Friday, January 14, 2011

This Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

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My week in a nutshell: 

Our college babies started their spring semester which means back to class and not so much visiting mom during the day.  It took us over one year to adjust to this empty nest thing and we have actually come to appreciate a few things about it--you know, like peace and quiet and, as a friend (you know who you are Shelley) and fellow empty nester has said, a return to 'loud love.'  But it only takes a few minutes, when they come over, to realize that peace and quiet is overrated.  (I'm sticking with the loud love though...LOL)

Birdie (DD3) will be graduating in May so this week marked the beginning of her last semester of college.  Even though this is our third daughter to go to college, the emotions of that last semester are just as intense as they were with the first and second daughters.  How exciting to be so close to going out in the world to make a difference for the first time!  And she's quite ready--it took her an extra year to graduate when she decided that one degree wasn't enough (silly girl) so, in May, our lovely Birdie will graduate with a degree in Athletic Training and Exercise Science.  Proud much?  Me?  YES!  (So obvious since I may have already mentioned this fact!).

SC low-country icicles
There was BIG TALK about that winter storm that was going to bring that much coveted snow and I fell for it AGAIN.  When am I EVER going to learn NOT to listen to the weather dude????  They so rarely get it right here.  I allowed my excitement to mount and, when all we got was rain, I crashed into a concrete slab of disappointment.  The temps were low enough to cause the rain to freeze on the bridges so, they were shut down for about 3 whole hours.  I know that I would NEVER be able to tolerate the low temps and TONS of snow people get up north and in the mid-west but I LOVE to get enough to stick to the ground and stay for at least a couple of days.  No such luck, usually, in the low-country.  At least it's not blistery hot like it is in the springsummerfall around here!  Yesterday, the wind was so cold, it gave me a brain freeze!

Our niece-in-law (lovely girl married to Hub's oldest nephew) had a birthday this week. She's all of 25 now and a very interesting young woman.  Our nephew is a youth minister at a local church and is quite talented in music, particularly.  His lovely wife possesses great talent as well.  She is a worship artist.  I had no idea about what a worship artist was before but, it's actually pretty cool.  One of the things I like best about it is that, sometimes, she paints while nephew's band is leading the worship at their church or at other events.  They are an amazing young couple!  You can check them out here: .  There's so much more to this couple than meets the eye!

Had some beautiful birds visit the feeders this week.  Actually, there were so many that I went out and bought a couple of different types of seed in order to entice even more because they are so beautiful (or because I have all this time on my hands with everyone busy now so I fill it with watching  and photographing the birds).  I might be crazy (and many would say, "MIGHT?") but the birds seem more colorful and fluffy in winter.  Anyway, you can check out my photos at my bird blog:   One Flew Over the Empty Nest.

Birdie and the pups
Enjoyed Thursday immensely when Birdie (who has no classes on Tuesday/Thursday) came over and we took all three dogs (Tucker, Strider and Charlie) to the beach followed by lunch out.  It just doesn't get much better than that when you have an empty nest!

Child who deserted us for DC
The bad thing this week is that Deanie (DD2 who moved to DC in the fall) is sick.  She went to a doctor (that I don't know which is driving me NUTS) and was told she has strep throat AND tonsillitis.  They had to start an iv of antibiotics and then put her on a ten day supply.  She is prone to strep ever since she came down with a bad case of it at music camp one summer.  The trouble here is- SHE IS ALL THE WAY UP THERE IN DC AND I AM NOT.  I do not like this.  Breezy (DD1) has had her share of sickness since she's been living away from home BUT she has a hubby who really does take good care of her.  Deanie is all alone (not really, she has an awesome boytoy and some wonderful friends it's just that SHE IS ALL THE WAY UP THERE AND I AM NOT.).  I'm sure she'll be just fine and she said the doctor was good and very kind.  We'll see.  I hope I don't have to go up there and kick some doctor behind.

And that's my week in a nutshell!  Hope yours was great and the next one even better!   



