Thursday, March 31, 2011


Cheering myself up can be easy or hard and met with success or failure depending on my level of willingness to accept the cheering mood.  That’s right.  I even sabotage myself in this area.  It’s sad but true; there are times when I just decide that I am NOT going to be cheered up.  Times when I feel like stewing over something.  Times when I just do not care to be cheered up.  Fortunately, for the people who have to put up with me, these times are infrequent—well, they are now, I’ve finally outgrown most of THOSE days.  Unfortunately, one of my most popular ways of cheering myself up --that I have NOT outgrown-- is with FOODGood ‘ol southern comfort food.  Yes, dahlings, I am a walking, talking result of carbohydrate abuse.  Carbs are NOT safe around me.  If I see one, I’m gonna pop it right in my mouth and swallow it whole delight in every bite.  I’m referring to the carbs found in foods such as macaroni and cheese casserole; twice baked potatoes; homemade cornbread stuffing (with gravy); homemade yeast rolls; rice (gravy again---actually, the gravy is a given); mashed potatoes with cheese; corn; lima beans; and the like.  If the carb is of the sugar variety, well, you’d be smart to just get out of my way.  I will mow someone down for the sugar variety carbs!  This would all be just perfect if providing comfort and uplifting one’s spirit was all these foods do for me.  But, no.  What they also do for me is make me a great deal over weight which makes me unhappy and in need of cheering up.  This madness has GOT TO STOP. 
If you read Carol’s (Facing 50with Humour) latest post (A little of what you fancy...) she informs us that the way the French stay slim is by taking small bites and savoring every flavor as you hold it in your mouth and stop eating the very minute you can no longer taste the flavors in the food.  HA!  The only thing I take small bites of and savor is CHOCOLATE.  And I savor every single bite of the WHOLE FREAKING BAG of chocolaty goodness.  My meals are shoveled into my mouth and practically swallowed whole.  I actually believe I can track this bad habit down to its origins.  If I remember correctly, this began when the girls were getting old enough to sit at the table and eat regular food.  I was the lone stranger in the kitchen for preparing, serving and cleaning up after our meals.  I was also the lone stranger when it came to bath time and bed time.  So, in order for all the things that had to be accomplished between preparing supper and the girls’ bedtimes, I had to rush through my meals.  This is a very bad habit that has stuck around.  I need to slow down when I eat.  And savor those bites—I do love butter and would probably appreciate it more if I ate this way-- and stop when I am full (or no longer taste the flavors), not keep going until I can’t hardly move.  So, maybe it’s not so much the way I prepare our meals (I do use healthy methods and ingredients) but that I eat way too fast and way too much.  And maybe I could cut the frequency of the eating down also.  

Whatever it is I hope I figure it out soon.  And do it.  And stick to it.  And lose all this unwanted weight.   I am NOT one of those women who still look good even though they’re overweight.  And so, here we go again---losing the weight I have gained back from the 83 that I lost before falling back into those deliciously delightful really bad for me southern habits.  First thing is to throw away the fridge magnet that states: Never trust a skinny cook.     

This is the 31st day of NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for the month of March. The theme for this month is: in a word! My chosen word for today is: CHEER and is from the prompt on Friday, 3/25/11  "How do you cheer yourself up?"


  1. As another carb gobbler, I can really relate to this piece. I left a jokey comment on Carol's blog, but the truth is I believe there is something to be said about slowing down and savouring every bite. It's worth a try, anyway.

  2. Kara- I am hoping to try savoring--as soon as I remember NOT to shovel! LOL Old habits die hard.

  3. I so get this post. Must remember to savour, must remember to savour, must remember to savour....ooops! too late

  4. carbs are my downfall too, and the sweet kind even more so, but luckily, I grew up on the Mediterranean diet, which I think is the best for keeping one's weight in check. I'd rather work out more and enjoy my chocolate, then pine for it and get depressed...Long live Nutella!!!

  5. lyndy-LOL! You got 'oops' right!

    Alessandra-LOL! Keep those exercise stories coming! I really appreciate them!

