Monday, August 8, 2011

Fessin' Up: Week 9

Another summer Monday has arrived and that means it's time for the Slimmer this Summer update/check-in/fess up post for week number 9.

My goals for the challenge remain safe.

Water intake: Still getting in the 64 oz plus.

Exercise: I walked every day again for a WEEKLY total of 19 miles and  I continued Pilates and walked through the ridiculously high levels of heat. Y'all have heard of HOT YOGA, right? Well, we have HOT WALKING!

Calories: The calories remain within the challenge limit---

Here's the breakdown for week 9:
  • Monday:1206
  • Tuesday:1273
  • Wednesday:1131
  • Thursday: 1224
  • Friday:1321
  • Saturday: 1357
  • Sunday:1300
  • WEEKLY TOTAL: 8812 calories
Discoveries?  Yes. I discovered that I can have major urges to eat and eat and eat and withstand them. But it is NOT easy. It's quite frustrating if you want to know the truth about it and I get angry about it too. All that does though, is make me angry it doesn't solve the problem of how to rid myself of the urges. So, any and all advice in that area would be welcomed and appreciated.

Goal changes? This is not a goal change but I have decided to cut meat out of our diets (meaning daily not diet as in losing weight). I am tired of all this food poisoning from meat and I've watched a couple of documentaries that really turned me off to meat for a while (mistreatment of animals). This happened once before during an episode of CSI- HUGE grossness issue when they pulled a tapeworm out of the mouth of a cadaver--absolutely disgusting--and then talked about why it was there--Ewwwww! Didn't miss it then, probs won't miss it now.

QUESTION: I quite enjoy the Morning Star veggie and bean burger products. However, I would love to learn how to make my own veggie burgers with or without using beans. If anyone out there has the secret to veggie or bean burger success, please share!

Here are the numbers for week 9:

Weight loss:  -3 lbs (Total for 9 weeks: 37 pounds gone forever!) I totally attribute this to an increase in walking and Pilates.

Inches: -1.5 total (chest:= -.5"; hips = -1"; waist = -0"; neck = -0")  Total for 9 weeks:-22 inches off forever!

I did get really, really excited one day last week when I stepped on the scale and saw an incredible weight loss! I was thrilled beyond belief. But not so far as to realize that there was NO WAY I had lost that much in one week--maybe at the beginning but NOT this far into the challenge. And, even though I dreaded it so very, very much, I knew I had to step back on that freaking scale. That's when I discovered that the right rear corner had been on the rug. DRAT! DOUBLE DRAT! I'm still quite happy with the 3 pound loss even though I thought I had an eleven pound loss.

Did have an amazing walk this morning! One of the regular walkers (she's only been regular since early July) walked past and asked, "Where's your friend?" and then laughed when she saw Tucker in his carrier and said, "Oh! There he is! How cute!" (see lovelies, some people think it's cute NOT funny) and I replied, "Yeah, this is my strength training." She laughed again and then said, "Yeah, you've lost weight haven't you? I've noticed! You've lost a lot!" Needless to say, she is my new BFF!!!

Considering the BIG PICTURE, I have not lost a lot. But seriously, an ego stroke does wonders for exercise motivation!

Hope everyone has a fantabulous week!


  1. I don't blame you on the meat. I would love to do that but the family would outvote me. I do make a LOT of vegetarian meals though! I have a white bean pizza that I just posted today. It's on the higher side of calories though.

    I love the morningstar chipotle black bean burgers too. I've made bean burgers but haven't come up with THE recipe yet. Mine have all been so-so. I have a few on file that I want to try though.

  2. Debbi- My bean burgers have yet to turn out very good. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'll just wait for you to figure it out. LOL Your recipes have really gotten me through this challenge!

  3. I don't know what the "big picture" is, but 37 pounds is a big loss to me! Congrats! And kudos to you for walking during this miserably hot weather!

  4. Did I miss the photo of Tucker in his carrier?

  5. A loss is a loss, my dear!

    And as for the veggie burgers, I found a website run by a woman who is a vegan. Her veggie burgers are here:

    She has some other recipes on there too, that you should definitely check out. Keep it up! :)

  6. Way to go on the three pounds!

    Exercise does make me feel better, even when I feel like I'm going to die during! And yet there are always times when I drag my feet and don't want to - crazytown I know.

