Monday, July 18, 2011

Fessin' Up Day: Week 6

Another summer Monday has arrived and that means it's time for the Slimmer this Summer update/check-in/fess up post for week number 6.

My goals for the challenge are safe, once again.

Water intake: Nothing new here either. I drank the usual 64 oz of water each and every day followed by the usual 16-24 oz of my beloved iced green tea made with spring water, Splenda, and lemon juice. 

Exercise: I walked every day again for a WEEKLY total of 17 miles and  I continued Pilates 5 of the 7 days- the focus being on abs and arms.

Calories: The calories remain within the challenge limit and I am STILL giving credit for this to 1- (where I record my caloric intake and exercise); b- Debbi's delicious recipes; 3-my own sheer determination; and d-the challenge.  Consider me forever grateful!

Here's the breakdown for week 6:
  • Monday: 1272
  • Tuesday: 1361
  • Wednesday: 1163
  • Thursday:1135
  • Friday: 1098
  • Saturday:1264
  • Sunday: 1295
  • WEEKLY TOTAL:  8588 calories
Discoveries?  Yes.  I downloaded some new music to listen to while walking and it really has helped me increase my speed!  A few of the songs even enticed me into a jog!  Music does make all the difference! ALSO, as I do with everything- I found myself getting bored around here.  So, instead of sitting around eating, I have started those projects that need to be attended (translation- all materials have finally been collected).  I will be posting pictures of my first attempts of re-covering the dining chairs tomorrow.  IF I don't throw them all out the door first. 

Goal changes? None this week.

Here are the numbers for week 6:

Weight loss:  -3 lbs (Total for 6 weeks: 30 pounds gone forever!)

Inches: -0 total (chest:= no change; hips = no change; waist = no change; neck = no change)  Total for 6 weeks:-17.5 inches off forever!

 I am tired of waiting on the proverbial 'other shoe' to drop.  It's either going to or it isn't.  I'm certainly hoping for the latter of the two options.  Regardless, I'm not going to sit around and stress over it anymore.  What a waste.

We're halfway there!  I have to say that this challenge has made all the difference for me so far and I'm so grateful for it and all of y'alls most wonderful support!

Hope everyone has a fantabulous week!


  1. Way to go !!! Download some of that really old heavy metal music life Deep Purple's "Fire Over The Water" and that will get your heart rate pumped up :-)

  2. Excellent... keep going.. I'm almost inspired to start mine

  3. Congrats on your weight-loss progress! And good luck with covering those chairs :)

  4. You are making wonderful progress! I've got to look into the music tip. My treadmill is lonely, and I usually watch documentaries while on it, because I love them. But music would definitely give that a boost!

  5. Wow, what another terrific week with some awesome results. You are really rocking this challenge!

  6. Yes, awesome job! And I love making different workout mixes...and then finding old ones and having them feel new again.

  7. 30lbs is REALLY impressive! Kudos!

    So, have you bought anything that fits you yet? :O)


  8. So does make a whole lot of difference in the way/speed we move.

    Keeping those hands busy is a great strategy. My mother always said that "idle hands were the devil's playground" - she was right! Can't wait to see your chairs.

  9. Good for you kiddo. As usual you are paragon of virtue that I can only aspire to in my dreams.

  10. That is great, Pam! I'm curious about that music you were listening to.

  11. Congratulations. You have taken significant steps toward your final goal. Thirty pounds!! Wow.

  12. Great job this week! You are doing so well. Keep it up!


  13. Wow!! Thirty pounds..30...that is fantastic! You are doing a great job. Dedication with a capital D!!!!!!!!!

  14. 17 miles and 5 days of pilates, you rock!! Keep that up!

  15. Wow, 30lbs in 6 weeks is a hell of an average!

  16. Jeff-Great idea!

    Clare-Thanks! Girl please- just swim some laps in your lovely pool!

    Kathy-Thank you! I’ve completed FOUR of them now!

    Judy- The music will make such a difference! It’s so inspiring!

    Michele-I’m sure trying!

    Lizzie-I know, right?! I came across an old one the other day and loved it all over again!

    Jane-I haven’t bought anything new yet. I don’t want to until these clothes fall off…LOL

    Stephanie-It really does. I’ll be posting the chairs either tomorrow or Thursday!

    Michele-It’s truly an effort but I don’t want to quit now!

    Kara- Thanks! I put some stuff on there that I thought I’d NEVER listen to…go to this site and you can pick how fast/slow you want to walk and it gives you music to pick from---AND you can listen first!

    downsizers-30 lbs was my total goal for this challenge. The good news is, it will be more than that!

    Susan- Thank you!

    Shawn-Thank you! It’s still not the easiest thing I’ve ever done but I think I do have that capital D going for me this time!

    Debbi- It’s a huge thanks to you…I remember that you told me the challenge might be just what I needed and it WAS!

    Thursday’s- I completely expect it to slow down considerably. Whenever I feel a plateau coming on, I increase my exercise!

  17. GREAT JOB!!! I'm fighting my own battle with needing to lose weight so I know it's easier said then done. Way to go!
    ~ Mona : )
    Mona’s Milestones

  18. Bloody hell - you have lost 30lbs in 6 weeks? That is marvellous going gal - keep it up, you are an inspiration!

  19. Mona-It certainly is! Thanks!

    Annie-I hope to keep it up until all this excess flab has left my body forever!

  20. BTW, come by for a visit..Tag Your IT!

  21. 30 pounds is awesome! I just ordered a pilates DVD and book that was on sale at B&N. I must get outside and walk. I walked so much in Europe, I know I can do it.
    It's a lot different when your seeing sights for the first time compared to the neighborhood!

  22. Wow! 30 pounds in 6 weeks! Impressive!!!!

  23. Nice numbers, love the little pics too:-) I agree, it's been nice to be in a challenge with this group... it's what finally got me going!


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