  6. I learned to eat very quickly while working at school. Lunch was always a "working lunch", eating while tending to the children. Old habits do hang on, and I still find myself eating way too fast.

  7. Hello dear twin. I dropped by to see what you'd written and find you've been promoting my blog again. Thank you, you very kind person.
    I think we all develop a relationship with food where it acts as a comfort when we are tired, unhappy, a bit down, fed up, going through female, darn near all the time then.
    It's best not to focus too much on what you weigh or fight your weight too obsessively. Just try and introduce the odd healthy thing into your diet. Take up a little exercise. Hang out with cool slim chicks like Alessandra and take a 'leetle French advice'. Sugar is addictive so if you can just chuck a bit of it out you'll start to get used to eating less. Hubby would kill me for writing that.
    Oh no, have I just written a sensible comment? aaargh this can't be I am Facing50 with humour not a guru on healthy eating! Sorry I must go back to my glib ways and 'cheer' you up.
    ps I used to be a personal trainer and studied nutrition (shhhh!) if you want any tips email me (don't spread the word)

  8. Mmmm! My mouth was watering there when you were listing all those gorgeous carbs. I daren't buy biscuits (but, of course, I do!) because once I've opened the packet, I gobble up the whole lot. Same, as you say, with chocolates. I love roast potatoes and can eat loads of them, but I am very VERY fortunate, that I seem to stay slim. Perhaps I use it all up with nervous energy, but I do know just how lucky I am!!!! Sorry, that's probably made you feel really good now,hasn't it. LOL!

  9. Someone smack Thisisme...oh it's okay I'll do it as I live the closest to her. How dare she stays slim and eats rubbish grrrr

  10. Kathy-Yep--when I was at school as an interventionist, the longest space between students was 20 minutes during which time I gobbled up a quick lunch..after all, I needed a bathroom break by then! LOL

    Carol- I will email you. Any advice is welcome advice!

    This- You would never make it here in the south- we don't look fondly upon those who eat what they want and stay slim. LOL OH, and watch out for Carol...she's looking for you! LOL

  11. Have you ever had garlic cheese grits?

    I need a cigarette after having them and I don't even smoke.

  12. Michele- LOL! No I haven't. But I do make a mean bourbon shrimp on Charleston grits that I'll make for you should you ever get this way!

  13. just nibble...cook up a good olde pot of Southern shrimp boil..leave the red potatoes and corn to the others and just munch on the shrimp..less carbs but definitley more delightful :-)

  14. Why, oh why do carb laden foods have to taste so good? They are my downfall as well. And I can't do the nibble thing. Once I have that taste in my mouth, I just want more and more. I'm better off never tasting it to start with. It awakens the beast within!

  15. Oh, I think we have way too much in common. You spoke my exact feelings!
    I hate that I love food way too much, especially sweets!


  16. I could often be heard out here on the Ponderosa all by myself (except for the wild~eyed cattle) laughin' out-loud at myself. I do some silly things that just crack me up!!!

    Ya might as well laugh 'cause it does not good to cry about it! Heeehehe!!!

    God bless ya and have a most cheery day!!! :o)

  17. Jeff- Such true and delicious words!

    Beverly-I think you just described me and carbs!

    Susan-I know, it drives me NUTS...oh, I like nuts too. LOL

    Nezzy-I do laugh until I see a mirror...LOL

  18. Those carbs sound delicious but I know that that's how the devil gets you. So, I just don't think about it. Don't think I could master the french thing.

  19. Stephanie- I know, they're terrible for us but so tasty. I'm not sure I can either, I was halfway through supper tonight when I remembered to savor the bites.

  20. Good evening sweetie. Yep, all of that is hard and I too shovel way to fast and mine came even before kid, it was while driving truck. Most time enough time to order, swallow hole and get back on the road where it sat and made me fat (or at least the start of making me fat). I understand and us nothern girls have some pretty darn good food too rich with lots of fattening goodies. You keep up your walking and you'll lose a little here and a lot there and it'll work out great.
    Take care and have a blessed evening.


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