Monday, May 23, 2011

From Disheartened Back to Determined

It's a difficult enough task to try and lose massive amounts of unwanted weight without obstacles or sabotage attempts.  But, when you add those ingredients to the pot, the odds are simply stacked against you.

I finally became aware of the many ways that I sabotage myself when I'm losing weight and have, for the last 67 days, averted all attempts of self-sabotage.  This is good news!  I've been treading carefully and paying close attention and NO SELF-SABOTAGE!

Unfortunately, that's not the only form of sabotage causing me to be on alert.

His name is HUBS.  And he is a saboteur.  And I want to SMACK him.  That's right.  I want to SMACK him.  Saturday evening, Hubs went to the grocery store for a couple of things so that I could make sandwiches for him and two buddies to take with them fishing on Sunday.  It was his BFF's birthday and, when they go fishing, I make food since it's BFF's boat.  Nice trade off--they get to go fishing and I get a peaceful Sunday to myself.

My first clue SHOULD have been the number of bags he brought in from the grocery store.  One doesn't really need FOUR grocery bags when purchasing ONLY some hoagie rolls and chips (being a realist, I did not expect him to bring home the food choices I would have made for the fishing excursion).  I prepared the sandwiches and then noticed a few things--Hubs brought into MY HOUSE potato chips for the fishing trip AND to keep here.  And tortilla chips--not the whole grain ones either, the regular ones.  Upon further inspection, there are two, TWO, boxes of Ritz crackers in the pantry and TWO boxes of chocolate covered ice cream bars--the ice creams are cherry and butter pecan (AND I'm pretty sure I smelled chocolate in the candy form also).

"Why do you bring this stuff in the house?"  I foolishly ask.
"Because I like it.  And because the girls like to have the ice cream when they come over."
"You're trying to sabotage me."
"I'm not trying to sabotage you.  You don't have to eat it."
"No.  I don't.  But when I'm stressed the temptation is overwhelming."
"What about my stress level?"

Now, it is true that the girls will eat ice cream IF it's in the house.  And I do buy it IF I know they're going to be here to eat it and take home the leftovers.

HIS stress level?  It's HIS stress level that elevates MY stress level because when Hubs is stressed, he's not happy until he's got everyone else upset (and the majority of his stress comes from his crazyashell family).  Geez.

But, the "You don't have to eat it" part was a pisser.  One would think (Ok, I would think) that if there was no support or encouragement anywhere else in the world that one's spouse would provide both.  Sadly, no.

I'm on my own with this (except for the girls however, THEY DON'T LIVE HERE ANYMORE).  But that's ok.  Because I really feel that I can withstand it all...this time.  I am determined.  At least I am today.

In the past, I have personally sabotaged myself.  I've also been sabotaged by a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie (seriously, my dad makes the best freaking oatmeal raisin cookies you've EVER had in your life).  But I will NOT be sabotaged by anyone or anything this time.

So I blow raspberries in the general direction of the ice cream bars, the Ritz crackers, the tortilla chips and the potato chips (and at Hubs as well). 

This time, I will NOT be defeated!


  1. Identifying the sabateur is the first step. Now making him stop is another story.

  2. Good for you! People who don't need (or want) to lose weight just don't get it. My husband seriously needs to lose close to 100 lbs. Diabetes runs in his family and I'm just waiting for that shoe to drop. Anyway, we have a close friend who loves to bake and he is constantly bringing over cakes, pies, etc. no matter how many times we ask him not to. I have been known to put it down the garbage disposal after he leaves!

  3. Just keep blowing those raspberries...and don't give in! You know you can do it :)

  4. You can do it!! You know what? Your posts have made me want to loose again too. As of today I´m back on the wagon again and hopefully it will last this time. My hubby is not a very good supporter either. As long as he has his ice cream he doesn´t care what I eat... :)

  5. I'm disappointed in your hubs that he can't see the point here!! You can do it - you CAN do it. We're all here to support you, but it is SO difficult when you have these things in the house. I am willing you to be strong!

