her Walk 400 Miles in 2011.  If you need a little something to help you motivate or keep you going, go visit Julie and sign the linky to walk this year.  Seriously, it's only a smidge over one mile/day.  And, because we check in once every week (or once each month if you prefer) it's almost like we're all walking together!  Tucker and I walk three miles MOST days but this is going to help me walk those THREE miles EVERY day.  (Plus, Tucker will stop looking at me funny when we stop after one or two miles).  If you want to join in the fun, just click the button below and get started!  See you out there!



  1. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! I was literally laughing out loud at "inject ibuprofen intravenously".
    I want to try the Zumba game fro Wii fit...but to be honest, i'm a little scared! I'll let you know how it goes.

    Thanks so much for the mention! I am so glad you enjoy my posts enough to spread the word to others.

    Good luck w/ the fitness goals! You can do it!

  2. Oh no! I had a Wii Fit for Christmas, after seeing Helen Mirren advertising it on the TV over here in England. I thought, ha! ha! - that's just what I need, being of a similar age to Helen. Guess what - I haven't taken it out of the box yet! As you can see, motivation isn't my strong point. I can now look forward to lots of aching muscles then. Oh well, I suppose at least that means that it's done you some good!

  3. Good for you for sticking with it in spite of the aches!

  4. I did hear that wii was a great game. Good luck.
    I just wanted to tell you that I think you are such a great writer. I enjoy reading your posts, but just the way you can put your thoughts together is awesome. I would love to write like that! Besides that my spelling is awful!
    thank you so much for your blog!

  5. I do enjoy your post Momma! Let me know about Zumba--if it's good, I'll get it!

    Thisisme- The fun is so worth it--even with the aches!

    Eva- hope I can keep it up!

    Tote- thank you so much for such a wonderful compliment! You are way too kind...and generous! So glad you enjoy it!

  6. I am currently sitting on the couch with a bag of ice on my knee from a Yoga incident last week.

  7. I was just looking yesterday for some good prices on Wii. I'm not sure about Wii Fit because of my asthma, I really can't do much but I do love to bowl on Wii. Good for you, keep up the good work!

  8. Just think of how sexy and toned you will be when you're walking on Sullivan's or Folly or IOP Beach!! Good for you!

  9. Mrs. Tuna--OUCH! Sorry that happened!

    Debby- it's very LOW impact/cardio on MOST of the exercises. Try to look up some videos of Wii Fit on You Tube and check out what exercises they have to chose from.

    Barb- I WISH! It's going to take a lot of stamina, will power and TIME to get all of THIS off! LOL

  10. I have been looking at the Wii fit and wondered how it would do anything. Liking that you did not feel it until the day after....I hate pain. ha

  11. Wow! I am impressed (and I really HATE exercise). Actually, I think my clothes all shrunk over Christmas!

  12. Yep, the Wii Fit can kick butt. I've been doing it with my wee ones. They stand beside me pretending to flat their arms, jump at the fish...all those things. Have you tried riding the bike yet?
    Thanks for the shout out. Take care and God Bless!!

  13. Bella- I hate pain too. But, today, I improved all my scores and my Mii actually celebrated a few times. Plus, most of the aches are moving on out!

    Bella Michelle- I am not in love with exercise myself. But the Wii is like playing a game and it's pretty darn far. LOL

    Julie- I have not tried the bike yet. Is it hard? fun? ridiculous? LOL

  14. Definitely the most fun you can have exercising EVER! I cracked up at the one where you flap your arms like a bird - hilarious AND effective! Now if I can just get my hub out of the way so I can have my turn!

  15. Take it easy on yourself. Having so much fun - leaning for fish? - might tempt you to overdo it. Sounds like a great tool for weight loss and fitness, though. Good luck!

  16. I got on a Wii fit over a year ago and discovered that I too was unbalanced. Doug said he'd suspected as much all along. He thought he was sooo funny.

  17. I love the Wii! the first time I did the fitness eval, it said I was like an 87 year old. LOL

  18. I'd like to walk 400 miles in 2011 also...but all of them in the UK. Good luck.

  19. I love the penguin! And the one with putting the balls into the holes. I'm actually pretty good at that one. Well, I used to be. Can't tell you when our Wii has seen the light of day. It's a lot like blogging. I get on and the next thing I know, hours have passed! Good luck with your goals.

  20. Oh dear twin! Not only are you writing about the same things as me you are much funnier!!! I hooted at the inject ibuprofen intravenously and giggled madly at the whole post. I would love to have been observing that day.
    I can only say get back on it - the pain will stop and soon you'll be able to catch fish while wearing your penguin suit, simultaneuosly skiing down a slope whilst hula hooping and looking even better than you do! I'm rooting for your team in the bowling too !

  21. Oh My! Thanks for the warning...I mean information!! I'm staying far, far away from Wii

  22. We should all get together one day and play! Or sit and talk and drink tea out on the veranda....if I can find a veranda somewhere...LOL

    Thank you all for coming by and commenting! Here's to getting fit. Or at least thinking about it!

  23. Hey EmptyNester, Thank You for visiting/becoming a follower at Amish Online!!
    You inspire me! Smiles and laughter all around!!! ;O)

  24. I've torn the meniscus in my knee and I can't use my Wii Fit anymore! But it really did give a workout with serious sore muscles. And my family won't bowl with me anymore because I always win!

  25. I hear ya on the gaining back what you lost part *sigh*
    I was eying the wii fit too, but I know myself. I won't stick with it for long :(
    I just keep walking I guess :)
    Good you are so competitive - I could use some of that :)

  26. Calling by from southamsdarling to check out another empty nester and Wii fit fan. Good to meet you and I enjoyed reading this post as it was all so familiar :)


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