    What about a falafel type burger? I have a recipe on my old recipe site here: they're really delicious!

  7. Okay, for this week, you are my motivation. You continue to do so well, and put several small victories together to make your weeks positive. Keep up the good work!

  8. Holy macaroni!!! 37 overall is a wonderful place to be, congratulations! I think you may be one of the biggest losers here! Kudos to you my friend!

  9. Great demonstration of will power...I have none.

  10. Another great week for you!! Awesome! Keep on doing what you're doing 'cause it's working nicely!! Yeah, it's not 11 pounds in one weigh in but it's better than a gain! ;)

  11. Kathy- I know 37 is a big loss. It’s just that when I look at the fact that I have like 100 left to go, it seems so small. Thanks for your encouragement! It means so much!

    Michele- No, I haven’t taken it yet. I keep forgetting to get Hubs to take one!

    Amy-True! Thanks so much for the website- I’ll check her out!

    TC- Thanks! Same for me with the exercise and I quite frequently feel as though I’m going to die. LOL Never heard of a falafel burger- I will check it out! Thanks!

    Jo-You are to sweet! Thank you! I am determined to do it for good this time!

    April-Thanks! In this situation, a big loser is just what I want to be!

    Gail- I have to this time. I am just sick of being this dang fat.

    Laryssa- Thanks! It’s a lot of hard work and even more determination.

  12. Great, great weight loss for last week and EXCELLENT total weight loss for the challenge.

    Kudos for you for trying to go meatless. Better for your health and the animals. A great, but older boo, that I have used for veggie meals is Diet for a Small Planet by Francis Moore Lappe. there is an excellent recipe in there for veggie burgers, among many fabulous other items. I bet you can find it used. Great guide to eating healthy.
    Have a great week! Michele

  13. No problem with the meat! I don't eat it anymore and feel so much better. There are so many great substitutes.

  14. Betty- Thanks! It's been hard work but I'm determined. This time.

    Michele-Thanks for the encouragement and the book title!

    Betty-That's what I'm thinking! Once I master the veggie burger, it's home free!

  15. 37 lbs is a really great loss, so well done to you.
    Little by little, and hang in there, you will do it!
    Sorry can't help with the veggie burgers, even though we've a vegetrian and a vegan here, but I can help with the eating urges....ginger tea. I think it also increases your metabolism, so would be good for the weight loss too. You can make your own by grating a 1 inch piece of ginger, put boiling water on it and let it infuse, or just buy ginger tea bags in health shop (that's what i do!)

  16. Ok I just had to laugh. I thought I was all getting ready ahead of time to put this site on for you with the veggie burger recipe and I see someone beat me to it. Check out all her recipes on OHsheglows. It's a beautiful story and beautiful blog and very encouraging on eating for health!

    Again the site although it was previously given to you but why waste a copy and paste???


  17. You are kicking butt and taking names. Way to go.

  18. Mimi-Ginger tea, eh? I'll certainly give it a go! Thanks!

    Sush-Thanks! I did check out the veggie burger recipe and used it as a guideline but made up my own recipe. They didn't suck. LOL But I have her site marked to check out other recipes!

    Stormy- Thanks! I'm working hard and planning on keeping it off this time!

  19. Blimey ..... you are going great guns on this .... good on you! I might need to get some tips off you. I am in Florida at the moment and eating like a wild boar at a boar fest.

  20. I am curious as to what the water intake is in litres I must try and work it out. :)

  21. Woot! Woot!! Good for you! Keep going chicky!!

  22. Good job. On the veggie burger thing. I have read the ingredients on the boxes before and used that as my starting point. Ingredients are in order most to least amounts in the product so write those down in order and decide how much of each you will use, write it down, and try it then start "tweaking". Of course, then let us know how it turned out.

  23. You're doing SO WELL! That tapeworm story has me freaked out! Yuk!

    We were strictly vegetarian for 12 years and drank no alcoholic beverages either. Eventually, we gre tired of not being able to eat out enjoyably (at that time, choices were incredibly limited in restaurants), so we gradually began to introduce fitst fish, then chicken into our diets. We have since become fullly-fledged carnivores and enjoy a glass of wine each evening. I would have a hard time reverting back.


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