Saturday, June 11, 2011


First, I'd just like to say that I HATE confessing to doing something wrong.  DANG IT!

Yesterday some tree people drove up and parked their vehicles in front of my house.  One of their vehicles blocked my driveway.  They were here to cut down a tree in our bad neighbor's yard (the tree was an Albizia julibrissin or, as we know them, a Mimosa).  No big deal, right?

Uh, wrong.  I was not in the mood.

I stepped out onto the front porch and was yelling Hub's ear off relaying this information to Hubs and one of the workers heard me. He immediately had the man in the big truck move from blocking my driveway.  Which didn't help one bit.  It was too late.  I was mad.

I understand that they can park in front of anybody's house they want to- I don't own the street. 

But I also know that they park in front of my house because it's shady.  And I know that it's shady because Hubs has yet to prune the trees.  The limbs hang out over the road and over the good neighbor's yard and over my house. 

So those poor guys had to get blasted for the following reasons:

1.  Hubs hasn't pruned the trees back that I've been asking him to do for....oh, about two years.

2.  They blocked my driveway--UNacceptable.

3.  They parked in front of my house to work on the bad neighbor's yard.

4.  It was HOT.

5.  Two weeks ago a different tree service parked in front of my house to take down some trees in someone's yard who lives FIVE HOUSES DOWN from us and blocked the mailbox.

Right.  That's why.  If I HAD to be honest about the whole thing, then I'd probably have to say that the biggest reason they got yelled at was because I am guilty of putting my expectations on other people.

I don't park in front of people's houses because I feel like that's where people park who are actually visiting the people who live in the house.  I don't block people's driveways because--duh---they can't get in or out of their driveway if it's blocked. 

There's nothing wrong with me NOT doing these things.  HOWEVER, there is something wrong with me EXPECTING other people to extend the same courtesies.  Hellsbells, they probably don't even consider something so trivial as not parking in front of their houses or not blocking their driveways a courtesy. 

So, that's it.  I yelled at some innocent workers because of expectations (and I do know better than to do this).

And maybe the fact that yesterday's workers and the ones from two weeks ago, stood in my yard and removed their shirts and not a single one of them was worth looking at. 

THIS was NOT in my front yard.

THIS WAS in my front yard.


  1. Obviously your main reason for being upset was because of what you had to look at yet AGAIN! The truth of your 'hissy fit' came out in the end of your confession. ;) Of course you can tolerate a blocked driveway if you don't want to leave anyway cuz of the view!

  2. Hahaha to your last 2 pictures. I have expectations like that too and I often cannot stand it when other people do not extend the same courtesies; just like the way you feel. At least now I have my blog to rant about it.

  3. mom- Thanks! I was hoping that I'm not the only one out there who does this!

  4. I was laughing out loud at your pictures! I think I would have sat on the porch just to look at the first guy in your pic.
    Have a great weekend!


  5. Hey...even if this post was just an excuse to post pic #1, I think it was a good thing!

  6. Love.Your.Blog. I'm in Aiken and I googled "empty nest blog sc" just for fun (and due to shared circumstances!) and I found your bird watching blog (another shared interest) and that led me to this. Can't believe how much we have in common, and truly enjoy reading your blog!

  7. I do have to disagree with one small point ... I do believe that parking so that one doesn't block someone's driveway IS a courtesy. We used to live a half block from an elementary school. I can't tell you the number of times that parents would park on the street in front of our driveway, blocking it! So frustrating. All the more so because I couldn't do a thing about it because I didn't know whose car it was. ugh!

  8. Susan-I would have done the very same thing! With a drool cup. LOL

    Lizzie-Right?! LOL

    justme- Oh yay! Another SC gal! So glad you stopped by and enjoyed yourself! Email me anytime!

    Kathy-I totally agree that it is a courtesy but I don't think other people around here do. Our two college lovelies live downtown and they have this problem. They call the police though and the cars get towed!

  9. Lol, I LOVED the pics. Wouldn't it be ace if one of those tree surgeons looked like the first pic - you could get him to come cut the stuff that your husband is ignoring :O)

  10. You have every right to be mad. I can understand wanting to park in the shade, but it's just plain rude to block the drive. We have the same thing happen all the time. Some people's kids...

    And the shirt thing? Why is it a man will take off his shirt no matter how much (or little) he weighs or what he looks like? Do the world a favor! Keep your shirt on--literally!

  11. Put that first picture up as your desktop and you'll be too occupied to yell at anyone!

    Many people are not considerate...AT ALL. I guess don't know the Golden Rule.

    Maybe, if you had let them park under your shade, they would have trimmed your trees for free...kidding.

  12. lol,great post,laughed out loud at the pics!!

  13. Jane- If any one of them had looked like the first picture, I would have paid him to just stand there and be pretty. LOL

    Beverly-I don't know why they do that-but most of them need to stay dressed for sure!

    Gail-LOL You're a riot! They parked in the shade but I did make them move from the driveway.

    Betty-Probably should have put 'it was hot' on there several times! It is the same for me with heat and moods!


  14. Geez, the least they could do is have a good looking body before you had to go after them. Where are those guys working? Probably at the home of a gay couple. You crack me up! There are some things that just piss ya off somedays!!

  15. lol I HATE when people park across my drive. It happens quite a lot where I live because next door to me is an assisted living house where the occupants go to day centres and the bus parks for about 10 mins across my drive. Ok when I don't need to get out but really really frustrating when I do!!!

    Those photos! funny :)

  16. Hahahaha!

    Now if the workers looked like your first picture, I would have been gazing at the eye candy, asking if they needed a glass of water or tea, offering my help as an expert tree trimmer and would use any excuse to keep a watchful eye on the young men.

    On the other hand, if they looked like your second picture and had blocked MY driveway I would be using the #*&@ words!!!

  17. Barb-Right?! LOL They were working at our bad neighbor's house---the drunks that try their best to make everyone's lives miserable.

    lyndylou-It's very annoying. Glad you enjoyed the photos!

    Shawn-I'm right there with ya on this one! LOL

  18. Top photo at the last of your post....mmmmm, eye candy! the 2nd that looks like beer and curdled pasta!! Ewwww.

    And, it's illegal all across the nation to park blocking your driveway. You have every RIGHT to be p'od. One time, our neighbor had a guest in a long bed truck, parked to block our entryway...I got in the car, started to back out, and they all came running to warn me....well, la di da....that'll teach 'em!!!

    Do stop by if you have time to view my:


    Hope your weekend is treating you well!!

  19. Anni- I seriously considered going out and getting in my car but I decided they could hear me ranting on the phone instead. I did make it by to see your hawk---gorgeous! I've been having trouble with Blogger not letting me comment, I hope it finally went through!

  20. All good points, I say.
    Go ahead and be mad.

  21. Haha! That deserved some yelling at!!

  22. BigD-Oh, I was! No worries there. LOL

    Brenda Susan- And it got some! LOL

  23. It's totally rude fro anyone to park in front of anyone's driveway! I have serious road rage and would probably have backed my car right into the side of the truck... :)

  24. It would totally aggravate me if somebody parked in from of my driveway. I would probably start calling them names...which would be very nice if it was the guy in pic #1 who parked there.,,,lol

  25. What would have happened if you'd asked them to trim your trees in exchange for being allowed to park in front of your driveway?

  26. What would have happened if you'd asked them to trim your trees in exchange for being allowed to park in front of your driveway?

  27. Sorry -- I hit PUBLISH twice.


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