Monday, May 30, 2011

Dog Days

It's SO DANG HOT outside!  Which means it's almost time for me to stay inside.  Birdie brought her dogs over this weekend and we filled up the baby pool--around here, baby pool means doggie pool!

Tucker having a nice cool drink.

Mom- that was so good!

Oh no!  I'm outta here before Charlie drinks me up!

How many dogs can fit into a baby pool?

Charlie likes to put his whole head in the water--even in his water bowl.

He was going around in circles and part of him fell out of the pool!

And then he shook all over us!

And then, he shook all over us again!

Ok, I'll pretend like I'm not paying attention and then, when Charlie grabs that mild carton, I'll chase him all over the yard!

Come on y'all!  Let's play!

Get out!  I want the whole thing!

Finally, all to myself! Put that nozzle over here please.

Charlie eating the cedar tree.

Charlie under the cedar tree.

This is what Charlie looks like after being under the deck.

Stider having a cool drink.
The kids are coming over for a Memorial Day feeding frenzy later today!  Hope y'all are all having a wonderful, fun-filled, family day! 


  1. Oh, I'm so sorry it's so dang hot, whilst I'm sat here freezing to death!!! What super photos you posted for us today, with the doggies having fun in the paddling pool. The photo of Charlie shaking the water off was brilliant!! Well, enjoy the lovely hot weather. Hopefully, some of it will come over our way soon. :)

  2. What a delightful post! And all of the dogs are just SO GORGEOUS! They certainly do appear to love their's too cute seeing them all having a good time each in their own particular way. I so enjoyed each of your captions!!! Do this again sometime, OK?

    Hope you and your lovelies have a super evening together!

  3. What a fun post! Aren't dogs the greatest! But it looks to me like they're hogging the backyard pool! So sorry it's hot there. I know that when it's what we call warm here, it doesn't hold a candle to the heat you guys have there. I mean, I don't even like 80 degrees.

    Glad to hear that you're expecting a great time with the family later today. Isn't it fun to have 'the kids' home!! Enjoy.

  4. It looks like you need a bigger pool. You're probably going to think I'm crazy but I would LOVE some of that heat. Our summer is so slow getting here this year. We haven't even put away the sweatshirts and jeans yet....

  5. Such beautiful pictures of a fun day for all! I am so jealous, as right now I am staring out at thundering rain, wind and a storm in the distance... Cape Town winters are COLD!!!

  6. I love this post, your doggies are beautiful, and quite a handful, especially Charlie....Sorry it's hot, wish I could say the same here....Yes, definitely do it again, I love posts with dog pictures.
    Have a great MD dinner :)

  7. Great photos! What fun for the dogs! I hope you have a great long weekend with your family.

  8. At least Charlie will have minty fresh breath.

  9. They look like they are having such a good time!


  10. Oh, man I can't let Buddy see this or he'll be wanting a pool, too! Hot and humid here and predicted to get worse as the week goes by. We had the A/C on yesterday for the first time yesterday and it's on again today. Stay cool.

  11. Oops! Meant to add that aside from the curly tail Charlie looks like a smaller version of my Buddy!

  12. Awesome pictures. They sure did have a good time. It hasn't been hot enough here yet for Skye's pool.
    Have a wonderful day.

  13. Oh goodness! I just took a break in the food preparation and got such a nice surprise- all of you visited!

    The dogs did have a grand time in the pool and chasing each other through the yard. They are coming over today too. We're trying to enjoy them before Birdie takes them off to Texas with her. I'm glad they're going though because they are very protective of her!

    Charlie is half hound dog, half Great Pyrenees. Strider is mostly lab. Tucker is a yorkie poo. They are all great friends. As well as Becks, Rico, and Sabe!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting today y'all! I'll be by your blogs soon!

  14. Great and very fun pictures. Thanks

  15. I loved the pictures. I bet Tucker holds his own with the big doggies!

  16. Excellent pics of lovely dogs having fun. Why weren't you in the pool with them? :O)

  17. It's 8am and already 71 outside--and that feels cool. Forecasts are for mid to high 90s all week with little chance of rain. I knew we'd be missing those storms from last month--but I didn't think it'd be this soon!

  18. Thanks, y'all, for stopping by and commenting! Tucker does hold his own with the big dogs--they will back right down when he tells them to. I wasn't in the pool with them because my big fat rear won't fit in the pool with them. LOL So glad everyone enjoyed the pix of our pups!


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