Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Fun

While I enjoy and appreciate holidays, when they fall on Monday my entire week is completely thrown off.  I will not get one single day right this week.  Today is Monday in my mind and it will be Monday all day long.  At some point, however, I will skip a couple of days and be a day or two ahead of everyone.  My mind just cannot take Monday holidays anymore. 

Regardless, we had a wonderful time with Birdie, her boytoy Evwardo, DoodleBug, Gibby and her new boytoy, WS. Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER went to the mountains in NC and Deanie went to the lake with her boytoy Nichol-Ass (we love him I just call him that from one of the William Powell/Myrna Loy Thin Man movies). 

AND yesterday we had TWO birthdays:  my brother T-Bone and BestSonInLawEVER!  Love you boys!

DoodleBug, Gibby, WS

We played Farkle! after we ate while Tucker made his rounds at the table.  Yes, we let Tucker up on the table.  Why?  Because he wants to be up there.  During meals, however, he just sits in a chair.  He's spoiled rotten and we're all guilty!

Gibby rubbing Tucker's belly. 

Charlie's toy after he drug it through the dirt.

WTH is this little thing doing?!

I'm gorgeous and I know it.


Birdie: This is a disc.  I am going to throw it and you are going to catch it. 
Charlie: IsshegonnathrowthatIwantitLetmehaveit!

Strider:  MY stick!  Charlie: MY stick!

Strider:  IT IS MY stick!  Charlie:  I WANT the stick!


Later they played Mad Gab.  I suck at that game so I didn't play BUT it was a riot listening to them play!   

It's not too late to donate!  Deanie is running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Global in DC on June 4.  Click the button below if you would like to donate on her page for this very worthy cause!  


  1. We love Mad Gab here! That is our go to game on New Year's Eve after midnight. We are all soooo tired that it is even more funny :)

  2. I've not played Mad Gab.. but that gives us a new one to buy.. I love games...

    I spent Saturday fixing a PC.. including 2 hours on phone to HP and in end, and after $100, I still had to do a system recovery.. I wouldn't mind but I only use that PC for printing.. husband plays games on it.. Grrr

  3. What a nice weekend with your lovely ladies and their friends!


  4. Your dogs are too much fun...love how they talk LOL

  5. Boytoy, love it, our youngest daughter has one as well :)

  6. Cindy- We'll have to try it on New Year's Eve!

    Clare- It's a fun game, but I have more fun laughing at the players than playing myself!

    Susan- It was fun! Hope y'all had a great time as well!

    Stephanie- Thanks! They talk all the time. We can hardly get a word in! LOL

    Lindy-I'm not sure what else to call them. They're basically toys until the relationship gets serious. LOL

  7. I bought the game farkle a bit ago but we wound up watching old movies instead!!! It looks like you all had such a WONDERFUL weekend!

    We are walking the 5k this coming sunday in Seattle for the Race for the cure. My girls and I have been doing it ever since I was diagnosed in 97...we started in 98 and I think we have missed one race!


  8. Melody-What a great thing to do together! My two oldest lovelies joined the same sorority in college (two different colleges)- ZTA and their philanthropy is breast cancer. They raised a ridiculous (meaning a bunch) amount of money! Deanie still participates in Race for the Cure!

  9. I love that game, and I love the fun of a group of people playing games.

    You make me laugh how you let him up on the table like that!

  10. blue- It's hilarious watching and listening. It's so easy to figure out when I'm NOT the guesser! LOL Yep, poor Tuck is spoiled rotten!

  11. I loved this post! It was great reading about your weekend and seeing the pictures of your girls and their friends.

    The dog pictures were funny..and we spoil our animals too! I was just talking to my SIL, she said her daughter called and said "I think Aunt Shawn is going a little nuts with her cats and dog!"

    Now, why would she say that??? Just because they have their own blog that doesn't mean I am crazy! They are my fur babies!

    Have a great week..tomorrow is Wednesday!!!

  12. BTW, stop by I have a little something for you!

  13. Looks like a good time was had by all!! Love all the pics!!

  14. What a wonderful holiday...love those smiles!

  15. Shawn- Thank you so much! I'm so glad I'm not the only person who spoils her animals! I don't know why anyone would say that! And you are NOT crazy. Because, if you are then I am, and I choose not to be. LOL

    Alida- Thank you!

    Gail- Thank you!

  16. great pictures! You can easily tell a great weekend was had by all!

  17. I looooove your dogs and Tucker is the cutest. You have great family, I think it's great how you guys get together and play games. Glad you had a good holiday. :)

  18. What a lovely post...full of fun, laughter and all the right ingredients for a memorable family (& friends) 'get-together! You certainly know how to entertain. You should write a book...so many of us get it hopelessly wrong ;) I love the way everyone gets into the spirit of things in your home...the kids, the dogs, Ma & Pa :)

  19. Wow, you guys sure did have a fun time. Love all the pictures.

  20. What a great weekend you had with your fam! Love your pictures -- and the comments under the dog pics were really funny. :)

  21. Hilary- Thanks! We did have a great time!

    Alessandra-Thank you! We love getting together- there's nothing quite as nice as a close knit family!

    Desiree-I just get so excited when the lovelies come home that all we do is have a good time. The dogs too! Life is too short not to have fun, eh?

    Debby-thanks! Yes, we do enjoy our time together!

    Jessica-Thanks! Yes, our dogs do say the funniest things...LOL It was a great time!


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