Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Q is for Quandary

Why quandary?  Because I have no idea what to write about that could be classified as beginning with the letter Q.  There's quarrel- but nobody around here does that very much and, when we do, it's over really stupid stuff that ends up being the result of someone not getting his or her way.  There's quarter but sharing the fact that we have collected the state quarters embedded in a page containing each state's history is not funny or exciting.  And quartz- but telling you how I loved quartz when I was growing up because I thought they were so pretty is no big deal.  I could post pictures of quail, but I don't have any.  Therefore, I will simply list my top ten favorite words that begin with the letter Q:

1. Queen-because I like being the Queen around here.  No, that's not true.  I LOVE being the Queen around here.  My loyal subject, Hubs, is so very supportive of my role as Queen and he knows that I will never leave him because it's too difficult to train another man I am so appreciative of his efforts. 

2.  Quote- because I love it when I can actually remember a quote I love AND who said it.  It makes me feel all smart and clever and interesting.

3.  Quilts- because they remind me of the America of long ago before we became lazy (which occurred due to the development of leisure time) and women took the time to gather together talking and sharing while they spun beautiful histories and enchanting tales within each hand sewn square.

4.  Quills- because they invoke visions in my mind's eye of the wise poets, amazing composers and classic writers of old as they sat and wrote the most beautiful creations ever produced AND of America's founding fathers and their progressive thought processes; their initiative; their courage...

5.  Quiet- because it allows me the peace to reflect on my cherished memories of growing up and of raising four daughters.

6.  Quirky- because our family is full of quirky and I love quirky...and my family.  Being quirky keeps us far from boring. 

7.  Quay-because I like the word and also because it has to do with the sea and I love the sea.

8- Quaker-because I like their passivity when it comes to war, their anti-slavery views and their support of the women's rights movement... AND because when I played the alphabet game in the car as a child, Quaker State motor oil was about the only Q we could ever find.

9-  Quack- because ducks really do make that sound and I like to hear it.

10- Quartet- because one of my favorite things to do is listen to the soothing sounds of a string quartet AND because I have always been impressed by the harmony carried by a Barbershop quartet.

This is the 16th day of the A-Z Blog Challenge for the month of April. The hardest letters are withing these last 10 days...thankfully, we're almost FINISHED!  I just might make it!

And now it's time for  Wednesday's HOP.  Patrice, at Everyday Ruralty, hosts Wednesday Words of Weight Loss every Wednesday!  It's a fun HOP that offers encouragement and company on the issue of weight.  It's never too late to join!  Come on, this is your week to join in the FUN! 

Feel free to grab the button for this meme and share the questions in a blog post. Link up with me and we can visit each other and offer words of encouragement. 

1. Can you resist Easter candy?  I am happy and proud to announce that this year, for the very first time in my life, I can answer YES to this question.  It's in the house for baskets and I haven't even given it one little thought...until this question...uh oh.  I'm KIDDING!  Yes, I can easily resist it this year!  It's quite an accomplishment AND, hopefully, one more sign that my mind is finally made up that the weight is going to go and not come back!  

2. Have you ever purchased a piece of exercise equipment?  Yes.  Hubs bought me a treadmill about 4 years ago.  I didn't use it much at first.  Then, beginning May 25, 2009, I used it every single day.  By January 2010, I was walking the dog every day and stopped using the treadmill.  I am still walking Tucker every day and I have given the treadmill to Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER and they run on it every day!  Now I want an elliptical.  HA!  NOT!  

3. When you're in a store, do you use the escalator/ elevator or do you take the stairs?  None of our stores have second levels here.  And, if you go to the malls here, there are only second floors inside two stores and your only choices are elevators and escalators.  Going up I take the escalator but I am terrified of coming down on them so I have to take the elevator.  I had terrible nightmares about steep staircases when I was younger and I am still scared of going down stairs and I am claustrophobic in elevators--mostly I avoid upper levels but, when I cannot, the fear of the down escalator is stronger than the claustrophobia.  IF stairs are an option, I will take them up and down.  Geez, do I need therapy? 

