Thursday, February 17, 2011

My Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

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And now, my week in a nutshell:

 Not much to report this week--it was as close to boring as it could get without actually being boring.  Maybe it's the thought of those 7 LONG months before pre-season begins.  LONG months.  SEVEN of them. Or the thought of all the heat that is about to descend upon us... 

Looks like I'm sunk.  Winter seems to be over for us.  The temps are going up which means my fuse will grow shorter and shorter.  Hot weather is NOT my friend.  I've never loved HOT weather.  I'm really going to be mad if I have to turn on the air conditioning in February!  Of course, this is when it would be GREAT if the weather dude is wrong!  Unfortunately, they rarely goof up the HOT weather predictions.  They called for the upper 60s until the end of the week when they said we would see the mid-70s.  So far?  Yep.  Ugh.

We've had rain lately which had been interfering with my morning walks with Tucky so, only 12 miles last week but back up to 18 this week.  It's all good, we really needed some rain.  Lost 2 more pounds though--according to the Wii Fit.  I attribute this more to Zumba than walking however, because Zumba kicks my butt!  A friend who works at the elementary school where I tutor said that they have a Zumba class there on Thursday's for only $5.  Yeah, probably NOT going to dance around like a fool IN FRONT OF ACTUAL PEOPLE.  Oh, and I put on a pair of capris with a zip up front and they are TOO BIG! YES!!!  (I'm doing the happy dance).  I can put them on and take them off without unbuttoning or unzipping.  THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!  

DoodleBug, Birdie and one of their roommates have started coming over for supper on Wednesday nights--SHOUT OUT TO GIBBY!  College students LOVE a home cooked meal.  And they don't care what you prepare, they LOVE it so we not only get to have the kids around but we also get an ego boost!  Can't beat that!  I don't care if it is for food, I love it when they come home!

Tutored in first and second grades on my two days.  Elementary school kids are just the greatest!  They look forward to your arrival and they try so hard.  Seriously, if you have the time, go volunteer at your local elementary school.  Life will frustrate them soon enough, why should they be frustrated at school?  If the teachers are like ours, they not only need the help but they will greatly appreciate it!  And your rewards will be priceless as they come in the form of face covering smiles from the students!

Perhaps one reason I fight the arrival of spring so hard is because of the cleaning that accompanies the season.  If you're going to clean around here you have to do it in the spring because--and I may have mentioned this before- the summers are BRUTAL!  This week's hellish temps had me cleaning---WINDOWS.  Ugh.  I would rather clean the bathrooms than wash the stupid windows.  We have storm windows too so you have to take out the two glass pieces and the screen clean them, clean the window windows, which involves climbing on a ladder, put it all back together, stand back, and admire the beautiful clean streaks on the glass.  I CANNOT clean a window without streaks.  Never have been able to.  Not an hour after I finished one, Tucker jumped up on the back of the sofa and put his sweet little nose right on the bottom, middle pane.  And, no, I do NOT look all composed and happy to be washing the windows like the cartoon woman over there.

Helen at A Crafty Kind of Truffle has my blog as the Special Blog this week!  How sweet is she?!  I'm feeling very cool right about now!  Helen's blog title alludes to the fact that she is crafty, and she is.  But it's more than crafty- she's an artist!  I'm am especially jealous of her collage work- absolutely amazing!  Thank you so much Helen for having Empty Nest as this week's special blog! 

Had a few 'new' birds at the feeders this week and, by 'new' I mean, they had not been to the feeders until this week.  You can check them out here: One Flew Over the Empty Nest.

Deanie, DD2, has entered a design contest and needs our votes!  If you haven't already and you would like to, you can go to the website, look at the tabs at the top (under the site name) and click on VOTE.  Once there, look for the two designs by cclofton (one is Don't Fret and the other is Boho Mosaic--the pages keep changing with entries but Don't Fret was on page 6 and Boho Mosaic was on page 7 the last time I looked) Thank you so much for doing this for her!  The website is here:  
I hope everyone had a marvelous week and that your weekends are so far beyond perfect that you think it must be a dream!  



  1. Sounds to me like you've had a productive week! And I won't complain about the cold weather again, for no way would I trade it for the beastly hot summers of SC. or AZ or TX.

    Congrats. on the 2 pounds. You're getting a lot more exercise than I am. Maybe if some of this snow melts off it will be more encouraging to walk outdoors. The treadmill is soooooo boring!

  2. I'm at odds with you on the weather. While I'm not fond of 99 and humid, 70's at the beach are perfect. I'm so excited to know I'm going in just a couple of hours! Yay. I love that your Wednesday dinners are a hit. I think that's great. Nice post.

  3. Judy- I gave the treadmill to DD1 and her hubby. It did get boring. I won't even travel to places that get hotter than we do in the summer!

    Barb- EVERYONE is at odds with me on the weather issue! LOL I take Tucker to the beach almost daily but that's gonna stop with the hot weather. And the tourists. I'm loving the Wednesday suppers! Maybe y'all can come down and join us some day! I'll even go out to the beach with you! LOL

  4. How great that the kids come over for Wednesday suppers. My kids are married and live out of town, so I don't get to see them every week like that.
    I don't like it really hot either, but I am anxious for spring. They say it may hit the 50s today. That would be good because it would melt some of the snow out there. Our driveway is glare ice!

  5. Very good week I would say. I know you must enjoy the girls coming to dinner. We always love when we get to see our kids, of course I mean grown adults!
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Eva-We're two for two on the kids ---2 live downtown (in college) and 2 live out of town. It doesn't matter how often we see the two that live close by, we still miss the other two. There's no happy medium on this, is there? I hope you get enough sun to melt that ice!

    Tote- We are loving it!

  7. I just got the Zumba DVDs from the library and it was so fun. $5 a class is great. You should do it!

  8. Carmie- I would if no one else was in the class! LOL

  9. Congratulations on your loss. Hopefully sometime after the rodeo I too will be able to get back to exercising.

  10. Sounds like a good week! Congratulations on the weight loss. Zumba sounds really fun... I love to dance so I should give it a whirl.

  11. Well you could be in Central New York...VERY windy (I heard 70 mph in one town) and snowing. It is brutal!

    I hate hot weather,too. Don't know where you live but it sounds H-O-T!

    I found you through Never Growing Old's blog hop.

    I have a few blogs :-)

    Come on home

    Blogging Biz Mom

    While there, feel free to subscribe to my newsletter

    Have a great day!

    P.S. Congrats on the weight loss- good job!

  12. I'm over 40, and this is my first over 40 blogging. I'll try to be more timely next week.
    I really enjoyed reading this!!

  13. Michele- I'm excited for y'alls booth at the rodeo! Hope it is successful and you have a blast!

    Denise- go for it! It's FUN!

    Carolee-We've been having strong wind too but no snow.

    Dianne- Thanks! I'm on my way to visit your blog now!


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