Sunday, May 22, 2011


I'm not a person who receives any pleasure from waiting.  None.  Zip.  Zero.  Nada.  And yet, I find myself in the waiting situation on an almost daily basis.
  • I wait in line at the grocery store and at that most dreaded of all places, Walmart (and sometimes that's a really long wait because, for some inane reason, the grocery store and Walmart powers that be think that one or two cashiers is plenty for checking out five million shoppers).  
  • I wait for Tucker to sniff and pee on every single tree and bush on our daily walks.  
  • A couple of weeks ago I substituted for a friend and waited on a sassy little fifth grader who didn't want to do any of her work to come out of the bathroom (it was easy, actually, AFTER I reminded her that I know her mother).  
  • I wait for answers to my questions- which are not that difficult so I'm really unsure as to why I have to wait so long (other than the fact that I'm usually asking Hubs).  
  • I wait for an opening before I pull out into traffic (which can be a rather long wait sometimes but I do it anyway even if other people fail to extend the same courtesy to me but pull right out causing me to slam on my brakes before they speed up).  
  • I spend time waiting on the lovelies to come home for a visit (which has been quite frequent lately so I really shouldn't complain at all about that).   
  •  I wait for ideas to pop into my head so I can write my blog posts (which is getting harder and harder because I am running dry right now).
And just this week, I waited to hear from Birdie while she was in Texas.

Then I waited for her flight to arrive back in SC.

Then we all waited to hear the results of the interviews from Texas.

FINALLY, something worth waiting for!  Birdie heard Friday that she was not only accepted into the program (which gives her a job AND a Master's degree) but SHE WAS THEIR TOP PICK!  So, she got to choose her placement.

And so, without further ado, our big announcement is:

Birdie is officially the new Head Athletic Trainer at TKGorman in Tyler, Texas.  She will be getting her Master's degree from Texas A&M at Commerce.

I'll be riding this high until it hits me that she'll be 17 hours away from home.

Wait- I think it just did.  

Doing her Sports Medicine thing at an Ultimate Frisbee tourny.

Not sure which class this was for...

Trying to get the stubborn man to get stitches in his ear.

Athletic Training majors were required to either work the bridge run race each year or run it. 

They ran it senior year.

Post race debriefing.

Birdie LOVES dogs and would have dozens if she could.  This was Buddy.  We loved him for 13 years.

This is Strider as a pup.  He is no longer little!

This is Charlie as a pup.  He's bigger than Strider now!

Our Birdie loves to travel.  Especially to South America.

Where she made lots of new friends...

And raced a tortoise. 

She even played Ultimate.  That's her making a catch (or whatever they call it in Ultimate) at GA Southern.

Congratulations Birdie!  We are all so very proud of you!  Here's to grad school and your first official job as an Athletic Trainer!  And here's to the next two years flying by quickly!  As Mrs. Mary C said, "Don't let her trade her flip-flops for cowboy boots!"


    1. Absolutely brilliant news! But I feel for you as her mum as you will miss her so much. (((hugs)))

    2. Are you proud...kidding! I could hear it in every word. This is really, really, great.

      You throw good pups!

    3. lyndylou- I truly will miss her like crazy! I'm very conflicted- happy for her, proud of her, sad for myself...LOL

      Gail- I might be just a little, teenie bit proud. LOL But I sure am going to miss her! None of our lovelies have ever moved this far from home.

    4. Congratulations to Birdie!!! Not only does she have to watch out for the allure of cowboy boots, but it's the rifle in the back window of the pickup truck... :-)

      And just think - now you'll have someplace warm to go to in the winter time. Oh, wait...

    5. Hmmmmmmmm, ironic, our son, Erik loves South America fact that is where he's vacationing right now.

      Congrats to Birdie!!!

      Oh, and my goodness, I can't get over YOUR Walmart?!! There too?! Yep, it's a waiting game there. I hate
      Walmart for that very reason. Not to mention they DO have more than two lanes open during the holidays but all the crazies are out and about and they don't know if they want the item in their basket or not...after they've WAITED for hours to check out. Okay, you got me in a tizzie now. LOL

    6. ps....I got my hummingbird painting done and will post a photo of it framed, on Ruby Tuesday's meme blog.

      Have a terrific day today.

    7. I think it must be a Walmart thing - here, too!

      Congratulations to Birdie! That's news well worth waiting for.

    8. Congrats to Birdie! Well at least it isn't 20 hours from home....

      My hubby always says, we always "hurry up & then wait"!

      Enjoy your day!


    9. THIS NEWS WAS WORTH WAITING FOR! Congratulations to Birdie on her truly outstanding achievement and I know just how fluffed up with pride you all are right now! Yes, the hard part will be seeing her off when the time comes, but so many new doors and opportunities will open, just you wait and see ;) We'll be here to dry your tears and ply you with lots of hot, sweet tea! Meantime, ENJOY her good news!!!

