Friday, April 15, 2011

M is for Miriam

Last Wednesday I experienced some adrenalin fueled excitement while walking Tucker.  We took a little different path that day which took us on the outer loop and had only walked a bit over one mile when we spotted friend Joanne and a lady lying on the grass.  We stopped and Joanne told me that the lady, Deborah, had fallen off her bicycle and hit her head on the road (NO HELMET).  Joanne was holding her dog, Kendall, and Deborah's dog, Emma.  Deborah said she was feeling dizzy but she didn't want us to call EMS.  Finally, Joanne was able to convince Deborah to call a friend.  It was going to take the friend a while to get to us so I went to pull my car around just in case we needed to transport her and I had water and a blanket in there.  Deborah could not shake the dizziness which she told me came after the fall.  I got a quilt out of the car and put it down and she laid back on it--it was a coldish day with temps in the 40s.  We were still trying to get her to let us call EMS when another car pulled up and the lady inside asked if everyone was ok.  When I told her that Deborah had fallen off her bike and hit her head on the road (did I mention NO HELMET) she told us she was a nurse (read GIFT FROM ABOVE; DIVINE INTERVENTION;etc.).

Her name was Miriam and she was just about the sweetest, kindest person I've ever come into contact with in my life.  This wonderful angel of mercy was driving down the main road to go run the bridge and ..."just happened to look over and I thought I saw a person lying there."  So this completely-unselfish-cares-about-others-over-herself-wonderful-nurse-lady turned her car around and came through just to make sure.  JUST TO MAKE SURE...  Wow.  Miriam sprang into action asking all the right questions, taking Deborah's vitals, getting another blanket out to cover Deborah, and so on.  Miriam is the one who got Deborah to let me call 911 (my very first time EVER doing that) this way:  "You really should let us call emergency services because, if you have a concussion, you need to know that.  But you could also have a bleeder."  That's when Deborah decided that calling 911 might not be such a bad idea and Miriam asked me to make the call and I did and IT WAS MY VERY FIRST TIME EVER CALLING 911.

The fire truck was the first on the scene and three of the cutest firemen got out to....ummm...well, after I finished drooling over them I saw that they were talking with Miriam and Deborah and doing their emergency services stuff that they do.  It was decided that Deborah should be transported to the hospital after all so an ambulance was called.  Once Deborah was strapped onto the stretcher (do they still call them stretchers?  Or are they gurneys? Whatever they are, they pretty dang cool!).  Deborah's friend Monica had arrived and secured Emma and was going to follow the ambulance to the hospital, take Emma home and return to the hospital.  And was over.

All that adrenaline rushing around and suddenly, everything was over.  Just like that.  But here's the main point to the story- Miriam.  Miriam who didn't have to look; who didn't have to turn around and check; who gave up her own agenda without hesitation; who kept a positive, uplifting attitude the entire time... I'm not sure if it's the fact that she's a nurse or the fact that she's a truly good and giving person or a combination of the two.  But I do know that she is one of those people who can turn a day completely around for the good just by being there.  So, today, M is for Miriam!  Three cheers for Miriam:  Hip, hip hooray!  Hip, hip, hooray! Hip, hip, hooray!

I saw Joanne yesterday but neither of us has an update on Deborah yet.  She hasn't been out on her bike--hopefully she's been busy trying on bike helmets!  

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1. Despite the fact that I should know better, I still always snack on something at nightEven though it's something I'm allowed to have on my new ASS off regimen, I really shouldn't be consuming anything after 8:00 pm.  I do know that I do this in order to stay awake because, if I go to sleep too early, I will wake up around 3:00 am and stay awake and that makes for a grumpy empty nester. 

2. I EAT when I am worried. And when I'm sad/angry/happy...But I'm getting it all under control now.  Mostly.  

3. I always forget where I put things that I want to use.  I can find anything that I don't need- things that really should be thrown out or given away or put in a yard sale.  But, let me put something away that I'm saving to use when I need it--like those darn hand gardening tools and the spin class gel seat that I used once (because it didn't help my behind AT ALL for that, you'd think that with all my natural padding back there I wouldn't need it anyway)---and now want to send it to Breezy's SIL who needs one.  Yeah, can't find those darn things ANYWHERE.

