Sunday, July 17, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

It's been a little on the 'hum-drum' side this week.  But I prefer those to stress filled weeks!

And now, it's time for my week in a:

It's still hot.  Big surprise.  Wednesday, the heat index was 124 here.  The jerkwad weather dude then says, "Thursday it was only 102."  Now, in my opinion, when you are discussing the weather the word 'only' does NOT apply if the topic relates to any temperature over 70 degrees.  We did get some rain for 3 days straight but nothing near what we really need--we are at least 11" behind.  Although, the browns are now turning green again. 

I am about to begin re-covering our dining chairs which should be quite interesting as I have never so much as attempted anything like this before.  We may be better off leaving well enough alone. It took me almost the entire afternoon yesterday to take the first one apart.  Just to take it apart.  Just.  What was I thinking?

This was the last full week that Birdie will be with us--in a mere 4 days, she's off to stupid Texas.  Where, oh where, did I go wrong?!  Why did I ingrain the value of education in the minds of the lovelies from a young age? And why, of all the things I ever taught them, did they freaking listen to that particular programming?  It has definitely come back to bite me in the rear. 

Time. Flew. By.

DoodleBug comes back from the All Good Music Festival in the wee hours of Monday morning.  And this is her last week of being an age that ends with 'teen'.  Next Sunday, DoodleBug, my BABY, will be 20 years old.  Sigh.
And it continues to fly.
We got a very nice surprise visit from our old neighbors--the ones who left us here and sold their house to the drunks who now live next door.  When our old neighbors lived in that house, we had some most wonderfully fun filled times together.  The two of them have divorced but they remain close friends.  It was so good to visit with them and, for just a moment in time, pretend that they still lived next door.  Of course, Saturday morning, while in the backyard, it was quite obvious that the drunks are still living there.  And drinking.

That's about it in my neck of the woods.  This next week is going to be an emotion packed one for sure.  Wish me luck.

I hope everyone has a fantabulously wonderful week!  And remember to smile--it makes people wonder what you've been up to!


  1. I don't know what's worse....drunks or a neighbor who BELIEVES and stores every piece of junk known to man in his back yard?!!! We've got a couple of just to the side of us, and the other is a car, not CARS...but junk cars. LOL

    Oh I know what you'll be going through. So many mixed emotions of pride that you've done well instilling a remarkable American citizen who can be out on her own, making something of herself...and then the feeling of loss. But being that your youngest will be 20...hey, consider yourself a young chick in the realm of us old codger bloggers who has a baby that'll be the BIG 4 oh next year. Whoa. If that isn't a kick in the face.

    As always my friend, I enjoy your visits and you leaving me your calling card in my comments!!!

    Have a super terrific Sunday.

  2. Anni- I can't imagine any of the lovelies turning 40! Wasn't I just 40 the other day?

    Oh I know about the junk yard neighbors. They would be us if I let Hubs put everything in the yard he wanted to put out there. His dad was like that too. I hate it.

    Thanks for stopping by! Can't wait to make that mushroom dish you posted about today!

  3. I'll be thinking of you extra-specially this week and know the pangs of parting you'll be dealing with. Just remind yourself repeatedly that it's not permanent! But I know you're going to miss her dreadfully at first. With another birthday to plan and celebrate, though, it will hopefully help to keep your attention off feeling too down in the dumps.

    I do not envy you those temperatures! Our weather is all awry too. Mid-winter and we're walking around in single layers (my husband in shortsleeves today!) We are meant to have lots of rain at this time of the year and snow on the highlying areas, so although it's glorious, we are feeling concerned!

    Good luck with your chair covering project! I admire you for tackling this. It's not anything I'd ever attempt!

  4. Time does fly by, that is for sure. I don't know what I would do if I had drunks living next door, you are a saint!
    Good luck with your recovering the chairs. It is pretty easy and makes such a difference.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!


  5. Oh young one. Have no fear, Miss Birdie will be just fine here.

    We never make them eat a live chicken or anything. Not on their first visit anyway.:)

  6. I'm starting to feel really guilty about all our rain. Wish we could get some kind of co-op thing going on...would like just a little of that sunshine.

    Good luck with recovering those chairs. Taking them apart is the hardest part. Really.

