Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

All in all, a rather boring week around here. I had about as much excitement as watching the grass grow.

Anyway, here's my week in a:

Last Sunday was DoodleBug's 20th birthday.  We had a family dinner to celebrate.  The big party was later that night at her house downtown---it lasted until 4:00 AM the next morning.  I remember those days, but I sure can't live them anymore!
What's a birthday without a little Wii Just Dance?

This is DoodleBug sitting in Birdie's seat at the table. Birdie and Breezy cannot stand for anyone to sit in the seats that they sat in while growing up. DoodleBug couldn't resist the urge to sit there since Birdie had already moved to Texas.

And then they thought it would be clever to put a picture of Birdie at her seat and pretend to be laughing at something she said. That's Hubs, Caroline, Birdie's boytoy- Evwardo, DoodleBug and Mimi.

DoodleBug wanted an ice cream cake for her birthday.  Apparently, those aren't as easy to find anymore. WTH?! Hubs finally got a small one from Publix.

And now we are 20!

Make a wish!

Monday morning it was so freaking hot/humid that I came home from our walk with a sinus headache. UGH. BUT, Tuesday and Wednesday mornings, we awoke to RAIN FILLED STORMS! Oh but it was GLORIOUS! And now it's over. We've walked in sauna like atmosphere since.  Well, that's not exactly true.  Thursday was as close to pleasant as it gets around here during the summer months. It's quite difficult to go as far as I'd like for our walks because the heat is just too much for Tuck. So, I ordered him a doggie backpack. Now, when he gets hot or tired, I will put him inside and carry him the rest of the way! The Lovelies are laughing at me, but I do not care. Can't you just visualize my little Tucky in that? This will be awesome!

All is not lost however.  Football preseason is a mere 11 days away!  Even though it's NOT going to be football weather around here, football WILL be on the big screen television every single time it's broadcast!  Oh how I love me some football!  Some of you may recall that the Carolina Panthers took first place away from my wonderful Cowboys in 1995 just because it was nice to have a local team (I'm originally from the Charlotte area).  Well, the love affair is about to be over.   It's not because they've been losing so badly...if that were the case I'd have dropped them way before now--I can handle a losing team (I don't like it, but I can handle it).  They finally got a new coach which we desperately needed. But I don't like him.  They signed Cam Newton. But I totally disagreed them (they don't know if they have a decent quarterback or not because the offensive line SUCKED it up so bad last year).  They just cut John Kasay. But I totally disagree with that decision. Of course, none of this means I'm right and they're wrong. Nevertheless, it has now come down to this:  One more thing, just one more thing, and I drop them down to second (IF they're lucky) and my beloved Cowboys come back to the number one spot and I will be seeking their forgiveness all season.

Birdie had a bad day on Thursday.  She was a little homesick and was hitting a lot of road blocks with the whole moving thing---nothing out of the ordinary, just the usual frustrating things that we've all hit before.  I gave her a pep talk, even though I really just wanted to cry with her and tell her to say, "Screw it" and come on home.  Then I called Hubs and yelled at him because she was so far away.  Don't worry, he's used to me. By Friday she was feeling much better and things are going fine now.  But this is one of the things I hate--not being able to be there.  She's too far away.  And her neighbors, while they aren't bad, aren't friendly either.  Which sucks.  But, I told her that she will come out of the experience an even stronger and more independent young woman.  ALSO, she has been having some trouble with Charlie for a while now- he has become increasingly more aggressive. He started out growling and barking at people and dogs but has now begun biting. Yesterday, he tried to attack Birdie. Apparently, the owners of Charlie's siblings are having similar issues. Birdie has worked tirelessly with Charlie to no avail. She talked to a shelter yesterday (a non-kill shelter) and they don't take aggressive dogs. The shelter and the vets that Birdie talked to told her the best thing to do is put him down. Birdie does NOT want to do this. So, we are seeking any and all suggestions/advice from anyone possessing wisdom in this area.

