Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Obesity

This time, I'm not referring to my own obesity!  Yesterday, the SSMA (Student Sports Medicine Association--of which Birdie is VP- had to throw that in) sponsored a Kickball Tournament to raise money for the prevention of childhood obesity!  It was HOT out in the sun but they had plenty of sunscreen and water on hand.  Hubs and I went out to get a few pictures and left just before we melted completely away!  Here are some shots from the day: 

Sometimes those college boys go all out, don't they? 

Girls can kick just as good as boys!

The other team for the first game.

Dr. Nguyen (pronounced win)

Talk about going all out!

Oops!  Now, that would have been me out there...LOL

That's my Birdie!

That's my Birdie about to 'sports medicine' someone.  Oh, and Dr. Nguyen's grill.

Great kick Nathan!  Too bad you were OUT.

That's my Birdie telling the dude, "Dude, you need stitches."  And him telling Birdie, "I don't want stitches." And then there's Dr. Nguyen's grill.

Like I said, some college boys go all out.  LOL

Some Athletic Training students...

An assortment of college students...

"If I bite this thing just right, I'll be FREE!  And then I'll show you how to do it!"

Athletic Training majors ROCK!

"GoodgameGoodgameGoodgameGoodgameGoodgameGoodgameGoodgameGoodgameGoodgame" the AT's WON Game #1!  WOOT!!!

Dr. Nguyen fixin' up that dude's ear as Birdie stands by to assist.  

This is the 15th day of the A-Z Blog Challenge for the month of April. And this thing is getting harder instead of easier...thankfully, we're in the second half!  Just click the badge on my sidebar if you want to check it out!  


  1. be young and energetic again...From the looks of everyone, it was definately hot outside.

  2. Great photos! Gotta love their enthusiam! I hope they were successful in their fund-raising.

  3. Kathy- Oh yes but, alas, that is only a memory for me now...LOL It was 'areyoukiddingme' hot!

    Kara-They did well! Not sure of the final total yet....stay tuned.

  4. Great photos! But I think the one of the two dogs is the cutest of all. :-) I've had a couple leads I've had to re-sew!

    Hope you have a successful week. I'm taking all sugar out of the house today.

  5. Judy- I like that one too BUT, can you believe it, I forgot to take a picture of Tucker and Birdie's two dogs? I felt terrible!

    I am still off the sugar. I'm on day 33 of Ass Off and I know I've lost. However, I'm not sure how much because I forgot to weigh in the first couple of weeks--so, I have no idea of my start weight.

    How's that saying go---all of the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most? LOL

  6. Great action shots of a great event!

  7. Looks like a fabulous day out in the sun! Love the pic of the doggies in their supporters gear :)

  8. Loved the dogs. BTW- around here that O word is a four letter word.

  9. Betty-Thanks!

    Linda-It was great! Hot. But great!

    Michele-Can you believe I forgot to take pictures of Tucker and Birdie's dogs? What a doofus I am!

  10. That looks like hot fun! But what is kickball - or is it just, like, kicking a ball? :O)

  11. You got some really great action shots! Good for them - always nice to see young people playing together for a cause.

  12. Jane- LOL! Kickball is kind of like baseball but with a big rubber ball that is rolled to the kicker...the kicker has to run the bases before getting tagged out. It's basically a game played on elementary school playgrounds! LOL

    Stephanie-Thanks! Yes, I agree!

  13. Yeah - but the thing about all that athletic and sports stuff is you have to go outside!! And I don't really go outside - unless I've got no other option - like to get in the car - or go into a store. Stuff like that!!

    You took some really great pictures!

  14. Donna-So true! I prefer inside as well- my allergies are just horrible and I am not a fan of heat. But, sometimes, it's the only way I can get pictures of this daughter! LOL

    Clare-Thanks! They raised money and had fun!

  15. They are so energetic. I wish I could still raise my leg that high! Loved the supporting dogs by the way.
    Come by either of my blogs as I have my very first 'Facing 50 looking 40' free giveaway and you wouldn't want to miss that would you?

  16. Carmie- OREOS! YUMMY! LOL

    Carol-I've already been and signed in for the giveaway! EXCITING! Well, IF I win, exciting. LOL

  17. Betty- They had a blast! So did we...until we almost melted. LOL

  18. Super....great collection of all the action. And for such a good cause. But, I must be honest...I'm in awe of the muscular legs of that gal kicking near the top of your, no gay tendencies here....just jealous of 'young' looking legs. :sigh:

    Thanks for visiting with me yesterday. Always love having your company.

    My Tuesday Post:

    A new Cat

    Hope your day is treating you well.


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