Saturday, April 16, 2011

N is for NERVE

When our girls were younger, there were times that they acted like maniacs could get on my last nerve.   And they thought it was the funniest thing when I said, “Do you see that right there?  That is my last nerve and you are about to step on it.”  That’s right.  They thought it was funny.  And they laughed the whole time while they were jumping up and down right on the spot to which I had pointed.  They broke me every time.  Seriously, what else can a mom do besides laugh at that?  Then there were the times when I was so flustered that it came out something like this:  “Getting on my last nerve you are!”  And they would laugh and laugh and laugh and say, “Mom is Yoda!”  Again, what else could I do but laugh?  Sometimes, I would only be telling one of them that she was on my last nerve but, before I could call the correct culprit’s name, I yelled out only first syllables: “Ma, Cla, Re, Mo….”  And they laughed and laughed and laughed and said, “Mom’s calling the roll!”  And, of course, I laughed too.  I don’t know how many times our darlings got on that last nerve of mine but it sure ended up being funny nearly each and every time.  Is there anything better than a kid making you realize what a goon you are? 

Now, with Hubs, it was a different story altogether.  By the time I mentioned that he might be getting on my last nerve he had either stepped right on it or said that one more thing that he just had to spew even knowing it would send me over the edge.  After a few years (read: 10-15), however, he started to wise up.  It was after I developed the don’tyoudaresayonemoreword glare which worked brilliantly once he realized that it’s a pretty good warning system.  If my last nerve is involved, DO NOT STEP ON IT. 

With other folks, I internalized, for the most part, my irritation at their stupidity tenacity approach of my last nerve.  Although, my eyes might have narrowed somewhat, my head might have tilted to one side with my chin slightly lifted and my mouth may have pursed itself--- I didn’t (usually) say anything.  If I did become verbal, someone had definitely not only stepped on but jumped up and down upon my last nerve.   

Now that I’ve reached the age of Methuselah, I find that my last nerve has become quite tolerant of most people.  As a matter of fact, there are those who would be shocked to know that I have a last nerve (Lord help them should they ever discover it!).  At this point it pretty much only shows itself when someone pisses me off says something derogatory about certain people or situations or they keep pestering me about something I have no intention of doing.  And then there are those idiots who set set off my last nerve merely by knocking on my front door.  I’m not talking about the sweet little boys across the street who ask me to buy wrapping paper for their school fundraiser; or the band students selling fruit; or the girl scouts selling those yummy cookies.  You know who I’m talking about…those who still go door to door selling something- steaks, magazines, financial planning, religion, yard service, etc.  They’re like upcloseandpersonal telemarketers.  I can’t stand them (they really have no business canvassing neighborhoods these days anyway!).  My last nerve can’t stand them (they could just be a nuisance, but they could also be serial killers or home invaders…get real people!).  And when I tell them I am not interested and they CONTINUE TO ATTEMPT TO PERSUADE ME (seriously, if I want a service or a new religion, I’m not stupid, I’ll go get it, don’t bring it to me)…that’s when they have trampled on my last nerve.  I’ll give them credit though, if they’ve been here once, they don’t come back.

 Who gets on your last nerve?  

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  1. Well, I only occasionally see religion sellers at my door (maybe we look as if need some???) and somehow they never seem to be pushy..maybe after meeting me they decide they don't want to share theirs with the likes of me??? I almost want to yell after then and say..."Is that all ya got?"...almost!

  2. Bella- The ones who come to our door are pushy, no matter what they are selling! You are too funny! LOL

  3. I do not like people coming to my door either. It is not ok to do that anymore.
    You are too funny with the last nerve!


  4. Susan- Right?! We have no idea who they could be this day and time!

  5. I remember oh so well how many times I've said that, but I always said, "You are on my last nerve, and I didn't have any left!" Now what the heck did that mean?

    When my little grandson gets upset or feels left out, he says he "has the nerves, and he needs some candy." LOL

    We live in a small town, and if solicitors come around, we just call the town office or the sheriff's dept., and they quickly come to send them away. Kids can sell their fundraising stuff, and that's usually to people they know. We don't open the door for others. We've had a few scary ones come by!
    Have a good day!

  6. Absolutely loved this! The more I get to know you through your blog, the more I think I might be a kindred spirit of yours ;)

    You have such a happy, loving home and I know what it takes to make one.

    Big hug,

    Des xoxo

  7. Shirley- I love what your grandson says---I may have to quote him! That's just precious!

    We've had some weirdos too. Usually, I just don't open the door unless the kids are fundraising!

    Desiree-How absolutely sweet of you! Thank you so much! I can't think of a nicer person to be a kindred spirit with!

  8. That was so funny about your last nerve, and I can imagine your girls going into hysterics. Daughters are the best, aren't they?!

  9. I love that your girls make you laugh. It´s the best way to raise kids. :)
    Even here in the boonies in Paraguay we have "religion sellers". They totally get on my last nerve. If I notice them soon enough I hide, till they leave. hahaha

  10. This-Truly they are! Thanks!

    Betty- It really is the best way! I can just see you hiding from them!

  11. Sadly, I get on my own last nerve.

  12. Love it, LOVE IT!!! I missed yesterdays so got caught back up. I love your writings. It is so much fun reading them. And you made me laugh at Methuselah. :o)
    Take care Pam and have a blessed weekend.

  13. Mrs.- I do too only I don't admit it. LOL

    Julie- Thanks again dearest friend! You inspire me to write so that I can get my ego stroked by your comments!

  14. I am rolling!! This is so me.....and I do recall even at times when I was a kid, that my mom would do the same....calling the roll. She had five kids and nine grandkids... Sometimes, those names just got all jumbled.

    And the dontyoudaresayonemoreword glare....oh me too. You and I, we are two of a kind!

    My Sunday Link:
    Airplane Shadows

    Thanks for stopping by yesterday and leaving a comment. Your words are always a special treat for me. Have a great day....

  15. Very good point about the "up close and personal marketers" - they could be all sorts of scary people. The flip side is also true...the one in the house could be scary, too. In a really bad way not just you with your last nerve hanging out.
    We rarely get anyone at the door any more. Kids don't go door to door selling anything as it's too risky for them - has been that way for years here.


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