DoodleBug moved to a different house this weekend. The landlords of her place wanted to double the rent so--OUCH! That would make them each (FOUR of them) paying over $600 per month and that includes NOTHING. So they moved--they wanted to move anyway to a better location. And it's all good. EXCEPT for the lazy/responsibility avoider roomie who went out of town (no, it wasn't important, just a trip with the boytoy and she even said it was a bad time to go but went anyway) and didn't come back (conveniently) until everything but her personal stuff had already been moved. They needed to get everything out and cleaned up so the new tenant (idiot for paying that much for rent but that's his business) could move in last night. So, DoodleBug moved all her own stuff as well as all the community stuff and had to clean because lazy/responsibility avoider roomie couldn't see her way clear to do her part. I am not happy. This is also the lazy/responsibility avoider roomie who wanted to get the utilities in her name and not have any of the parents involved but didn't bother telling DoodleBug she wasn't going to do it until Friday night. I don't know about your utility companies, but ours are closed on the weekends. I'm starting to see a very disturbing pattern here. One good thing? Karma will bite her in her lazy/responsibility avoider rear one day. I just hope I'm around to see it.  

I thought I'd had a rather boring week. But, reading back over everything I see it as more of an emotional turmoil week. Ups/downs; highs/ 
Looking for good things for everyone this week! Let's be positive! And remember to smile-- It makes people wonder what you've been up to!


  1. It is sooooo hard to have your kids far away and not be able to give "hands on" help. Just trying to give pep talks on the phone SUCKS! I remember it well and when you hang up you go and cry somewhere (or yell at hubby...LOL) and pray they will come through it stronger. I feel for you!
    I´m sorry she´s having so much trouble with Charlie! That must be so frightening and I hope she doesn´t have to put him down.
    Happy Birthday to DB!! She looks so happy and beautiful. Glad she had a good party.

  2. Looks like Doodle Bug had a great party!
    I use to hate when they were so far from home, especially when it is a new place for them. I love dogs myself, but when you have an agressive dog you are always worried about him biting someone. I think she may have to make some tough decisions.
    A new week begins!


  3. EmptyNester - keep an eye on Cam for us. Curious to see how he works out. He seems to be really good when he is not being hit a lot. The only game anybody got to him was the NatChamp.
    I want to see he how he handles the likes of Lewis (Bal), Harrison (Pitt), Urlacher (Chi), Nkumadacazoo(?) (Det).
    His "it's all about me" attitude (aka 'cry baby') seemed to show up in that NatChamp game about getting hit at all...

  4. P.S. - Happy Birthday to Doodlebug!

  5. Wow, some week. We took our dog to a professional dog trainer who specialized in training attack dogs. Perhaps she should look into that?! This was in CT but I'm sure there is someone who specializes in dogs with an aggressive personality. That landlord needs to be shot or tied to a bench in the Charleston heat for a day! That's bull. But it's over with. Hope you are staying cool! We are even though I'm going stir crazy. Hugs!! BB

  6. What a week! Lots of highs and lows. Hope you have a peaceful Sunday!

  7. YOu had quite a week!

    First..Happy Birthday Doodlebug!!!!! You are a beautiful woman!
    Next, I suggest Birdie contacts a rescue or Cesar Milan. Cesar has a website and maybe he can give suggestions. I do not think it is appropriate to put the dog down but she must keep herself safe.
    I belong to a group called "Dogs with Blogs and parents"..I will put out a question to them. Is Charlie a lab and what is the age. Get back with me and I will try to get you some help!

    For the time being, Charlie should be muzzled when out for walks.

  8. Betty- You got that right! It truly does suck. I told her that she would come out of it a stronger, more independent young woman.

    Susan- I am concerned that he'll either bite Birdie or someone else who will then sue her! This is such a difficult situation.

    Kipp- If he's a cry baby when he gets hit then we're in for some waterworks unless they've fix our offensive line! I think it was a dumb move. But, they didn't ask me. LOL

    Barb- She did have someone work with him here. Maybe there's someone out in Texas. It's all about money here in the Charleston area. I always say that we are the only blue collar family in Mount Pleasant. LOL

    Betty- Thanks, I hope so too!

