Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

This week was a whole lot less CRAZY than last week.  Which means BORING.  And QUIET.

Here's my week in a 

First, I'd like to announce and congratulate the winner of Mari McCarthy's Peace of Mind & Body 27 Days of Journaling to Health and Happiness....

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Yep, Cindy at For One Another won Mari's book!  I have sent you an email and just need to know whether you want yours in print form (in which case I'll need your mailing address) or e-book form!

Other than making some discoveries about myself, this week has definitely paled in comparison to last week.  My week was Tucker, me, Hubs, Walmart, the grocery store.  Yep, real exciting.  NOT.  Well, Tucker did get a bath but that only took 5 minutes.  Why is it that funfilledfamily weekends make us hungry for more instead of glad they're over? 

Birdie, DoodleBug and I did go to Santee this week to visit Mimi (my mother).  She made Birdie several dresses and a suit in case she wanted them for her Texas interviews.  That was probably the highlight of the week.

Or maybe the highlight was when Blogger had a big shut-down.  That kind of freaked me out not only because of withdrawals, but also because I had written a post for Friday that was also for a contest.  And it was GONE.  Friday was supposed to be the day I spent editing the post and then have it up before midnight PDT.  I was panic-stricken!  They got it back to me late Friday afternoon.  HEY!  If I don't win the contest, maybe I can just blame it on Blogger for taking away my editing time!  Yep, that's what I'm going with...right or wrong.

I am sort of digging this whole therapeutic exercise in self-awareness but some days are a little too revealing.  I'm not really sure what I was expecting but I am getting some good self-discovery because of it.  Some things I already knew but had not really dealt with them--just sort of let them go as (and I HATE this saying) 'it is what it is" and leaving it at that.  There have been some things that I had no idea were bothering me and it's been good to get them down in my journal and deal with them so that they will no longer be negatives that drag my mind through the pits.  All in all, I would say it's a good experience.  But then, I'm only on Day 7.

Hubs and I picked Birdie up this morning at 5:30....Yes, that's 5:30 in the A.M.- and took her to the airport.  She's on her way to Texas to interview for the grad program.  We should know something definite on Friday.  I am excited for her but, TEXAS?!  I may have mentioned before that it's 20 HOURS AWAY FROM HERE.  (Just in case you missed it...).


And that's it for this week.  I'm going to sit here and wait for Birdie to get back from TEXAS.  (20 hours away from home).  Have a fantabulous week everyone!


  1. I'll wait with you...I have some blog catching up to do so I won't be in the way :)

  2. Thanks! I could use the company!

  3. I wish all the luck for Birdie!!! I just know she'll do well.

    And as for me, I enjoy those quiet weeks that the highlight is giving a bath to a furbaby!! And hey....Tucker is so darned cute! I won't even go into the Blogger Shutdown....that irked me. Especially when I lost a day's blog AND THE COMMENTS!!

    Mission Bells in Shadow

    Thanks for stopping by Saturday...hope your weekend has been terrific so far!!

  4. Anni- I'm sure Birdie will do great too...thus, the conflict. LOL I'm still missing my Thursday post. I really hope they give it back soon! Glad y'all had such a great anniversary celebration!

  5. Blogger certainly caused some excitement this week in many diff ways.

    All best wishes to your daughter


  6. Carol- Thanks! Yep and Blogger still has not given me my Thursday post back yet. :(

  7. I understand! My boy is moving 3000 miles away for grad school. Does Texas seem a little closer now?

  8. All the luck to Birdie on her interview! Texas is only 20 hours from home. You can always hop on a plane--you will have somewhere new to go and explore.


  9. Both of my kids have moved away...and then they came back. It's always a tough time, but when it's for a good reason...well it's still hard, but not quite as hard (maybe) :-)

  10. The self-discovery sounds really interesting. I hated blogger being down! I am so hooked.

  11. Betty- Not really. She might as well be 3000 as much as we'll get to go see her. :(

    Susan- It's gonna take a new husband and a lot of Valium to get me on a plane! LOL

    Laura- You're right. The fact that it's a good reason is the only thing that makes it sort of ok.

    Debby- I'm hooked too! And my Thursday post is STILL MIA!

    Betty- I'll post as soon as we know something! I promise! Happy birthday to your wonderful mother! (I know she's wonderful because her daughter is awesome!)

  12. 20 hours, that's so far away but, also just 20 hours away and within driving range. It'll be okay. I love you week in a nutshell.
    Thanks for sharing Pam. Take care and have a blessed week.

  13. Blogger scared me with that one too!! week was spent getting over Anne not being here...

  14. While you were enjoying your wonderful family-funfilled week and the graduation etc. I was tied up with more mundane stuff, but nevertheless, time-consuming. This past week was more of the same and I foresee things as continuing in this vein for some while yet. The older these two little pups get, the more I need to be keeping both beady eyes on their antics. They've hit the teething stage and want to chew on everything in sight, so I'm on high alert.

    I'll be thinking of you this week while you wait to hear the outcome of Birdie's interview. I trust everything will go well for her and that whatever the outcome, it will be for the best :) She sounds as though she received a great 'send-off' with all the new outfits your Mum! What a lucky young lady and what a wonderful Gran!

    I continue to be impressed with the way in which you've been tackling this journalling really do put your heart and soul into the things you do, don't you? It's so nice that you're sharing snippets of your progress and revelations with us, too. Not sure I could be as diligent as you are!

    Do you read Karen's blog @ Out of My Mind? She wrote a post "Be careful what you wish for"...if you haven't read it, then hop on over and do so! When life returns to its normal, quieter pace...settle with it, lest your wish for excitement brings something you hadn't bargained for ;)
    In Karen's case, her granddaughter with two little ones plus their menagerie of animals has moved in! Karen is 70 and looks after her 100 year old father...I'll leave you to imagine the scenario ;)

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. Julie- Thank you so much! It would be easier to think of it as within driving range if I loved to ride in the car. LOL

    Clare-You can always drive up to Charleston and visit me!

    Desiree- I almost had Hubs talked into a puppy for Tucker! But then he backed down. If only the vet visits weren't so darn costly!

    We are on pins and needles waiting for tomorrow when Birdie comes home. She will know something definite on Friday.

    I have not read Karen's blog but I am intrigued so I'm heading over there today!

    Happy teething! LOL

  17. YAY ME!! I had to laugh when I read that I won cuz I entered 'timidly' not sure if I want to enter into this self-discovering. I like to keep all that junk hidden!

    I'm with you about the planes and valium. I may end up doing just that as my dad is very sick and in Florida! It would take someone like him or my kids to get me on a plane. BUT it would have to be an emergency! I'm just praying he makes it here for the summer for more than one reason ;)

  18. I hope you have a great weekend too. And it was hard taking her to the airport, wasn't it. That's what we get for raising kids to be independent and self-sufficient. They move 20 hours from home. wah.

  19. Got the book today. Now I've got to get into it. It looks a little intimidating :)

    Thanks for the give away be continued


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