Monday, June 20, 2011

Fessin' Up Day- Week 2

It's time for the Slimmer this Summer update/check-in/fess up post for week number 2.

 I did stay true to my goals for the challenge again this week.  For the most part, the days went by just fine without a hitch.  No time spent thinking about eating something or sneaking a snack...which makes last week an awesome week!  I am also hoping that this means I'm finally over using the food for anything other than it's purpose! 

Water intake stayed the same-- I was able to drink 64 oz of water each and every day followed by another 16-24 oz of my beloved iced green tea made with spring water, Splenda, and lemon juice.

Exercise: I walked every day again. Since I am still working on getting my heel back into action, I walked only this running.  My total miles this week = 20 miles. 

Not much in the way of Pilates this week---even though I tried to keep it simple, I got bored.  So, I will search another option. 

Calories: Once again, I have not had trouble with keeping the calories down. I am still giving credit for this to 1-; b- Debbi's delicious recipes; 3-my own sheer determination; and d-the challenge.

I have two of the Hungry Girl cookbooks now that should help for the big weekend coming up- all the lovelies and their boytoys will be home PLUS my dad and step mom are coming to celebrate Father's Day, Hubs' birthday, and Birdie's new Texas adventure!  I am going to plan the menu for the weekend today and my intentions are focused on sticking with the challenge all the way through!  My biggest concern is not eating after 8:00 pm---as we'll be staying up rather late.  What I hope is that I will simply refuse to eat anything after 8:00...however, I tend to snack to keep myself awake.  IF that happens, it will be carrot sticks ONLY.  But I plan to fight any tendencies to the bitter end! Of course, it's ONLY Monday...

Here's the breakdown for week two:
  • Monday: 1073
  • Tuesday: 1186
  • Wednesday: 995
  • Thursday: 1415
  • Friday: 825
  • Saturday:1194
  • Sunday: 963
  • Total calories for the week: 7651
Discoveries?  YES.
  1. This weekend was not difficult at it must have been something about last weekend that made me think, erroneously, that weekends would be more difficult.
  2. Setting a timer the first week kept me on an eating schedule--breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner, evening snack--with the final alarm going off at 7:30 for that evening snack.  I now only use the 7:30 alarm and have gotten my system adjusted quite well to this schedule.
  3. Changing my snacks to fruit and sugar free pudding saves calories!  
  4. High humidity and temps save calories as well!  I guess there's something good about heat and humidity after all!   
  5. Eating slower saves calories as well.  ALSO, putting salad dressing in a cup on the side and dipping my fork into it saves calories--and using lite Balsamic Vinaigrette type dressings. 
  6. This challenge ROCKS!  So far, it has been a HUGE aid in keeping me on target!  AND I hope the gals are thinking up a challenge to immediately follow this one for those of us who have more weight to lose!
Goal changes? None this week.

Here are the numbers for week 1:

Weight loss:  -10.5 lbs
Inches: -2.5 total (chest:= -.5; hips = -1; waist = -1; neck = -0 [I still don't know why uses neck measurements, but--whatever dude).

Guess that Pilates was making a difference on lost inches during the first week SO, bored or not, it's back to the Pilates!

OH! I totally missed out on linking up last week---so, if anyone is interested, here's the link to last week's post. 
Hope everyone has a fantastic week!


  1. Excellent on the calories! And I'm glad it's been easy for you! Nice plan of attack for the weekend, it stinks when you've done so well all week just to blow it on the weekend. Glad you're enjoying the recipes too!

  2. I am so glad that this Challenge is helping you keep to your target! We all need support and encouragement and it seems that this is doing the job for you. Well done, and keep at it!!

  3. Debbi- Thanks! Of course I never know when the ease will wear off and I slip back into old habits. My hope is that those are gone forever now. Time will certainly tell. We are LOVING your recipes!

    This-I hope that this is the thing that makes all the difference! It's about time! The encouragement is one of the main keys and I appreciate it so much!

  4. Good for you! 10 lbs and all those inches in ONE week. WOW!

  5. You are amazing. I need to acquire that kind of determination. It seems to be fine until evening. :-(

    Be sure to stop in at Cranberry Morning today and enter my handcrafted soap GIVEAWAY!! :-)

    I was just outdoors gardening and think I have a wood tick crawling up my pantleg. Gotta go.

  6. Marvelous work!

    Neck measurements? It's tracked because if this measurement is over 'average', that's a sign that you are either a) a major workout nut and have a very muscular neck; or b) you are overweight and your body is storing fat in the mid section (apple vs. pear shape), indicating a higher risk for heart problems, etc.

  7. You have really been rocking this challenge. Love all the photos of your beautiful family. I'll be back to catch up and cheer you on. Rock on!

  8. You're doing great! I really need to keep my cals below 1200! Thanks for your comment, I don't think it's muscle gain just yet because I feel more 'bloated' from eating the wrong things so I know that is what has caused the gain. Hopefully this week will be better. I'm off to read your first post cos i didn't see it last week ;-)

  9. Cindy- It's the HEAT! It's too dang hot to eat anything!

    Judy- I think I'm finally just sick of being this much overweight. Plus, it's too hot to eat! LOL Yay! I'll be right there!

    Angela-Oh, thanks for explaining that! I also see where you're going to be posting some very interesting info today! Thanks!

    MB- Thanks! The challenge is making a huge difference so far!