    Shawn-Awesome! Charlie is half hound dog half great pyrenees. He is 11 months old. I'll email you this info too!

  9. Happy birthday - love to see my former students doing well. Tell Birdie to contact Best Friends in Utah. They were the ones who took in several of Michael Vick's dogs and were able to rehabilitate them. They're in Utah and they may be able to offer suggestions or even take him. Also - I think you can still get ice cream cakes at Carvel.

  10. I've been trying to leave a comment for ages! Your page kept disappearing on me. Anyway, here I am. Looks like Doodlebug had a super party. I loved how she was sitting in her sister's seat, just because she wasn't there. Hee Hee!! Then how they put Birdie's photo there. I expect you all missed her really.

  11. Oh boy! What a week of highs and lows. It's hard when our children are struggling and we want to make it all better, but we know that they have to "do it" on their own...

  12. Ah for the days when the girls weren't below the tabletop. But sadly that was decades ago now...

    Please make sure to take a photo of Tucker in his new carrier.

    As far as Charlie goes I'd suggest Birdie contact Caesar Milan ASAP. If you go to his website there's a form to fill out to contact him. Pls tell Birdie to tell him (in all CAPS) they will have to put Charlie down if she doesn't get some help.

    I'd even call his publisher and see if she can get a message to him that way.

    A lot of time people will be willing to help if you can just get to them. In the meantime I'd have her get a muzzle for him.

  13. The party looks like it was fun. I love her sitting the chair teasing her sister. The photo was a sweet thought. I love Wii Dance!

  14. What a week! The call from Birdie would've done me in. I'm glad the next day was better for her.

    Hope things work out with Charlie. The move probably didn't help his disposition. He's probably wondering...where in the heck am I???

    We did the photo at the table during a party one time, too. LOL

  15. Looks like everyone had a good time. I love family gatherings. I'll be having a bit of a reunion in a couple of weeks when I return to Tennessee to visit for a week. I'm trying to stay as positive as I possibly can. Life has been good.

    Tossing It Out

  16. I don't have advice about the dog but I understand the worry. We love dogs and have always had a dog. That being said my youngest daughter was bitten in the face (years ago) by a neighbor's dog who til then had been no problem. My daughter recovered but the event was traumatic. The vet said they needed to put the dog down because of the unpredictability. The bite was completely unprovoked...came out of nowhere. Anyway, I hope she can work something out as the worry is probably adding to her stress. Oh it is hard to have kids this age far away. It does make them independent but it turns our hair gray (er).

  17. Emotional stressful and more but such a great mama you are.
    Hopefully this week is amazing, fun and not so filled with the other stuff.
    Take care and God Bless!!

  18. HAs Charlie always been aggressive, or did it start recently? If his sibling is doing the same, you might want to look into a medical reason for it,before considering the behavior problem. It could also be that all these changes, moving etc, have stressed him out.
    I have the same backpack for one of my chis, cause he gets tired. It looks like a pouch, so I call it 'the joey'. Hope you have a great, non eventful week :)

  19. Looks like a great bday! :)

    - Lisa

  20. Love the birthday dinner photos, I love how Doodlebug's boy still comes round to your house even though she's in Texas!

  21. You will begin to treasure each phone call no matter what the reason! I know I do ;)

  22. Pam, I can SOOOO understand how you feel about Birdie living so far away. Today, we drove our only daughter to the airport to see her off to Denmark for two years to study abroad. I cried. She cried. I know I'll be getting a phone call saying she's homesick and wants to come home, and even though every inch of me will want to say, "Screw it" and come on home, I know I'll be giving the pep talk too.

    As for the dog, I've been down that road too. We contacted a dog behavioral expert who said it's near impossible to break a dog of agression, but we still refused to give up on the dog, tried everything we could think of, and eventually had to pay a huge vet bill when our dog attacked another dog. In the end we had to put her down. It's not an easy thing to do, but we had the sweetest vet who talked us through that difficult decision. Sorry I don't have better advice.


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