  6. You are an absolute honey & I wish I could rush right round there and give you the biggest hug, ever! I know exactly what you mean (my hubby buys slabs of fruit and nut when I get those cravings, there's some on hand...except that when they are here, I have this compulsion to tuck into an entire slab at a single sitting and repeat the exercise next day, too and until they're all gone! I have NO SELF WILL in my mid 50's!!! I could turn my nose up at everything when I was younger and did for years & years...depriving myself and making up for lost time all these years later!

    I'm there with Diane to cheer you on...YOU CAN DO IT!!!! even though I know I can't :(

  7. Tracy- You got that right! LOL

    Beverly- There was a woman who did that for my grandfather and my grandmother and the rest of us asked her to stop because he was a diabetic. She just never would. She was so grateful that he had given her a job--but still...

    Kathy-I'm blowing! Thank you for your encouragement!

    Betty-I hope it lasts for you this time too! Fingers crossed! What's up with the husbands anyway? We would support them, right? We're in this together girl!

    This- It was a frustrating eye-opener for sure. But I WILL NOT touch it! Thank you so much for your support!

    Desiree-Oh girl, that is SO LIKE ME! So far, this time, I haven't done anything like that but I am constantly aware that it could happen. Thank you so much for your support- it means the world!

  8. My husband is an saboteur too..

    I don't let him go to Publix now.. to many cakes, chips and TGI Friday appetizers end up back in the house..when he was supposed to get eggs... good job we love them ;-)

  9. I know how hard it is to ignore the call of the ice cream from the freezer or the lure of the crackers! Put your hands over your ears and say "la la la can't hear you".

    That's what I do lol Stay strong my friend :)

  10. Clare- And Publix has that great key lime pie in the bakery....I can't go in there either. LOL

    lyndylou- Good advice! They already think I'm nuts anyway. LOL Thank you!

  11. I give you tons of credit if you can avoid it. Good for you! I'm with you though. He's a saboteur. Mean, mean man!

  12. Barb-I have avoided everything so far! Thank you! You're the best Barb!

  13. You sound so strong and determined! Congratulations!
    Willpower is something that I lack and marvel at in others.

  14. My husband is the same way, he buys all kinds of bad stuff, mostly sweets which are my downfall....
    Good for you, you're sticking to your guns, I know you can do it!

  15. A lot of salt poured in that ice cream will make you feel better!

  16. Shawn-I may sound that way, let's just hope I AM that way. LOL

    Alessandra- Right? And it's not like mine still has a six pack instead of the keg he carries around. Thanks!

    Betty-Girl, you are so bad! I LOVE it! LOL

  17. Ugh. That really is pretty crappy! Having support at home is key! But either way, you sound really determined, and whoa -- 67 days is insane. That is totally awesome. Maybe you could have him put his goodies somewhere that you dont see them every time you open a cabinet. When I was dieting, my husband would bring me home a peanut butter cup, because I was "doing such a good job" sticking with my diet. WTF??

  18. Jessica- You have me cracking up! Hubs has done that very thing but "Because you like them." Which is true but when I'm trying to lose 100 pounds CANDY IS NOT HELPFUL. WTF?! is right!

  19. GOOD FOR YOU and POX on him!! I'm only 60 days behind you now. You are my hero.

    Doug knows better than to bring any of that into the house right now. If he's eating crap, he's doing it out of my view.

  20. Oh twin! How our men share the same traits! I'll come over and smack yours if you'll do the same here. Mine scoffed an entire tub of ice cream yesterday and had the cheek to ask if I wanted any.
    I've tagged you today at Facing 50 with humour. Come and join in the fun!

  21. Michele-I'm seriously thinking of using the salt in the ice cream idea that Bossy Betty suggested!

    Carol-Smack a man? I'd love to! LOL Thanks for the tag!


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