Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell and a HOP!

I'm linking up with Cindy at For One Another for my week in a nutshell!  Head on over and join in the fun!  You have until Tuesday- so there's plenty of time!

And now, it's time for my week in a:

 I got it in my head last week that I needed to move two (ONLY TWO) pieces of furniture around.  Once I get something like that in my sweet little 'ol head, I HAVE  to do it.  There's no avoiding it.  Very little putting it off.  It simply MUST BE DONE.  So, on Saturday, I pulled all the Santas out of the Santa cabinet (after the Santas were out I had to remove the three glass shelves and the 6 glass panels in the doors and the front of that darn thing) and everything off and out of the big book case followed by the recruitment of help in moving them.  Simple, right?  Wrong.  It is at this point that Hubs comes into the picture.  He decides that, since the cabinet is emptied and is going to be moved, this would be a grand time to replace that piece of buckled paneling that was behind the cabinet for the last 8+ years.  That's a good thing, right?  Well, yes, it IS good that the piece of buckled paneling was FINALLY going to be replaced...BUT when Hubs FINALLY starts a project, he usually turns it into a MAJOR production and what was going to take me a matter of hours can, with the blink of an eye, end up taking DAYS- THEREFORE, I was somewhat concerned.  Luckily, he was to go fishing with his BFF Sunday morning and wanted--and this is where I almost fainted---to get the whole thing completed in ONE DAY.  He had to remove the molding around the door, ceiling and floor; take the old piece off; replace the insulation behind it; cut and fit the new piece; paint the new piece; replace molding.  And I must say that it is very possible that hell froze right over (or else the rapture did happen and I got left behind because I complain about Hubs not getting stuff done) because he did it.  Almost.  That was LAST Saturday and the molding around the door has YET to be replaced.  But, to give the devil his due, everything else was completed.  By Sunday afternoon, the furniture was moved and the dust catchers put back.  AND the boys enjoyed their fishing trip.

Our morning walks have been HOT.  The temperatures have been in the makesyousweatintheshade range.  So, I've been sweating and Tucker has been stopping to rest.  Tucker has also been going into the ponds for a drink AND to sit down in the water!  He's so funny- he stops and looks at me and then looks at the pond.  I ask, "Do you want some water?"  And he makes a beeline straight for the pond!  He walks in until the water touches his belly (which is only about three steps for him) and then he sits right down.  If it gets much hotter, I might have to join him!

I am reviewing new-to-me supplements this week from New Chapter.  I am trying the Holy Basil (claim: Elevates Spirit---uplift, calm, and balance) and the zyflamend which helps with inflammation.  I wanted to give them a try because they contain completely natural ingredients and I could use an elevated spirit.  I'll be posting a review soon and offering a giveaway!  So, stay tuned!  Meanwhile, you can check them out at these sites:

Deanie is running in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Global in DC on June 4.  Click the button below if you would like to donate on her page for this very worthy cause!  


And that's my week in the proverbial nutshell!  Hope everyone has a terrific week ahead!


  1. I love it that your hubby takes a long time to do a job. Mine's exactly the same!! But still, I guess we're lucky that they're able to do all these little odd jobs for us. (gosh, I'm trying to be postive. That's not like me!!! Hee Hee!). It's so funny reading about your walks with Tucker and it being so hot. I'm just so chilly all the time at the moment. We have even had to put the heating back on in the evenings, and it's nearly June :(

  2. I just joined in on this blog hop..great idea!! I am struggling with the heat as well...we are hitting the 100s way too soon..should be a miserable summer. I feel and broke a rib this week and I struggle with inactivity, but God must have wanted me to SIT STILL! Hope you have a great week ahead!

  3. This- Sometimes he takes a long time just to get started on a job. I try to be positive too--but they don't make it easy! LOL

    Pam- OH NO! I'm so sorry you fell! AND broke a rib? OUCH! We are going back down in the upper 80s this week---they call it a cool down. I call it still hot. LOL

    Mona- Thank you so much!

  4. I am one of the lucky ones, when hubby starts a project he keeps at it until it is done.

    We ar going to have some warm weather towards the end of next week..I can't wait!

    Have a great day!

  5. Shawn- You are lucky! My dad is like that- he sees something needs to be done and he gets right on it and keeps on it until completion. My brothers are like that too. Glad you're getting some warm weather! Would LOVE to send you some of ours. LOL

  6. So do you like where you moved your cabinet to? Your supplements sounds very interesting. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. PLEASE take some pictures of Tucker for us, again :) He sounds so much like Heathcliff the way he enjoys a cooling sit in the water! Give him a HUGE cuddle from me! At the moment, I'm having a job trying to discourage Coco from immersing herself in the freezing pool water. The cover is on, but it sags in the middle and provides her with endless fun running backwards and forwards through the puddle, chasing autumn leaves and Milo, who sensibly manages to keep to the edges. It's so blustery here, very bleak and cold and I have a job trying to nab Coco on her eager way past me back into the house after almost every playful romp that has to succeed each piddle & poop stop! I'm forever washing towels & floors & bedding!

    My hubby is cut from the same cloth as Shawna's...once he makes up his mind to do something, he gets stuck in & doesn't let up until it's finished. I realise I'm very fortunate, of course. A good friend of mine has your problem...except that her husband is SUCH a perfectionist, 10 years down the line jobs are still waiting to be finished! So your good man fits nicely in the middle ;)

  8. I tend to leave furniture right where it is - forevah! if I had my way. My mother was a great shifter of household stuff...I'd never know what the house would like when i came home from school. I think it scarred me ;0

    While I could use a little heat right now I don't really like hot, hot weather. Then it's even an effort to pick up the needles and yarn.

  9. I have a friends who´s husband is a carpenter, but when he is home he does NOTHING! So I guess this is so much better, to have a hubby that takes loooong to finish a job, but at least he does it.

  10. The Big Tuna gets stuff 95% done but just can't quite complete any complete.

  11. My girls love to get in the creek while we're on walks when it's hot, too. Funny little dogs!

  12. Desiree- I will take some pix of Tucky poo...I haven't been taking my camera on our walks but I will try to remember to do so this week. I can just imagine Coco running across the pool cover- never a dull moment with dogs, is it?! LOL Hubs is a perfectionist too and he is really, really good at everything. Problem is getting him to start and, once started, finish. But when he does, the job is absolutely perfect.

    Stephanie- I would too but I get so bored so easily. I don't move things too often though. True words about the heat!

    Betty- Excellent point! You're absolutely correct.

    Mrs. Tuna-We have that problem also. It's just grand, eh? LOL

    Mary-Tucker gets a hair cut on Wednesday. I hope that will help cool him off some. There's a little dog just like Tucker who swims and digs on the banks every time he's out there! So cute!

  13. That happens small job can turn into a monster!

  14. I'd just be happy if my hubby would START a project!
    He's a builder by trade, so ya know who's always last!

  15. Oh I feel your pain. I am married to a procrastinator, slowpoke AND perfectionist.


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