Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Hop!

It's time for Five Question Friday from Mama M. at My Little Life. 

This HOP is a great way to get to know each other better and to meet new friends!  If you click on the button, it'll take you right over there to join in the fun! 

1. Do you think cursive writing is overrated? (Schools in Indiana have now voted to take teaching cursive writing out of their curriculum.)  I'm not sure that I have an opinion about this.  Our youngest lovely has terrible handwriting but prints well.  The only time she seems to be bothered by this is when signing something- if horrible handwriting is all it took to be a doctor, she would be one already.  Of course it's nice if one's print or cursive is legible---you want to be able to read a handwritten note after all.  But not that many people hand write notes anymore. This is one area that I'd want to hear the two sides debate before deciding my opinion on the issue. 

2. Do you still use a pocket calendar or notepad or do you keep your info on your smart phone? Up until last week I would have said both.  However, I discovered a shopping list app on my phone so now I don't have to write those down.  I prefer the calendar on my phone because it sounds an alarm.  Now, I don't have to worry about looking at the calendar or leaving my shopping list at home!

3. What 3 things would you save if your house was burning down? (family & pets are already safe)  Camera, computer, pictures. 

4. Country Mouse or City Mouse, err Person?  How about 'town' person?  I would love to say that I am a country person, but there are way too many snakes out there for that to be true--although I love visiting friends who live in the country and taking pictures out there.  I am definitely NOT a big city person either because I don't like constant noise or crowds.  I prefer a small town with less noise, fewer people and houses that aren't sitting on top of one another or so close that you can touch your neighbor from your window. 

5. If you could pick ANY reality show to go on, which would you pick?  I wouldn't pick any of them.  I think they are ridiculous and, the very fact that they are so popular speaks volumes about the general public. 
Have an absolutelyperfectlywonderful weekend y'all! 


  1. Cursive is (sadly) overrated. As technology becomes more impressive, more ecological (less paper products used for letters, cards, documents, etc.) the need to write cursive goes away. Keyboarding classes are replacing cursive writing classes, as they should. I still love a handwritten letter or note, but I fear and even appreciate that it’s a thing of the past..
    I do everything I can on my smart phone to include lists, calendar items, notes, reminders and more.
    If my house was burning I’d grab my laptop, iPhone, and pictures. (This makes me think I should scan all those important pictures into my laptop.)
    I’m a farm girl who lives in the country with the dreaded snakes and spiders, but I would prefer a small town, not too small, because I love coffee and gift shops and fun restaurants!
    If I was young and could dance, I’d go on “So you think you can dance!”

  2. If I saw a snake up close I'd probably die of heart failure! But I do love farms and the country!

  3. While I greatky admire a beautiful cursive script, I'm equally drawn to an attractive print, so I'm on the fence with this one. I do think a good handwriting is important, either way!

    I'm also very much more of a small town person from choice, but we live in a larger town. I'm not a city-dwelling type at all but I enjoy a trip into the city on occasions. Countrylife hlds great romantic appeal for me, but I know I'd probably long for town life after a while.

    I do not watch reality shows at all and very little TV at all, in fact!

    Loved all your answers, but I always do, so there's nothing new there!

    Have a WONDERFUL weekend!

  4. I believe that one's expression in hand writing (cursive or print) should be legible. That's all. I spent way too many years learning how to have beautiful cursive script while at the same time being told that I would never need to learn how to type. My kids all learned how to type - whether they wanted to or not. I'm sure - I hope - they thank me now. They can still manage to put words on paper that I can read, too. Indiana's decision will generate lots of talk, I'm sure.

    And I'm with you on those reality shows...but I do watch one or two. Hey! It's people-watching...occasionally fun and always interesting.

  5. I think that is what is hard about country life, snakes. I am always just afraid I am going to see one.
    I know where some are living and I am trying to coexist but I am sure jumpy.
    I don't know if I would want to live really far out in the sticks but I do like not being able to hear my neighbors.
    Have a lovely weekend too.

  6. Desiree- I'm on the fence as well although I would be interested in what teachers have to say on the subject. We live in a smallish town (it used to be much smaller) but downtown is just across the bridge. It's all still a bit large for my tastes---plus it's a wealthy area and I don't like that either. Television is overrated for sure!

    Stephanie- You're right- it will spark lots of debate. I like to people watch in real life but not on television. It's fun to do it downtown with all the tourists around!

    Kim-You are a much braver soul than I! I don't like hearing my neighbors either---especially the drunk ones next door who are always out in their yard. UGH!

  7. I started school in Canada and we only learned to print in those years, then my parents moved to Paraguay with us. I was in fifth grade and over here they only wrote in cursive. So I had to learn it too, but it really screwed up my writing and now I have to most horrible hand writing. I´m NOT a fan of either. If I can avoid it, I don´t "hand" write.
    And I may live in the country, but I¨m a city girl at heart.

  8. Betty- I remember not enjoying learning to write in cursive--I already knew how to write in print, why learn another way? But we had to AND we got graded on it...penmanship. UGH.

  9. Aha!! Finally uncovered something that makes us a little different!! I am not into every reality show, but I do tune in to a few -- and sadly, they suck me right in.

  10. Oh, I like all these answers! As for cursive, I think it's lovely, a lost art. But then, I liked the old card catalog at the library too, but managed to make the switch to computer. lol

    I used to worry about my photos and camera until I got Carbonite, online backup system (yes, they should PAY ME for as many times as I've recommended them!!) but I've already suffered a computer crash only to get a new computer, go to Carbonite website and Voila! All my documents and photos are there immediately. Nice! BUT, I'd still have to grab the box of the ancestors' photos. :-)

    Totally agree with the comment about Reality TV. What have we become, anyway???

  11. Jessica- I can't believe we have discovered a difference! LOL I have a few programs that have sucked me in---they aren't reality shows but they are on television: Bones; Dexter;'s disgusting.

    Judy-Carbonite? I'll have to check into that! And then scan a ton of photos into the computer! I preferred the old card catalog too.

  12. I could hug you just for your answer to #5. I could hug you anyway but I seriously hate reality shows and what it says about our society and where it's headed. Great answers on the other stuff too. Hugs.

  13. Gosh, is there anything out there other than reality tv?
    As for cursive my two youngest were never taught. My two oldest were taught but never write in cursive. Personally I love it! I think it's beautiful and it's a shame that it will be disappearing. But I guess when you have a keyboard, why do you need puuurdy writing, right...

  14. I like to say I'm a country mouse who needs easy and frequent access to a city. Or a city mouse who needs frequent and easy access to the country : )

    Enjoy your weekend!


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