Friday, April 1, 2011

Pet contest, a Birthday, and Friday HOPS!

First, a bit of business.  PLEASE go visit The LG Report and cast your vote for TUCKER in the cutest pet contest over there!  Tucker says, "Woof! Woofy, woofin!"  Which translates to: Please vote for me I really want to win that bag of treats!  Meanwhile, I'll be trying to get that darn squirrel out of the tree. Thanks everybody!

It’s Deanie’s birthday today!  She’s been a delight and blessing to us for 24 years now!  And the time really did fly by.  Yes, she was born on April Fool's day, but she's nobody's fool.  Deanie is our ‘keep the peace’ child.  She does not like anyone to be upset or angry and she absolutely insists on truly appreciates status quo in the family.  She is our ‘prissy missy’ who would dig in the dirt, while dressed in her cutest outfits, pull worms apart and then promptly wash her hands before turning around and doing it again.  Her birthstone is diamond and she loves them- the bigger and more sparkly they are the better.  She has a voice that truly makes the angels in Heaven’s choir jealous (No joke!  When she was auditioning for high school chorus I was standing outside the door and heard the most beautiful voice. When I peeked in to see who it was-- it was Deanie!) and is a dancer extraordinaire (seriously she even turned down schools after high school because, in her words, “Mom, being a dancer is just like being an athlete.  If you get injured, your career is over and then, without a college degree, what are you going to do?”  Point taken but she truly was poetry in motion.).  Deanie loves life and would have majored in partying social life had they offered it in college.  She never meets a stranger and everyone just loves her.  She is sweet, kind, loyal, respectful, responsible, and diligent.  She can talk anyone, and I mean anyone, under the table and the same can be said of her about shopping.  She is a fashionista.  She is a true southern belle and yet able to take down a chauvinist male with the flick of a wrist.  She will go out of her way to surprise or encourage or uplift a friend.  She loves her dog, Becks, like he’s her kid (the 100pound chocolate lab).  The child is beautiful (inside and out) and resourceful.  There’s really nothing about her that isn’t truly wonderful.  Except that she now lives NINE FREAKING HOURS AWAY FROM US.  Anyway, a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our wonderful Deanie!  We love you!  

Our little thumb sucker at 19 months

She was the White Rabbit and Breezy was Alice; Halloween 1988

High school


This is when she dyed her hair dark brown and it still hadn't grown out.

A beauty even as a brunette. 
Getting a Christmas kiss from Becks (2010)
She's the one in the bridesmaid's dress...with the hand on her hip and her mouth open. (10-2010) 
 At a bridal shower with the college roomies- she's the tall beauty on the right. (8-2010)

And now it's time for the Friday HOP over at Hilary's Feeling Beachie called Follow Friday Four Fill-In Fun!  

Here we go:

1. If I don’t WALK TUCKER in the morning, my day feels off.  Because it's habit and because he will sit and stare at me until I take him!

2. When someone walks into my house for the first time, they usually comment on HOW COZY IT IS.  We live in a small (1300 sq ft) house that is decorated in fall colors.  Everyone always comments on how cozy and inviting our house is.

3. Every time I see the movie, PS I Love You (My Dog Skip; Brian's Song; Marley and Me; Pocahontas; Steel Magnolias; An Affair to Remember; most Hallmark movies and commercials; the list goes on but I think you get the idea)  , I cry. (Yes, I am a great big baby who SOBS at these types of movies). 

4. My feet feel best when they do not have shoes on them, which is most of the time because I HATE SHOES!  

I'm also linking to Java's Follow Friday 40 and Over at Never Growing Old!


  1. That was an awesome tribute to your daughter. So sweet.

  2. Very nice post about your daughter! BTW, I voted for Tucker. Please don't tell Bridger and Misty.

  3. Sailor- Thank you!

    Jules- Thanks, she's so precious!

    Judy- It's our little secret!

  4. What a wonderful tribute to Deanie! She is beautiful, as are the other three girls. You are a very lucky woman.
    I can't believe you mentioned "Brian's Song", that was one of my favorites too. You do need kleenex when watching those movies.

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  5. I'm the same way with taking out my canine children in the morning.
    Stopping by from the Friday Hops to say hello and to make sure I am following you.
    Have a great day!

