Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's All Good at ALL GOOD

It's DoodleBug's HAPPY BIRTHDAY WEEK!  She will be 20 on Sunday!  

For her birthday, she asked for her ticket to the All Good Music Festival in West Virginia.  And, being the most awesomest parents that we are, we said, "SURE!"

And so, from last Thursday until Sunday, DoodleBug and a few friends had a blast camping out and enjoying the festival!

To start her birthday week off, here are some truly lovely shots of DoodleBug and company at the All Good Music Festival in West Virginia.  

The welcome sign-

DoodleBug and Gibbsterrific-

Their campsite-what a FANTASTIC spot!

View from the top of a hill-

DoodleBug, Westerful, Gibbsterrific, and the Robster-and the venders...

Gibbsterrific and DoodleBug-I believe this is self-explanatory...

The 'and company'--DoodleBug was taking the picture...

Apparently, planking was popular at the festival...random dude and dudette...

Talk about a crowd---

A night shot---DoodleBug said there were lit lanterns all around--

that made the sky look like Hogwarts!

Ah, to be so young and carefree!  More DoodleBug to come--this being her birthday week and all---and the re-covered chairs!  Stay tuned...


  1. Such memories..oh wait I still go to concerts like that :-) Looks like a great place for a concert !!!

  2. Looks like fun-happy birthday to your daughter!

  3. Happy Birthday to DoodleBug!! I don't remember ever being that young. lol

  4. What a great Birthday gift for DoodleBug! She looks like she had a wonderful time.
    Oh yes, to young and carefree, I forget what that is like!


  5. While I might not have enjoyed the party as much as when I was younger, I sure would have enjoyed that campsite any time. The mist rising through those lovely trees. A good place to escape to.

  6. My Mum's birthday is also on Sunday (24th). Husband, Sister, Niece and good friend all have their birthdays end July/early August. All Leos :) Carol Wyer also has her birthday in this period, so yet another Leo!

    Doodlebug and Co are obviously having a wonderful time!

  7. Now that looked like fun.. oh to be young again!

  8. Jeff- They had an absolute BLAST!

    Joyce- They did have a grand time!

    Judy- I barely remember it myself!

    Susan- They sure did! I forget too, but wouldn't mind trying again. LOL

    Stephanie-Wasn't that a great campsite?! They really got lucky.

    Desiree- Happy Birthday to your mother! She must be a splendid human being--not just because of the date but because of such a splendid daughter she has! Carol's in Russia for her birthday! What a travel bug. LOL

  9. Clare- Right?! How much fun we all had back in the day.

  10. I remember those days. When I actually liked communing with nature. Now the closest I usually want is a balcony attached to a nice hotel.

  11. Michele- I know how you feel. Although, their campsite was in the shade...but then, there could have been snakes. Yeah, a balcony attached to a hotel does sound best. LOL

  12. Great pics and yes to be that young. I couldn't do it now if you paid me a million bucks. Glad she had fun. Happy Birthday Doodlebug!

  13. Barb- I guess we just have to live vicariously through them now! Thanks!

  14. You are a good Mom to let her do that for her birthday! You are right the sky does look just like the ceiling in the dining hall.
    It looks like a very fun time. So glad you posted a picture of planking, I wondered what it was. :)

  15. Happy 20th Birthday to Doodlebug!
    Festival looks like great fun, and good weather too! Our festivals here are usually rainy so mud is the name of the game!

  16. There should be something like that for those of us who have had more birthdays. I guess I'll just have to stick to the excitement of getting caught up with my laundry before I go to work. Oh---- yes, I know--- be jealous! lol

  17. ...random dude and dudette planking...for some reason, I kept going back to that picture...I find it fascinating. Who thinks up this stuff?
    And yes, you are awesome parents! That is a terrific gift! She looked like she was having such a great time, and honestly, it all looked so decadent, it made me want to run away...well, until it was time to renew my restless leg meds and my anti-inflammatory... :)

  18. You are one brave mamma! My son is 19 and I'm always a mess on his road trips (FL twice and NY).
    It looks like she had a great time.
    ~ Mona : )
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  19. What an awesome birthday gift. She will remember these times forever.
    Looks like a whole lot of fun!

  20. Wow! That looks absolutely fantastic ..... what a bloody brilliant birthday present. I am off to a music festival in a week or so, and I hope it is as good as that one looks.

  21. I've never heard of this festival, but it looks like a blast!!
    Happy bday week to the bug! :)


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