    Denise- Thank you! I know this week will be better for you! Together we will be successful!

  10. You're doing great, I really admire your determination, you've gone through some big changes in such a small period of time. Keep it up girl, we're all cheering for ya.

  11. It is so exciting to follow your progress! You are doing so well!

  12. Well done! It's inspiring to watch you succeed!
    I've never heard of the neck measurement thing either but Angela's explanation makes sense.

  13. Alessandra- Thank you! I'm trying- I hope this is the real thing this time!

    Betty- Thanks! I really appreciate the support!

    Stephanie- Thank you! I agree- her explanation did make sense! Who knew? LOL

  14. Amazing loss. Now that is what I call a big chunk. If you had a slab of meat 10 lbs big that would make big ol pot of soup to feed the literally hungry! And I bet that feels great off your feet, too. Awesome.
    Keep strong.

  15. Scooter-Thanks so much! It was quite humid today on our walk so I had to carry Tucker some of the way and he weighs 9.4 lbs. I thought to myself, "Wow, it's hard to carry him in this humidity." And then, "Holy Crap! That's what I've been carrying around on my person!" LOL It does feel better off than on!

  16. WAHOO Now that's a NUMBER Congrats to you! Hard work does pay off!! Nicole

  17. Betty-It's just too hot right now to eat much! I'm eating a lot of salads and fruit!

    Nicole-It is a great number, but I don't expect it next long as it's a loss in stead of a gain! Thanks!

  18. Boy, your calories are so low. Really amazing that you can do that. Is that 10.5 pounds for a week?? That is also amazing if it is. Stay strong, looks like you are doing great!! michele

  19. Wow! You are doing so well. I don't know how you manage such low calories per day (under 1200). Great tip about using the timer, by the way! Keep up the good work.

  20. Michele- The calories are low but that's mostly because I've been eating a lot of salads and fruit. It's just too dang hot to eat anything else! Plus, Debbi's recipes are low cal and delish! That is the amount lost for one week, but I certainly do not expect that this week! Though it would be nice. LOL

  21. Hi! This is Wendell, not Patrice. Don't tell her I was using her compooter. Keep up the good work on your weight challenge. I know when I'm down a few pounds my saddle feels better. Wait! I've never worn a saddle. Oops! What I meant to say is that my tuxedo feels better:) Patrice didn't blog for a few days because she's been working her tail off. It sounds terrible to me. I rather like my tail. I am well and I'm glad you ask about me. You wanted to know if I need anything- a tractor trailer of carrots would be nice, as well as an air conditioner. Apple popsicles might be good.

    Your friend,

    p.s Patrice went to work today and when she went to the store the man stocking the shelf had a name badge that said Wendell. Either I'm really popular- you know, like an Eddie Bauer shirt, or the guy is super clever to have a lovely name. Patrice told him she had a horse named that and he looked at her like she was from another planet. She said "Oh, It's really a nice name and I didn't mean anything bad by that. Besides, he's a great horse." She said the man started laughing so loud he could be heard at the other end of the store.

  22. Hey y'all- Blogger is messing with me today so I keep checking to make sure I respond to everyone---if I missed you, I am so sorry!

    Joyce- Thank you so much!

    Carrie-It's too hot to eat anything except salads and fruit so the calories are low but I am eating plenty! Thanks!

    Wendell! I'm so happy to hear from you and to know that you are well! I'll mention the carrots, air conditioning and apple popsicles to Patrice! That man at the grocery store doesn't know how lucky he is to sport your name, does he? Much love! Ps...I showed your picture to Hubs and he thinks you are gorgeous too!

  23. What an awesome number! Love your discoveries, especially the one about eating slower. I find that really helps me, too! Congrats and here's to a great week for all the challengers!

  24. Great week! 20 miles! wow! You are amazing!!! love your discoveries! I'm learning new things too. So encouraging to see everyone's progress!

  25. are so determined and positive!
    Hang in there and I am sending you positive vibes and encouragement!

  26. YEAH!!!! This is awesome Pam. Oh I am so proud of you. Oh so very proud of you. You keep this up and you'll get to where you want to be and oh just think of what your girls will say to having the most sexy mama around. YEAH!!! FOR PAM!!!
    Take care my friend and have a blessed evening.

  27. Wow, awesome week.
    I did try the site you recommended (livestrong) and it wouldn't work right for me. So I went over to Sparkpeople, where i set up an account several years ago (and then ended up pregnant). I was very frustrated trying to fill in my foods, as so many were not there specifically and for some foods I just didn't know how much I had because it was mixed in with other foods. Any advice would be appreciated. I spent way too much time trying to track my calories this evening. I would have been better off stepping and it got too late.

  28. Karyn-Thanks!

    Candi-Thank you! I agree! It is encouraging to see everyone's progress!

    Shawn-Thanks! I'm hoping that it's permanent this time! I feel the vibes--they're working!

    Julie-Thank you my inspirational friend! I am following your example!

    kewkew-One thing that's helpful is using Debbi's recipes and filling in the calories manually. Otherwise, I fill in each food and guesstimate the amount---I figure, as cooks, we can get it just about right.

  29. You do make me laugh heat does the same to me.

    Annie v.

  30. You are doing really good. I am going to start swimming now that the pool has finally warmed up, that always helps me.
    I thought I was a follower of yours so I followed your bird blog. Do you have one here?

  31. Wow great weight loss. Keep up the hard work!


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