Saturday, May 28, 2011

Spooky Games

When I was growing up, my cousins and I had a stint where we were really into playing the Ouija board and having seances.  We just couldn't get enough of calling forth the spirit world because it scared us and for some inane reason, we liked being scared.

One day we went to the house of the girls who lived behind my cousins- Beth and Hope-  to play.  These girls lived in a huge two-story house and the closet in their bedroom was as big as most people's rooms.  After just goofing off for a while, we decided to use the Ouija board to call up some spirits which was NOT a big surprise, we always ended up doing this, so we all went into the closet.

I seem to remember us all in dress up clothes, looking like gypsies.  We carefully place our hands onto the planchette (don't be impressed, I Googled it) and Beth or Hope began to call the spirit of Mary Todd Lincoln (I don't know...maybe we were into history also--or maybe she's the one we heard the story about who was buried alive because her fingernails had grown and there were scratch marks on the lid of her coffin--Geez, we really WERE weird).

We had also heard all the stories about people going into trances and not coming back and hearing the voices of the spirits they called forth, etc.  Well, as we were all concentrating, we heard noises coming from the bedroom and started getting a little bit scared.  We looked at one another with wide eyes and whispered things like, "What was that?"  "Did you hear that?"  "What are we going to do?"

About that same time, we noticed that my cousin D's eyes were closed and she was ever so slightly moving from side to side.  CRAP!  Was she in a trance?  Our eyes got wider and our whispers ceased.  We were too scared to move or speak.  This was creepy and we had no idea what to do about any of it.

The next thing we knew the closet door burst open my stupid cousin T (a boy of course) is standing there going, "Boooooo" with a sheet covering him.  First we screamed.  Then we laughed.  And then we tackled him and pounded him a few good ones.

Oh, and the trance, that was just to throw us off from the noises in the bedroom.

Of course, this was NOTHING compared to the seance we had at a Halloween party when we were in fifth grade.  But, that's a tale for another day.


  1. I always wanted a ouija board.... what a great story!

  2. Oh, I will not have one!

    I have a post, why I do not play with ouija boards.

    I know to some it is a game but is scared me enough, I'll never touch another. There are enough known things to worry about without messing with the unknown.

  3. Well, I was very impressed by the planchette I must admit! LOL! Sounds like a great time. Isn't it funny how we used to love being scared when we were small. When you consider some of the fairy tales, they were pretty scary too if you really thought about it! Have a great weekend. Yes, it just had to be a boy doing that, didn't it?! DOH!

  4. Hilary- They can scare the crap out of you! LOL

    Gail-I haven't touched one since. Stupid boy cousins. LOL

    This-I agree! Hansel and Gretel scared me real bad! Of course it was a boy! And, had we thought about it, we really should have figured it out as he was always doing things like that to us! LOL

  5. That is a funny story. I can just picture that sceen in a movie.
    Have a great weekend!


  6. Your knowledge of ouijia boards stuff is impressive..I think a lot of the scary stuff comes from the power of suggestion of our own mind, but who thinks about stuff like that when you're young.
    I'm so sorry about your tag post, read my post today, it explains it all.
    Have a great holiday weekend:)

  7. Susan- It was always crazy with my cousin around!

    Alessandra- True! I certainly won't touch one now. Especially after watching the crazy stuff that I do! LOL

  8. I remember being fascinated by ghosts and stories of 'other worldly' beings, but I was far too scared, ever, to join in anything like this! You were very brave :)

  9. I remember those. They were all the rage at my school, when I was in grade 5. But I was too scared to participate. :)

  10. With 4 older brothers I was always getting scared. They loved doing things like that to me. Never did the ouija board though.

  11. Desiree- Brave or young or stupid. LOL I don't even watch movies about the spirit world anymore but I do enjoy a good psychological thriller!

    Betty-You were smarter as a child than I! Now, I've caught up and am too smart for them too! LOL

    Barb-I guess my cousin's two sisters weren't enough for him so I was usually included in his shenanigans!

  12. I remember it well! Those were fun times.

  13. Oh boy, did this bring back memories of when I was a kid!! I cannot tell you how many evenings were spent trying to scare ourselves to death! :-)

  14. OMG! That is too funny! What a typical thing for kids to do. Sounds like you had some fun when you were kids. I'm still smiling...

  15. Debby-They really were fun...when the boy cousins weren't around. LOL

    Judy- Did y'all have seances too? Those were even scarier!

    Denise-Thank you! We did have fun. Except when the boys came around and scared us. LOL

  16. ...Mary Todd Lincoln says hello.


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