  6. Susan-Thank you! Brian's Song was a good movie for tears! With some of those I needed a box of kleenex!

  7. Posh- Thanks for stopping by, commenting and following!

  8. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Deanie...what a stunner you are...would you like to meet a nice good looking English boy? (Hee hee) Fantastic tribute my dear twin. You are so right to be proud of your girls.
    Tucker my dear I dare not vote for you...can you imagine what Karen and Desiree will do if they find me sneaking about voting behind their beloved pets' backs. You are still an absolute don't get your mother too hot under the collar when you take her out for her next walk will you...and please make an effort to walk all the way around. I know I suggested doing weights but carrying you wasn't what I meant.
    Really enjoyed your post today dear twin.

  9. Carol- Deanie says- absolutely. Tucker says, 'Woofy, woofy, woofin, woofer" which means he understands and he did walk the whole way today! We even ran some of it--I know, the world must be coming to an end! LOL

  10. What a gorgeous, gorgeous girl you have! She does have a smile that will light up a room!

    I'm with you on the movies - I sob like a baby - any that's why I just avoid them!

    Barefoot is the way to go!

  11. Donna- Thank you! Yeah, that's why I've only seen most of those movies ONCE! LOL

  12. Happy Birthday to your beautiful girl! :)
    I love cozy little houses, but I have to ask, how did you survive in a 1300 sf house with four girls??

  13. I hope your daughter has an amazing birthday. I love the pictures... What a beautful tribute! Your house sounds so cozy. I love shoes, but the shoes I wear don't love me :)

  14. Beautiful girl! Happy birthday! Good luck to Tucker.

  15. Jessica- Thank you! Let's just say it's a good thing we all love each other!

    Hilary- Thank you! Two of our girls love shoes too- whether or not they feel good! LOL

    Beverly- Thank you!

  16. Thanks SO much for becoming a follower at my blog! I really appreciate it. Glad to have found yours as well.

    What a sweet tribute to Deanie!!

  17. Aww, Happy Birthday to Deanie! She really is lovely! It's my eldest son's 19th birthday today, too! Let's hear it for April Fools' Babies! :-)

    Stopping over from Hilary's Follow Friday Hop. Have a great weekend1 :-)

  18. Aww, Happy Birthday to Deanie! She really is lovely! It's my eldest son's 19th birthday today, too! Let's hear it for April Fools' Babies! :-)

    Stopping over from Hilary's Follow Friday Hop. Have a great weekend1 :-)

  19. B Betty-Thanks for following and commenting! I really enjoyed your blog and look forward to visiting regularly!

    prince- Thank you! Yay for April Fool's babies! LOL

  20. Happy Birthday to your daughter! She is a beauty and I can tell how proud you are of her. She sounds like a great person.
    Have a good weekend!

  21. Isn't it amazing how fast 24 years can go?

    Bare feet? The only thing better is jammies. And we have a cozy house, too. The love can't get so far away in a small house!

  22. Happy Birthday to Deanie and I voted for Tucker.

  23. Happy birhtday dear Deanie. I love what you wrote and boy she is a beautiful young lady.
    I'll go and vote for Tucker in just a minute.
    Have I told you lately I love your writings? :o) Well I do.
    Take care Pam and have a blessed evening.

  24. Happy Birthday to Deanie, I hope you printed this post and sent it to her, it is such a beautiful tribute to a beautiful woman.
    I will vote for Tucker..the handsome rascal!
    I hope you have a terrific weekend.

  25. Hope Deanie has a great BD. No worries, Tucker has my vote too. Have a great weekend kiddo. Barefootedly yours, Michele

  26. She's beautiful! Happy birthday to her!

  27. What a great much to take in, but first things first. Happy 24th Birthday to your beautiful daughter. What a wonderful celebration of her life you have done here for her. What a super Mother you are!

    Tucker, I also think you're too cute for words, but I'm not able to vote for you. My vote had to go Romeo's way as his mother is my daughter. He's a super little pup and I know you'd just love him to bits, too!

    From now on, I'm following you, too!

  28. Betty- Thank you! She is a wonderful young woman indeed!

    Arlee- Thank you! I think I'm looking forward to it. LOL

    Stephanie- It is incredible how fast it went! I really like your comment about the love not being able to get far away in a small house- lovely!

    Debby- Thank you!!!

    Julie- You have told me that but I NEVER get tired of reading it! And I appreciate it very much!

    Shawn- I told her to read the blog because it was about her. I also made/wrote her a b'day card and she loved it! Thank you for the visit, the comment, the good wishes and the vote!

    Michele- Thank you so much! I just knew you would appreciate barefeet too!

    Candy- Thank you!

    Desiree-Thank you so much! Tucker would love to play with Romeo- he really is a cutie pie!

  29. voted for tuckers
    the photo of your daughter coming off the boat, she looks like a model

    have a great rest of your weekend.


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