  1. It's hard when the kids go away and you can't be there to take care of them, isn't it! Hope all goes well for DD2. Aren't those birds at the feeder such a joy! as are the dogs, especially when the kids move away from home. :-)

  2. Sounds like a good week except for daughter being sick. Hope she's better real soon. Nothing worse than throat pain. Chicken soup! We had 7 blue jays at our yard feeder yesterday. They come in droves. So pretty but boy they are not very nice are they?

  3. Agreed! The birds are such a blessing! DC daughter is already feeling better so that's good news. I would love for her to be here so I can make her 'mom's heal all chicken soup' but, alas...

  4. You would think that the cold snap would rid us of the bugs and viruses but not so.

    Keep warm and well


  5. Thanks for following commenting.

    Those darn kids are always making us worry about them, who told them they could grow up for Pete's sake.

  6. Your daughter is gorgeous! Congrats on getting them through college. That's a big deal!

  7. We were hoping for snow, too, but no luck! I love your icicles photo!

    I hope your family illness goes away soon, so you can put your mind at ease :)

    I've been enjoying birds lately, too. They are brave little souls to come around here--with 16 cats lurking in the yard, but I do have a bird feeder. I think the birds know how fat and lazy these cats are!

  8. Isn't it funny how we love when the kids all come to see us, but are glad when they go home. We really do appreciate the quietness now.
    I was the same way as your daughter with strep. She will grow out of it eventually.
    Have a good weekend!

  9. It sounds like you had a great week. I hope Deanie starts feeling better soon. Does she get strep and tonsillitis frequently? If so, the Doc's may suggest getting rid of those nasty tonsils!
    The picture of the bird is fantastic..which reminds me to visit your other blog!
    I had not heard of a worship artist..guess I will hop on over via your link.

    Have a great weekend,

  10. I like your new button, very snazzy indeed. Glad all is good with your flock.

  11. Now this makes me want Mike to stay here even more. I know he won't forever but still what's mama to do when she can't help "fix" it all. Makes me a bit sad.
    I love your blue jay picture. I have been having a great time with the birds and squirrels this winter, I'm feeding them right at my window.
    Take care my dear and I will work on figuring out how to add people to my walk list. Thanks for asking.
    God Bless you my friend.

  12. Great recap of the week! I have a daughter in college as well. She's only two hours away, but it feels like millions of miles when she's sick or needs something. Hope your daughter feels better soon.

  13. I've ALWAYS been child-free! So my tips on how to do it come from LOOOONG experience!! Thanx for visiting and following my blog - hope you'll get some wonderful travel ideas to help those child free years just whiz by!!

    Happy 2011!!

  14. I truly understand about the children being ill thing. They may leave home but they never leave our hearts.
    By the way - MASSIVE congratulations as you are the editors pick on today... no surprises as you are brilliant.

  15. Our youngest just moved out last summer and started her freshman year in college. Still trying to adjust to the quiet house but my lunatic Lab is doing his best to help with that. If you want some snow we have more than enough to go around and will be glad to share.

  16. Apparently, Deanie is feeling much better as her facebook status last night was, "Oyster shooters in DC!"

    It is hard when they're away and sick but then you want to smack them when you read something like that. LOL

    Carol, you are just too generous in your compliments! But I love them! And thank you!

    RocketMan- Deanie has a 100 pound chocolate lab that she left with us for a couple of months when she first moved to DC...we have a 9 pound yorkie poo. It was fun. LOL

  17. That is awesome about your daughter graduating in May. Isn't awesome when we can be so proud of our children? I weather men are seldom right, I just wait to see what the day brings and never listen to their reports. That is really cool what your niece-in-law does, I hadn't seen that before. Your bird pictures are always excellent. Wow, walking on the beach sounds wonderful. So sorry your daughter has strep, hope she feels better soon. Hope your weekend is going well.

  18. That is quite a week! The empty nest is certainly not a calm and boring thing is it. Except for when it is! Ha!

    Your niece and her worship art is a very familiar thing to us. Our church always encourages artists to explore what they can express during worship times. Very fun!

    I love your blog and your great sense of humor!


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