Friday, March 18, 2011


Becks is Deanie's (DD2) 100 pound chocolate lab.  He could very well be categorized under the heading of sweetest dog in the entire world.  I'll be linking this post up with Java's Follow Friday 40 and Over at Never Growing Old.

 I give you, Becks:

First time at the beach.

And we couldn't keep him out of the water--not that we tried.

His first stick.

Walking with Deanie on the beach.

Trying to entice Tucker into chasing him with a stick.

Such a beautiful boy-drool and all.

In the zone.

Anyone for some deflated ball?

Playing keep-away with Strider.

What are we gonna do now?

Just Do It!  

Lying in wait.

Are those the most gorgeous eyes or what?

Giving Deanie a Christmas kiss. (That's Tucky waiting for his turn)

This is the 18th day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for the month of March. The theme for this month is: in a word! My chosen word for today is: BECKS because I'm still thinking about the previous two prompts (read: my brain is having difficulty figuring out what to write.).  Plus, Tucker was featured already and Becks, Strider, Charlie, Rico and Sabe want to be featured as well!


  1. What a beautiful dog. When my family gets together, we (they) all being their dogs as well! It is so much fun to watch how they all interact with each other. We have a Westie, a black cocker and a tabbie. The tabbie is older so she doesn't want to be bothered to play with the younger set.
    Have a great weekend!!


  2. What adorable pictures and what adorable dogs. So cute. Love the Christmas kisses one!

  3. Susan- Thank you! We usually have all the dogs at family gatherings too. It's like a ZOO! LOL

    Barb- Thanks! That's Deanie's favorite picture too!

  4. Chocolate labs are great dog to own..very smart and just have to have the time and a place to let them run and run and run. Afterall they are a bird dog.

  5. What a gorgeous pup!

    I like seing some of your real pictures EN. :)

  6. I am not really much of a dog lover but he sure is cute.

  7. Becks is a beautiful dog! I bet he's not the only one that follows Deanie down the beach. ;-)

    Love labs. Always ready for more fetch. How could anyone not love a dog!

  8. Oh my life... what a bloody lovely dog! I want him! Mind you, Deanie also looks super-lovely in these pics. You must be well proud!

  9. Jeff- Someone told me once that they are just smart enough not to be stupid. LOL He's a great dog. She is living in DC now but she takes him for a run a couple times every week. Her boytoy takes him on an 8 mile run daily though. And she lives near a dog park that she takes him to every day. But it would be better if she had a big yard.

    Jessica- Thanks! I try to put some up but not everything I need is on the computer and the scanner and I do not get along. LOL

    Lindy- Cute and sweet!

    Judy- He's awesome! And YES, always ready for more fetch...always! LOL

    Annie- Isn't he the cutest?! I am proud--she looks just like me...or what I USED to look like. LOL

  10. Gorgeous dog... such a cutie when he was a puppy!

  11. What an adorable dog, he's beautiful!

  12. I looooooove Becks, he's the cutest!! I love his eyes too, great pics, loved the post.

  13. I'm so happy I took a minute to pop in. Now I can have sweet dreams.:)

  14. Clare and Gary- He was such a sweet puppy too! And now he's a sweet dog, and just as lively as he was as a pup---he's almost two years old!

    Julia- He's a real sweetheart!

    Alessandra-I love his green eyes too!

    Michele- So glad you stopped by! And I hope you did have those sweet dreams--of puppies!

  15. Becks is a beautiful dog. Love the beach shots!


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