Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Purge Monster is Back...Sort of

How is it that the children grow up and leave the nest but all of their 'stuff' stays behind?  Hubs and I have lived in an empty nest for two years now and, to look at our humble abode, one would swear that all the lovelies are still living right here with us.

There is no extra closet space because the closets are all full of their 'stuff'--ok, some of it IS my stuff but not that much.  Besides, I LIVE here so my stuff is SUPPOSED to be in the closets and anywhere else that I so choose to put it.  Right?

Some of you might recall the Great Purge of 2010 when I had grand ideas as to what to do with all this 'stuff.'  Which turned into me not being able to part with about 3/4s of the memories that accompanied said 'stuff.'

The tide has turned now, my friends.  I am no longer concerned with the memories.  What does concern me--it's practically consuming me at this point- is my desire to simplify my life.  And, in order to simplify my life, the 'stuff' has got to be organized and dealt with.  It's time for another purge.

Sure, part of this whole simplifymylife idea is that I want to redecorate a couple of rooms.  But I want simplicity as well.  I want only the things that NEED to be kept to stay here.  All the EXTRAS have lost their appeal.  Then I want what is retained to be put away in the proper places---nice and orderly.

I would also like to purge the people who bother me from my life.  The bad neighbors who live on one side of us---the drunks--remember them?  They're the ones who get drunk and yell obscenities at one another all weekend long so that no one else on the street can enjoy a weekend in their own backyards?  And then there are the family members on one side of the family who suck the life right out of their brother leaving nothing for the rest of us...EVER.  Purge, purge, purge.

And then there's all this excess weight of my own that needs to be purged from my life.  On this front, at least, progress is being made.  I've joined the Slimmer this Summer Challenge and tackled it head on for some rather impressive results (if I do say so myself).  The whole process seems easier this time- even with the frustration that creeps up behind me every so often.   

The determination does not seem to be lacking anymore so I have no idea what's holding me back.  Nevertheless, watch out 'stuff' of the lovelies!  Watch out badstupiddrunk neighbors!  Watch out certainidiotfamilymembersofyouknowwho!  I'm coming for y'all next. 

Just as soon as I finish all those episodes of LOST that Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER got me hooked on. 

But then-- I'm coming!


  1. I know just what you mean about the children moving out, but leaving so much of their stuff still in OUR houses! I'm all for simplicity myself, although I still have a lot of stuff around everywhere! Not untidy stuff, but ornaments etc. Good luck with your clear out!!

  2. I know just what you mean about the children moving out, but leaving so much of their stuff still in OUR houses! I'm all for simplicity myself, although I still have a lot of stuff around everywhere! Not untidy stuff, but ornaments etc. Good luck with your clear out!!

  3. Don't know why you've got two comments there!! LOL!

  4. This- isn't blogger wonderful? LOL It either won't let us leave a comment or leaves one twice. Go figure!

  5. Blimey, you are on a mission! Good luck with it. Clutter is rubbish, and it sure feels good to get rid of it and get everything organised!

  6. Purging is the best. Hope you accomplish a lot. Sorry about those neighbors who you can't purge.

  7. Yay for purging! I'm right behind you! As soon as I finish this last season of Breaking Bad...

  8. Not sure you can completely purge family members : ) It's an interesting thought though! I need to do some purging but we've been on the go and/or had so much company this summer that I seem to spend the weekdays cleaning up from one weekend and then getting ready for the next.

  9. Anni- Thanks! It needs to be done...I just really don't know where to start!

    Debby-I hope so too. Yeah, but I'd love to purge them right out of here!

    Jessica- Oh no! Is that another one that I should watch? After I finish LOST of course. LOL

    Joyce- Are you sure I can't? They aren't MY family. LOL We seem to have had a good deal of company also. But, for right now, we have a few weeks...oh, wait. No we don't--DoodleBug's birthday is next week. Dang it!

  10. I hope they are reading your blog. Pretty soon they´ll come knocking and want their stuff... :)

  11. Betty-If it would just work on those family members of Hubs', I'd be happy!

    Barb- You know it girl! LOL

  12. Oh, do I ever know what you mean! I have two now-unoccupied bedrooms upstairs, one room painted with chalkboard paint and covered with scribblings from years past on-line game scores, and the other room covered with music magazine cut-outs of bands she hasn't listened to in years. When do the rooms stop being "theirs" and start being "mine"?

  13. I just wrote a post the other day about missing my boys being little guys. Our 19 moved out last fall and will be starting his Junior yr of college. Our 16 yr will be starting his Junior yr of high school.
    We haven't touched the 19yr old's room yet...I'm not ready.
    This helps me to know things do get better.
    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones

  14. I keep purging but somehow new stuff keeps sneaking in when I'm not looking. My daughter moved in with a girlfriend for the summer but is moving in with some girls from church in August. With any luck she'll take some of her crap.

  15. My friend is having a girl scout fund raiser garage sale and I went through a very closets and toys and found her two laundry baskets full and even some clothes that will no longer ever fit (Not going back there again) so for me that's a great way to purge. I hate being crowded in my house. I have a small one to start with.
    Have a great day Pam. Blessings from Minnesota.


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