Monday, June 6, 2011

Slimmer this Summer Challenge

Oh boy. Here we go- I've given it quite a bit of thought and have decided to join the Slimmer this Summer Weight Loss Challenge.  Recipes? Check. Exercise? Check. Journal? Check. Motivation? Check. Fingers crossed? Check.

My goals for the next 12 weeks are:
  • lose some pounds---I decided on 30 pounds based on checking out several sites for a good, safe number-and, maybe a bit optimistic.
  • drink water--I plan on drinking 4-5 16.9 oz bottles of spring water daily. This is an increase for me as I only make myself drink 3 bottles now and then, I switch to green tea. 
  • exercising--I walk two miles everyday with Tucker but am going to start adding another mile soon and some running.  By the end of the 12 weeks, I hope to be running one of those miles and walking 2. I also plan to add some bicycle miles in there as well.
  • keep a weight loss journal--my journal is ready to go and I will track water intake, exercise, calories consumed, measurements and weight.
  • record my calorie intake and lower it--I plan on sticking with the suggested 1200-1400 calories/day...less than 10,000/week. 
  • no more night time eating--that's right. I'm going to stay out of the kitchen after 8:00 pm. Every night. I mean it. Would it be weird for me to go to bed at 7:59 pm?
Some of you may remember that I have been down this road before. I'm going down it again in hopes of sticking to it this time. I still feel motivated but, I've been known to become unmotivated quickly (I'm a sucker for cake. And pie. And candy. Oh, and nuts. Ice cream. Cookies.) My hope is that I will not lose my motivation this time due to being in a challenge with others in the same boat. For support, certainly but also not wanting to let them down.

I hope to focus on writing and those home projects I've been putting off for no good reason and keep my focus OFF OF FOOD.

We are to post weekly about our progress, helpful hints, ideas, encouragement, etc. You will see these posts on Mondays but what you will not see are the numbers. I do not share my numbers with anyone. EVER (there is a story as to why that I might day). I will, however, be completely honest on whether the numbers went up, down or stayed the same each week.

Just click on the button at the top of this post if you want to check out Debbie's site and the challenge.  She also has a recipe blog that has some of the most amazing looking recipes!  I already have this week's menu plan based on her recipes!  

And that's it! Now, IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!


  1. We bloggin' buddies are all pulling for your success in your weight loss! Yes, I've been told to drink a full glass of water 15 minutes before a fills you up and you don't over indulge in your meal.

    Thanks for your comments on my Sunday post...

    Winter Past is my link to Macro Monday. Do stop by, again, when you get a chance. I'd love your company. Have a great week.

  2. Anni- Thank you! I'm gong to need it! I don't know if drinking all this water is making me full but it sure does go through quickly! LOL I could use a dose of winter right now- heading to your place!

  3. I am so proud of you! You sound very determined to do this. I can't wait to follow you though this challange.


  4. Well, I sure understand not sharing numbers. With your walking goals and healthful eating, you should reach your loss goal. 400 miles -- wow! I'll be following you.

  5. Good for you! You've got the plan in order, and that's what I need to do this morning!!!

    My kids can laugh at how many times I have started a food journal, started my diet, started everything fresh and been derailed by candy. Yes, candy. And nuts. I wonder how many 'healthy pounds' I have because of my insatiable appetite for almonds. They say 'a few almonds,' but how can they mean that? Don't they mean a few ounces or a few bags??

    I thought of you this morning when I got up and went out with the dogs. It's about 67 degrees and sunny with a little breeze, PERfect weather. You and Tucker should be here! :-)

  6. Encouragement..check :-)

  7. Susan- Thank you! I do sound determined---but then, it's only the first day. LOL

    Cheap-Thanks! I'm trying to stay motivated. This time!

    Judy-Candy is a great saboteur. For me, the first time, it was a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie. I'm agree--a few almonds is that entire bag, right? 67 degrees? I am sooooo jealous!

    Jeff-You are so sweet. What a lucky woman your wife is!

  8. Good luck! Joining a challenge is a great way to stay motivated. Hope the hot, hot weather stays away for your longer morning walkies with Tucker.

  9. Stephanie-That's what I'm hoping for! This morning it wasn't bad at all during our walk and we ran part of it! Fingers crossed!

  10. Awesome goals. Love, love you funny pictures..... Gracie

  11. Gracie- Thank you! Hopefully, I can put thinner funny pictures up by the end! LOL

  12. You've got a great plan in order! I'm in the challenge with you, too!

    PS - nuts are a great source of protein! ;)

  13. Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a lovely comment! I'm officially following you now and can't wait to see what awesome things we are going to do this summer! Thanks for joining the challenge; we have a great group going! I read a tip the other day for preventing night-time eating: A lady said that after her last condoned meal of the day, she brushes her teeth as a way to signal to her body that it's done for the day. I thought that was awesome!

  14. I think I made the same list last week! All great goals!

  15. Carrie- I'm looking forward to the challenge! The problem with nuts is that I don't stop once I start. LOL

    Joy- You're welcome! I'm excited too and I think it's going to be great! I'm looking forward to all the success stories! Brushing the teeth is a great idea. Eating a mint works too- especially when a snack attack hits!

