Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's HOT

 It is HOT out there people.  I mean HOT.  And, HOT + me = steer clear if you know what's good for you.  AND, around here, the HOT is always mixed with HUMIDITY which means a HEAT INDEX of freaking 115 DEGREES.  The really bad news?  We're not the hottest area. 

I spent a mere 40 minutes in the garden before 10:00 this morning and came in wanting to smack someone only the heat had taken the energy to do it right out of me! There is a good thing though-- if I leave the veggies out there, it's hot enough to steam them so all I really need to do is take a bowl out there and fill it up for lunch and supper and---NO COOKING NECESSARY!

Unfortunately, t's too hot to eat.  But that's a good thing since I am trying to lose this weight. 

It's too hot to walk the dog...unless we leave the house by 6:00 am at the latest.  Which is fine except that-- early morning + me = steer clear if you know what's good for you because I am not interested in looking at someone's smiling morning face and hearing OR saying good morning in an annoying sing-songy voice.

It's too hot to take the kids outside and play....wait...the lovelies have left the nest. 

It's probably too hot to swim in a pool because the pool water probably feels like bath water...but I'm not going out in the heat to a pool and find out.

It's too hot for Hubs to be working out in the heat but has to because the powers that be (the jack asses sitting in the air conditioning) couldn't care less about who has to work outside as long as it isn't them.  Even though he works right on the water, it's still HOT.  And his mood is sort of like mine after he's been out there all day working in the HEAT.

It's so hot that Tucker doesn't give a rip about the squirrels right now and, when he does go outside, he comes in and drinks his water too fast and almost throws up on the floor.  Luckily, it's almost.

It's so hot that I want to smack someone....Oh, did I already mention that?

But, NO WORRIES!  Why?  The weather dudes have, with all their exaggerated overzealous enthusiasm, predicted a cool down by the weekend with highs ONLY around 93 WITH rain!  And so, until that cold front moves in, I am grateful that I have Stephen King's UNDER THE DOME to keep me occupied! 

Plus, I need a day or two to dig out my winter coat. 


  1. I feel your pain! All I can say is thank goodness for whoever invented AC!

  2. I feel your pain, too! We're not far from you, in north Florida and it's just steamy here...plus we've got all this horrid smoke and ash from all the fires in Florida and Georgia.

    Thank goodness for a/c!

  3. Heat and humidity is my #1 migraine trigger.... not fun.

    ~ Mona

  4. Beverly-Amen to that!

    Dearest-I know y'all are hot too! I hope the fires stay clear of you!

    Mona- No. Not fun at all!

  5. We've been sweltering in the 100's for a few days and today it is only supposed to get up to 90. I was out there at 11 and it felt good. I never say that.

  6. I'm imagining all these limp and lifeless people/pets languidly fanning themselves. Well, maybe not the pets. I get it...I hate hot weather, too. But sometimes it would be nice to have just a little warmth here. They tell us it's summer today. Naw...it feels like a nice spring morning. At least it's not raining. I would happily share it with you.

  7. I am not good in the heat either. It makes me miserable. Hopefully the rain will cool things down for a while. Meantime, you have the right idea, a book!


  8. Rain was predicted yesterday. We got nada. It's predicted again today. I'm not holding my breath.

    It's been so hot I thought Satan was having a street dance outside.

    The only good thing it's so dry here right now you don't sweat as much. I guess that's the cup is half full approach.

    Watch yourself in that heat kiddo. HYDRATE, HYDRATE,HYDRATE. Give Tucker a big squeeze for me.

  9. It's still a bit chilly over here, so I just cannot imagine all that HEAT!!! Seriously though, that would be far too hot for me. I hope you manage to get through the day without actually hitting anyone!!

  10. Tracy- 90 sounds like a winter's day at this point, doesn't it? LOL

    Stephanie-I would happily take it! LOL I'm ok when the temps are in the 80s and even somewhat ok when they're in the low 90s. HOWEVER, a heat index of 115 just flat out sucks. LOL

    Susan-I can't imagine you being anything but kind and sweet! If we get the rain this weekend I will do the happiest of the happy dances!

    Michele- It's not taking any effort to get my daily water ingested! I go over now! LOL Tucker sends love back! How's Charlie Brown? Love the Satan dancing comment--and the image it invoked!

    Betty- I won't miss it when it's gone either...if it ever does go, that is. LOL

  11. This- I'll take chilly! Send it over! Yeah, it really is too hot right now. Hopefully the current temps aren't not a preview of the rest of our summer!

  12. It's getting warm out here too. Today is 95 in the shade, but thankfully no humidity. Gotta say, the heat in the desert is much more tolerable because it's dry. Make sure to stay cool, and keep Tucker cool too, he's a cutie.

  13. Alessandra-Tuck is staying inside near the air conditioning vents! So am I! LOL The humidity is the thing that dries us NUTS.

  14. First day of summer and I guess it feels like it, huh. Not here, it's rainy and cool. Yuck. Given the choice, I'll take the heat!

  15. Wouldn't it be great if you could send some of your heat over to the UK? It is bloody cloudy, rainy and miserable over here, and I would kill for some sunshine..... sigh!

  16. Annie- Sounds like a good deal to me!

  17. I have smacked a few of those singy songy morning people...in my mind of course. Just a week or so ago I imagined using a taser on one of them. "How good is your day NOW!? bzzzz...bzzzzzz...bzzzzzz
    I suddenly have a craving for coffee.

  18. You get funnier and funnier, regardless of how unpleasantly hot and humid things are around there...it's COLD here and was so good reading this as you generated quite a lot of heat by giving me a good laugh! Lovely post, as always!

    Just remember, winter is slowly but surely creeping towards your part of the globe again and soon it'll be me having heatstroke!

  19. Kipp--TASER?! What a marvelous idea!!! Mwahahahahahaha!!!

    Desiree- Thank you! You are just so sweet! We are unusually hot and humid for this time of year--we're commonly in the upper 80s NOT the 100s! And NO RAIN! And cooler temps won't hit until November...ARGH!!!! LOL Share your winter with me!

  20. I blame our North American work ethics. In other countries where the weather gets so hot, everything shuts down in the afternoons, people return home for a long nap, and life is slower. I don't know why we feel the need to be productive at all times. I say, relax in your A/C, enjoy Steven King and try not to feel guilty about it.

  21. I love that your comments are marvelous mood enhancers. How true.

    Messy desk here too. That could be a makeover blog post sometime this summer, I guess. Although I'm not sure I want to share the "before." Hoping for an "after."


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