Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

Phew--the week flew by!  And that means it's time for my week in a

I completed journal number 2 this week!  Monday's entry was the last one in that journal and I have completed the week in journal number 3!  This is the absolute longest I've EVER kept a journal going.  I have not missed one single night entry since July 19, 2010.  This is quite the accomplishment for me.  Some of you might recall that I started this after my MIL passed away in June, 2010 because we all got such a kick out of seeing our names in her journals.  So, I write an entry every single night regardless of how dull my day may have been.

I wrote about the adrenalin rush excitement I had last week but never posted about the exciting excitement--one of Hub's nephew's and his wife had a baby girl last week.  I had planned on posting about it but: 1.  she had some complications and didn't actually get to go home until Friday and B. getting information from his side of the family is nearly impossible if you aren't blood related.  So, as far as I know, she is home and doing well.  And, no pictures.

Birdie will be graduating in 2 weeks and 6 days from today.  She will be receiving a Bachelor of Science in Athletic Training AND a Bachelor of Science in Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science!  Let me tell you, the courses and field hours and observation hours (including orthopedic surgeries) would well prepare those kids for med school!  I couldn't have done it--but then, I'm not a science person.  Especially if anatomy, chemistry and physics are involved.  She also took the BOC on Tuesday but it will be 2-4 weeks before she hears about that.  They were told at school that the first time pass rate on the BOC is only 33%.  SERIOUSLY, why do they share that kind of information with those kids?  I told her that that was last year and her group is this year and that they would blow those stats out of the water!

DoodleBug came over for her home cooked meal on Wednesday.  Birdie had her usual meeting and Gibby had to work so DoodleBug took them some downtown.  I made Suzanne Somers' Turkey Taco Wraps and Zucchini fries.  De-lish! The girls and Hubs liked it too!

I'm still searching for something to wear to graduation.  It needs to make me feel hidden and yet, not hot because graduation is OUTSIDE.  That's right.  OUTSIDE.  In the afternoon.  In the sun.  In Charleston, SC.  That translates to HOT.  I've found a couple of tops but haven't made a decision yet.  Probably wouldn't have to stress over this if I wasn't so dang much overweight.  Good grief.  OH and we decided to make our own graduation announcements since the graduation announcement people are asking a RIDICULOUS amount of money for their crappy ones.  Ours look quite nice and cost WAY less.

DoodleBug's ensemble had their spring concert on Thursday.  They hosted it in their rehearsal room and underestimated the amount of people who would come---which means it was crowded and hot.    Anyway, it was pleasant enough...and, of course, percussion ROCKED!  We had to sit in the back so I couldn't get decent pictures.  But I did notice that this guy's hair cut was crooked.  I hope he didn't pay for that.

I told Breezy that I saw her future kid this week while tutoring.  He is in the class that my two students are in.  I hung around on Thursday listening to the math lesson--these are second graders---and the teacher (who was DoodleBug's first grade teacher, BTW) was trying to get them to understand multiplication and that, by drawing arrays, they could figure out the problem:  How many window panes are in 9 windows.  So they, SECOND GRADERS now, had to figure out what 9 x 4 is.  One kid had his hand up.  I looked at his page and he had written 9 x 4 = 36.  The teacher did not call on him even though his hand had been up from the start.  She was trying to make the point that an array would help them.  As the students drew their arrays, they were getting the answer and, one by one, little hands started going up.  The teacher asked what the answer was and, one by one, they told her, "36."  "Did drawing the arrays help you find the answer?" she asked.  "YES!"  "Then DRAW AN ARRAY TO FIGURE OUT THESE PROBLEMS YOU GUYS."  And then she asked Breezy's future child.  "R, how did you get your answer?"  "Well, if you know that 4 x 10 is 40 you just subtract 4 and you get 36!"  I was trying so hard not to crack up- that is just like something Breezy would have said at that age.  So, he doesn't get called on until the end because he always has the right answer.  When I told Breezy about it she said, "That's exactly how I did it!"  And it was.   R's parents better watch it- Breezy is quite brilliant.  They may have one of those on their hands too.  They go around their elbow to get to their nose, but they get there and they get there with the right answers.  Every time.  (Funny that such a math/science person as she is that Breezy majored in Government and English-concentration British lit...go figure!). 

The raised bed garden is doing well!  Some of the tomato plants are already 18 inches tall! The fenced in area is all tilled up and ready for planting.  We haven't done this yet because we were waiting until after the fierce storms (that never came) to pass.  Thank you weather dude, once again, for giving us erroneous information.  Dude, at least you are consistent. 

And that's it for another week!  Wishing all of you a stress free week!  Remember:  look for the laughter!


  1. A great re-cap of the week!!! Thanks!

  2. Quite an interesting week you had there! I think that's something to be proud of, keeping your Journal going like that. Well done! When my mum passed away, I found lots of diaries that she had written every single day, and my name was in virtually every entry. I felt really sad! Your daughter has done so well with her studying!

  3. Interesting to say the least. New babies are always good news. Wear something light, loose and cottony to that outdoor ceremony. Or else you will melt!

  4. Betty- Thank you!

    Susan- Thanks!

    This-We all spent so much time looking for our names in my MIL's journals and she always said positive things about everyone!

    Barb-The problem is finding something big enough that it is loose! LOL Thanks girl!

  5. Betty-Yes, it surely does! They are smart cookies and they get it from ME! LOL Thanks!


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