    Betty-Let's hope they work! Or that I stick to them...LOL

  16. I hate to be a bit of a party pooper but the dieting regimen you describe seems a bit OCD, or to put it another way, anal :O)

    This sort of tightly structured programme can be effective in losing weight (and in promoting anorexia) but unless you plan to carry on this way for the rest of your life then I'm guessing that tho the results may be excellent when you stop, before long you'll be buying larger knickers again.

    Now, there's a challenge for you - prove me wrong! :O))

  17. Jane- It's not like I haven't done just that. The last time I tried I lost 83 pounds and it was great. But then I was attacked by a homemade oatmeal raisin cookie and BAM! gained it all back and then some. For now, I believe that I've finally hit the bottom and am ready for the lifestyle change. Starting with this challenge will, hopefully, get me back on track. And now, I have your challenge as well- And I'm going to prove you wrong! :)

  18. Great goals. I need to stop my night time eating, too... I do great all day, then the kids go to bed, and it's all over...

    Good luck!

  19. Serenity- Yeah, I'm afraid this is a habit that's been with me for YEARS. Thanks!

  20. Great goals!! Just keep yourself busy and you wont go off can always come play some xbox online with me :) It keeps my mind off of food at night when the girls are in bed and not around to keep me in Glad you have joined the summer challenge :)

  21. Hi this is Nicole from Colie's Kitchen I found your blog through the Summer Slim Down Challenge! I hope you are having a successful day. I love the cartoon pictures you posted I can see one for sure that reminds me of myself. LOL I am your newest follower and I am looking forward to watching your dieting success. Stop by anytime! nicole @

  22. Jade-Thanks! I've become addicted to Angry Birds lately---might have to check out this xbox online of which you speak...LOL

    Nicole-So far, so good for today! I still have a ridiculous amount of calories to fit in...So glad you stopped by! Thanks so much!

  23. Im wishing you every luck to succeed at your goals during the challenge :) You have some great balanced goals and we are all here for support and encouragement. You can do it!

  24. Good on ya chick .... and gods speed! It is really tough because it is about changing life habits (I still struggle with smoking), but I know you are going to be inspirational! Yo sista!

  25. 30 pounds, good job! You and I will be able to pull these big numbers. I'm going to keep an eye out and make sure you stay motivated! 12 weeks, that's it (for now. haha)

  26. Welcome to the challenge. And I hope you do share that story-re-number. Even more, I hope you share the number itself.

    I know I was always absolutely honest about my weight--online and in real life--and it defuses it. totally. People cannot use against you a weapon you've already defused. I took the power. It's mine. The number is mine. Shoot, I'd even ROUND UP. :)

    It's liberating. Coming out of the numbers closet...

    But I still think the story may be of value for some of us out here.

    Let's make our goals together. God bless..

  27. Mercy- Thank you so much!

    Annie-Thanks! I'm gonna need it!

    JoBee-Awesome! I'm still looking forward to it. Check back tomorrow though...LOL

    Princess-I'll certainly give it some thought. Thanks!

  28. Sweets and late night eating are my downfalls too. Sweets at least I can try and avoid, but with my work hours there are times I don;t get home until 10pm so I've got to figure out a way to stop once dinner is over (whatever time that dinner is eaten)

  29. You sound so motivated and ready!! I have no doubt that in 12 weeks time you'll be looking back at this post saying "I did it!"

  30. I'm totally behind you and if you need encouragement, let me know, I think what you're doing is great. I have no doubt you'll succeed.

  31. Thanks for stopping by Turn My Life Around. Glad to be on this journey with you. I also have a problem with those sweets you mentioned. I lost my motivation for a couple of months, but it is back. We can do this. I actually lost over 35 pounds since Dec. Exercise, not eating after dinner, and water I believe were the big helpers there. Hubby suggested 2 cups of water before each meal (a great way to keep track of how many are drank by the way) Then I drink the others after exercise, before bed. I also drink one cup of green tea a day.
    Your goals look great. Glad to be on this journey with you.

  32. Thursday- I hear ya! I can imagine that having those late work hours can throw you off...Joy (her comment is up towards the top) says someone told her that brushing your teeth after dinner would help. I was thinking eating a sugar free mint would help too because I don't like the thought of food after eating a mint...we'll do this together!

    Jessica-Well, I sound that way. Yesterday. And today. One day at a time, yes? Thanks for the support and encouragement!

    Alessandra-Thank you so much! I will let you know- I really appreciated it!

    kew-Sweets are killer, aren't they? I'm doing well so far on staying away from them but then, it's only been one day. LOL I'm thinking that the water and the support will be key for me- the exercise is not a problem. Love green tea! I'm glad to be on the journey with you too!

  33. YEAH!!!! I'm so glad you're joinging another challenge with me. My walking buddy and now my challenge buddy. I'm excited. It's not easy to lose weight Pam, it's just plain hard but to feel better and do things you haven't comfortable in a while is worth it. Today I had a NSV, while at the park watching the wee ones swim I sat up for 2.5 hours without leaning on a tree. The core muscles I'm building kept me upright and not falling over or dying in the middle. It was pretty cool.
    Take care and by the way, I'm jealous of your garden. Since we just planted ours on Sunday mine is a very long ways from showing any fruit. You're so lucky!!!
    Blessings my friend.

  34. I wish you success! I know you can do it. Love the graphic of the lady holding her boobs.


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