4. My life is the best!  It's not extravagant or elegant rather, it's basic, simple, cozy.  We love and laugh and spend time together; we garden and talk and play games. We are all still very close even though the nest is empty.  We have what we need and most of what we want (our needs and wants are simple too). Hubs is a great guy; our girls are wonderful daughters; Tucker is the best dog EVER... Oh sure, we have our disagreements (read: I get mad).  I get to stay home and blog take care of all things homey and volunteer at the local elementary school.  Some people would certainly find my life boring but, all things considered, I wouldn't change one thing.  


  1. WOW... I find it wonderful that you answered your life is the best! That is extraordinary,

  2. Cindy- Thanks! I have not always been as appreciative as I should, but I'm getting there!

  3. Hi, I'm visiting from Follow Friday 40+. It was great that all of you took the time to help the woman that fell. This is also a great reminder to bikers to wear helmets.

  4. Donna- I was so impressed with Miriam--she didn't have to come back but she did. The other two of us were already right there. Thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  5. Hi, I found your blog on the Follow Fridays listing. I'm a new follower.

  6. Good thing for her you and your faithful canine were where you were when you were.

  7. Giggle- Thanks! You must be my 300th! I'm so excited!

    Michele-I was just happy to see a nurse pull up! That was lucky!

  8. People like Miriam are gems. Thanks for sharing this story!

  9. Wow, what an amazing story, and amazing lady. I love your answer to #4!!!

  10. What a delightfully uplifting post! Hooray for you all for stopping to lend a helping hand. Yours was no less generous than Miriam's.

    Enjoy your wonderful & blessed simple life (I have the same life here...simple and exceedingly blessed)...give Tucker an extra pat and cuddle from me!

  11. Like you, I'm always amazed at the Miriams of his world. But, then, I tell myself that the only difference is we don't have the necessary expertise.
    You stopped to help, putting your own walk on hold, and did what you could. That makes you amazing, too.

  12. Betty-They certainly are! You're welcome!

    Hilary- She was awesome! Thanks!

    Desiree-Thank you! The simple life is the way to go, isn't it? I'm so sorry about Romeo. How's the family getting along?

    Stephanie- Thank you! You are too kind! Hubs said that too and I said, "Who wouldn't stop?" And he replied, "You'd be surprised." That's sad.

  13. Thank you so much for reaching out to the less fortunate animals in your area! Linda is incredibly touched that you have done this as a tribute to Romeo! She is hoping more bloggers will be encouraged to make a difference to rescue animals in their areas. I know she'd be delighted if you'd follow the progress Romeo's Gift is going to make to the shelter she has begun to assist through this initiative. She has already had such wonderful offers of support locally!

    Coco is settling in very happily and helping greatly to ease the sadness and pain which I know we will carry forever.


    Des xoxo

  14. Miriam may have been a godsend, being a nurse and turning around to check on the person on the ground - but so are you! You were concerned, you stayed, you called 911 and you cared. Give yourself a pat on the back!

  15. Desiree- I will be more than happy to follow the progress! I feel like I knew Romeo myself- I have shed tears over him too. And have spoiled Tucker even more than he already was just thinking about it.

    Kara-Thanks! I don't mind patting others on the back but I am not good at doing it for myself.

  16. Iagree with previous commenters, you're amazing too, for stpping, for caring, for calling 911.
    In all my first aid classses, they teach us that the most important thing to do is GET HELP!
    So, well done!
    And it's lovely that you believe you have a great life- that is true gratitude.So many people hanker after what they don't have, while not appreciating and enjoying what they do have.

  17. Mimi- Thank you! I used to think about all the things I thought I wanted but didn't have. Thankfully, I woke up and realized that I have all I need and want and then some!

  18. I used to be pretty casual about wearing a helmet when I rode my horses but now I always, always do.

  19. Mrs.- I did not wear a helmet when riding my bike last year. This year, I won't get on it without one!

  20. Isn't it something how someone always shows up to help out in a situation that could turn out to be awful. Marium is an angel. So glad things did work out.
    Same thing happened to us when we were on vacay and I had that moped accident. This lady stopped her car and help Jim through everything. Jim is not good in situations like that, he panic's and I am the calm one. She took him to the ship to get out luggage, found him a place to stay while I was in the hospital. She was out angel.


  21. Susan-You are so right- they truly are angels! I'm so glad one stopped to help y'all out!


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