      Big hug,
      Des xoxo

    10. Now that's what I call blog news!! Great job Birdie and congrats. I believe that class you were wondering about was a science class on the effects of barley, hops and malt? They don't have a class here on it so I have to try to do it on my own!! haha.

    11. Oh, I'd also meant to say what a wonderful selection of pictures of Birdie in her difference guises ;) She looks the picture of health and is a beautiful young lady, as are all of your daughters!

    12. DIFFERENT GUISES...I really need to check what I've typed before I post it!!!

    13. I cannot believe you are running dry, you have posted so much, as in every day, in just the short time I was away from the blogsphere! I find I am unable to keep up the pace, more and more so as the garden calls. Take Care and stay inspired.

    14. Judy- Unfortunately, she's seen the rifle in the back window of a pick-up in these parts so that shouldn't scare her too bad. LOL

      Anni- Thank you! And yes, it's at our Walmart too. I think it's a requirement to be a Walmart store. LOL

      Stephanie- Maybe we should all look around and try to find the Walmart that ISN'T like this! LOL Thanks!

      Susan-LOL I wondered if anyone would catch that it's ONLY 17 instead of the 20 I originally thought. HA!

      Desiree- I am truly excited for her! But it really is difficult to see her go because none of our girls have ever moved that far from home. I'm so very grateful for my bloggy friends like you who I know will help me through it all. I can't imagine even trying to deal with this without you! Oh, and thanks! She's quite a girl...young woman I guess I should say!

      Barb- That MUST be the one! LOL

      Lindy-Thankfully, this year, we have the garden set up to run almost self-sufficiently. If only Mother Nature would cooperate and send some rain our way because, right now, I have to stand there and fill the rain barrels with well water.

    15. Wonderful, wonderful news about Birdie. You must be SO proud of her, and quite rightly so! This was actually a very well thought out post today, with all that waiting. I'm with you on this one - I don't like waiting either!

    16. I've been waiting for our oldes to call or stop by... texts just aren't cutting it.
      I miss him like crazy.

    17. This-Thank you so much! Does it seem that the more you hate the wait the longer the wait is? It sure seems that way to me. LOL

      Mona- I know what you mean. Our two oldest live 5 and 9 hours away. And I miss them terribly. But 17 hours away is just too darn much! It's not going to be easy.

    18. Congratulatins to Birdie, that is wonderful news!

    19. Debby- Thank you! She is so excited! And so I am...coupled with high anxiety. LOL

    20. Congratulations Birdie!! That is so awesome. I can hear how proud you are of her. Are you having a party to celebrate it?

    21. Congrats to Birdie! Sounds like her mother is proud.

      There are lots of things of I hate waiting on. The one top on my list is...hang on I will think of it in a minute...

    22. Hurray Birdie! That's fantastic! I love the pic: not sure what class this is's the beer drinking class, of course! We all have to take that class, it's a requirement.

    23. Oh thank you for sharing all of this. A proud mama you have every right to be.
      Waiting is terrible for me too.
      Take care Pam and have a blessed and wonderful evening.

    24. Congrats to her, you must be so proud, but I know you'll miss her.

    25. Betty- Thank you! And, yes, we are going to have a party to celebrate--probably in June! She and her boytoy and DoodleBug came over for supper tonight!

      Kipp-I admit it. I am proud! LOL And you, too, possess humor!

      Sandra- Thank you! Oh yeah! I remember that class now---it was fuzzy for a while. LOL

      Julie-Make sure to stay tuned for the pouring out of tears that will be flowing in less than two months.

      Mrs. T-Thank you! Yes, I am and yes, I will. It's hard to even think about her being so far away!

    26. Congrats to Birdie! That's an awesome achievement. I'm not good at waiting--quite impatient in fact. I've learned to carry a book with me everywhere and that helps sometimes. If I ever get my iPhone, maybe I'll learn to enjoy waiting! Nah...

    27. Beverly- Thank you! She's excited! The book doesn't help me and my phone? Well, it just got me hooked on Angry Birds! LOL

    28. Congrats to your daughter! The distance is hard but its such an exiting time in their lives. Oh to be young : )

    29. Joyce- Thank you! It's true about the distance and the excitement! Ah, yes, to be young indeed!

    30. It took me this long to finally get here and read this great news! I'm so happy for her, what an adventure.
      Sorry, mom, your little girl has grown up into a very capable, strong woman! You did too good a job!

    31. Aw, I caught up on my reading and just answered my own question. Such great news for Birdie!! Great job to you too Mom -- for raising such a good girl. How exciting!! :)

    32. That was a cute tribute to your daughter. What an experience, loving and kind girl. I bet you are very proud. But I wouldn't worry- I don't think you can ever replace the freedom of a flop, especially with a stuffy boot.


    33. Cindy-I know, right?! LOL I'm pretty sure they all grew up strong and independent despite my efforts.

      Jessica-Exciting AND depressing. For me. For her, just exciting!

      Ava-Excellent point! LOL


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