  7. It's Sod's Law in practice. You have a lovely pleasant civilised child and she's leaving to go hours away from you. If she'd turned out a little shit she'd be camping in your basement.
    One males you cry cos she's gone, one makes you cry cos she aint. ;o/


  8. My neighbors don't like me cause I cook and clean and tell funny jokes. Out of four houses (either side and 2 across the street..3 are in divorce court) I think it has to do with the fact that I am well

  9. You had 3 days of rain? We are in severe drought warnings here. It's terrible. The weather broke this weekend and it's been great but tomorrow back to the 100 heat index. Happy Birthday to your baby. It's traumatic but you'll do fine. Enjoy the week and keep smiling in the a/c. Hugs!

  10. I think neighbors stories could pretty much all be made into horror movies. NOthing like Saturday morning drunks to start your weekend.
    Don't worry, Texas is not that far by air, I'd say time to start looking for cheap tickets....Hopefully, this week won't be too brutal on you, at least you know Tucker's never going to leave you.:)

  11. I frequently have to fight the urge to get in my truck, drive to Roanoke and run over our weatherman, especially when he says we should only get another 6 to 8 inches of snow. right about now I wouldn't mind hearing that.

  12. Makes me really appreciate Fred and Ethel my neighbours because they are sweeties.
    I really know how you feel about time flying by - Son will be 23 this year and it only seems a year ago he was twelve.
    Worse still I am not twenty-three anymore although my brain thinks it still is!
    Hope next week is more fun and enjoy your daughter's birthday - I suggest making jelly and ice cream for it!

  13. Desiree- I do keep telling myself that it’s only two years and she’ll be home over Christmas and for a month or two in the summer…but it’s STILL 20 hours away. Hope you don’t get hit suddenly with too much rain! I got TWO chairs completed today and they don’t look horrid!

    Susan- I’m no saint—if you knew the things I wish on them…LOL The two chairs I completed today look pretty darn good.

    Michele- Birdie says she appreciates not having to eat a live chicken. That was, of course AFTER she asked me if y’all really eat live chickens out there. LOL

    Stephanie-I would gladly exchange some of your lovely rain for some of this HOT sunshine! You’re right- taking them apart is the hardest part…well, except for the curve.

    Jane- You got that right!

    Jeff- We don’t have any divorces around here but I wish the drunk neighbors would vanish. Are you SURE your jokes are funny? LOL

    Barb- We did get some rain. Not nearly enough though---we’re still at least 11” low.

    Alessandra- I think you’re right about the neighbor stories. I have a niece who is a flight attendant but I am not a fan of flying. It’s car travel for me…and I don’t like that either. Might have to get over it, eh? LOL

    Chip- Our weather dude doesn’t even need a script—it’s hot…it’s hot…it’s hot…that’s all he ever says in between really stupid things.

    Carol-Hey! I’ll trade my neighbors for Fred and Ethel! Interested? What is this jelly of which you write? We put that on toast. Not ice cream. LOL

  14. Boring is better. Stress filled sucks and right now, stress filled is what's happening here. HATE IT!!!
    Enjoy this week, hope it is a great week for you.
    Take care and God Bless!!
    P.S. Send off the goodies tomorrow.

  15. Julie- It is better than stress on my heart rate but, in the past, it's almost worse for overeating. Not anymore thankfully! Hope your stress calms all the way down to boring---but with all you do, I doubt boring ever factors in! Thanks!

  16. If you had only trained those young ladies in the joys of breaking the laws, you could always have them jail!!!

    Good neighbors are hard to come by.

    Have a great week.

    Oh, and the second chair will be easier.

  17. Good luck with the send off. I almost think the anticipation is the worst part. Once she's there you'll figure out a new normal and a way of communicating and it will be okay. Not great but okay : )

  18. Looks like it's time to have some travel plans to....well, let's just say TEXAS!

  19. I have it! You could send the neighbors to Texas and keep the daughter. Oh, how I wish I could make that happen for you. I'm freaking with the idea of college for the big one. I'm clearly not ready. I remember when the girls were 5,4,2 and the little one was an infant. I barely had time to breathe. My sister, who has grown kids, said to enjoy it while I could. I did, but boy the time went fast!

    You could visit Texwis when you go to see Birdie and me when you go to see the one who's out here. Travel plans are clearly in your future.

    I'm only an e-mail away if you need a shoulder. I'll even Skype if I can figure out how.This week is busy cause I'm catering that wedding, but next week I'll have more time.

    BTW- I'm so impressed with how good you've been on your diet. I have spots of being good and spots of being bad. So many spots I could be mistaken for a Dalmatian!

    ;) hugs-


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