4. Do you promise yourself anything as an incentive to lose weight?  No- because that becomes sabotage for me.  However, I do promise myself that, if I drink all my water every day I can then have green tea.  So, for 34 days, I have been good about drinking my water! (Also a first!)

5. Is there a friend you haven't heard from in a long time that you'd like to connect with? Nope but that's because, in the last two years, I have reconnected with those friends!  And it's been GREAT!


  1. I like your list of Q's...especially Queen, quotes, quiet, and quirky...I feel the same : )

  2. I really liked this post, I hadn't realised how many cool words start with Q.

  3. Your Q list made me think of playing Scrabble. How many times I have strained my little brain to use that Q. My family uses the weirdest words and they turn out to be in the dictionary. They wouldn't know them if it weren't for Scrabble, nor would they use them for anything else. lol

    You don't need therapy. I've had a number of bad tumbles on stairs in my lifetime. I'm not the most coordinated soul. Congrats on being able to resist the candy. I'm doing baskets with little gifts and only a tiny bit of sweets for the girls this year.
    Have a blessed Easter and a good rest of the week.

  4. Joyce- Thanks!

    lyndy-I didn't either until I started looking!

    Patrice-We love Scrabble too but I still get stuck on the Q words. Thanks so much for hosting the hop each week- I'm really enjoying it!

  5. I enjoyed this very much...and I think you're amazing that you've set yourself all these goals and that you're doing such a wonderful job of seeing them through. Well done!

  6. Great Q words!!!

    I love being Queen too. Now if only my subjects would recognize me as royalty....

  7. Desiree- Thanks! A lot of my success stems from wonderfully encouraging comments like yours!

    Betty- Thank you! It took quite some time to get the recognition, but I'm finally there. LOL

  8. Fun to read this post. String quartets I love. Barbershop? Not so much. It's in the same category as country western music, imho. :-(((

  9. Judy- Thanks! I don't like country western either...the barbershopers? I really just admire their harmony-but I have enjoyed them in the old movies from time to time!

  10. Hey, that is neat doing a post through the alphabet. I bet Q was hard.
    That is so good about the water. I always like that kind of reward system.
    It sounds like you are doing really well.
    So nice to read your answers this week.

  11. My fave on your Q list is quacks. I like a good laugh and the ducks - especially mallards - just makes me laugh along with them.

    Good work for coming up with those others that you snuck in at the top - quartz is pretty!

    Thanks for your kind words...I always look forward to your posts.

  12. Well you managed to produce a good Q post :)

  13. Farm Girl- Thank you! Q was a tough one but I'm guessing that X is going to be worse! LOL

    Stephanie- They are funny, aren't they?! Thank you so much! You are too sweet!

    Lou-Thanks! I had no idea what it was going to be until I started writing!

  14. I like quash. I don't get to use it much, but I like it.

  15. Who knew there were that many Q words - and not just adjectives - really good Q works. I love quilts - I treasure them. Your right - they're a symbol of better times.

  16. Donna-I know! I had to use the dictionary just to get started! LOL

    Betty-I wish I knew how much I've lost so far---I forgot to weigh the first few weeks so I have no idea. I do know that my clothes fit better and some are getting baggy so I know something good is going on. LOL I want a quilt too, but I want to make one. Not sure I have the talent OR the patience though!

  17. How did we get to Q already.. I've missed some days! LOL
    What do you have planned for 'U' and 'X'...!!

  18. Clare- Those are going to be quite (haha) difficult! I don't have anything for them yet.

  19. Love it!! Glad your husband knows you are the Queen and I agree quirky is a good thing! Not boreing at all!

    I love the idea of your A to Z. Excellent idea!

  20. Great "Q"s!! No, seriously. You accomplished it perfectly I think. I especially enjoyed reading your interpretation of 'quill'...that in itself was quiet poetic if you want my opinion.

    My Thursday Post:
    Easter Songs

    Thanks for visiting with me yesterday, and hope your day is super.


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