Wednesday, August 10, 2011


I've got TWO fun HUMP DAY HOPS! If you're here for Wednesday Hodge Podge only, then scroll down.

The first is a new/revised meme from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty called Chats on the farmhouse porch!

  1. What color was your first car? Dark blue. It was an old (a whopping 10 years old when I got it) 1965 Ford Galaxie 500. That thing could go speedy quick!
  2. Do you dance or sing when you're by yourself? Both. Every.Single.Time. Without fail. Loud and wide open!
  3. What were your favorite and least favorite subjects in school? (I'm thinking high school or younger, but if you want to tell us about your PhD, go right ahead.) Anything math/science related was on my ifIneverhavetotakethisagainitwillbetoosoon list otherwise known as my list of thingsIhate otherwise known as thingsthataretortuousandstupid otherwise known as thingsthatareBS... Anything English (writing or lit)/history (US/World/Government) I LOVED. And it's still that way with me. 
  4. What was the last dinner you made? I made a spaghetti casserole tonight using Ronzoni Garden Delight linguini and NO MEAT! (Veggie protein) for Hubs BUT I had left over squash casserole and veggie burger that I made last night because those darn things were GOOD. I cook every night but only because of that man who lives here.
  5. Please finish this: "I feel naked without ---------------------." (Now, you know there's someone out there who will answer "clothes". See. I caught you! :) Yep. You caught me. The first thing I thought of was 'clothes.' Probably because I don't wear make-up or carry around a purse. But, my second thought was TUCKER. I really don't go many places without him. Oh, or how about cell phone. I never go anywhere without that.

Now it's time for WEDNESDAY HODGE PODGE from Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.  This meme is a great way to get to know some wonderful new bloggy friends and learn more about some old ones...not that I'm calling anyone OLD, mind you.   

1. If you could work for any one government agency which would you choose and why? (if you're in the US here's a helpful listFirst, the likelihood of me ever working for a government agency is slim to none. However, if I HAD to choose it would be a toss up between the EPA and the Department of Education. Simply put, these two agencies affect issues that are near and dear to my heart.
2. How difficult is it for you to forgive someone who refuses to apologize? Apologies are not necessary for me to forgive someone. There are times when it might help but it's just not necessary-I've forgiven people without an apology many times. And then there are times I probably wouldn't believe them if they apologized anyway. Of course, there are the very few times when an apology made no difference to me whatsoever. Sometimes, lines can get crossed that render a relationship changed forever or severed completely. Not that I haven't forgiven them, but forgetting or allowing them the opportunity to do it again? NOT going to happen.
3. What is your favorite meatless supper? Veggie burgers! I LOVE veggie burgers! And I finally made some good ones this week. I took some wonderful advice from some wonderful bloggy friends and made up my own recipe and THEY WERE GOOD! OH- Zucchini lasagna is delish too! Maybe that should take first place? Let's just say that veggie burgers and zucchini lasagna tie for first in this list of faves!
4. Wednesday August 10th is National Lazy Day...will you be celebrating? If so, tell us how so we can be lazy too. You're kidding, right? There really is such a thing as National Lazy Day? Does Hallmark have cards for this?
5. As a child did you have any special back to school traditions and if so, what were they? If you're a parent did you carry on those traditions with your own children? I always had a new first day of school outfit and book satchel (bookbag for those too young to remember them being called satchels). And LOADS of excitement! I loved going back to school. At least for the first day. AND yes, the lovelies always had new first day of school outfits and bookbags.
6. Write a summer tongue twister. Silly Sam slowly sank sitting in sand at the sea soaking in sweet summer sunshine.
7. Would you be interested in observing a surgery or do you turn away when the nurse brings out the needle?  That's a big Hell to the N.O. I am in no way whatsoever in the least bit interested in observing a surgery. NO. Birdie, on the other hand, has observed several surgeries and has even been in a cadaver lab (all for her athletic training degree) and loved every single minute of it! She's a little bit strange. But she did get woozy watching the ACL reconstruction. 
8. Insert your own random thought here. Do you know what happens this week? Can you guess? I've been waiting since February for this-----NFL PRESEASON BABY! That's right! It's HERE! FINALLY! I am about to be a happy camper for the next six months!  ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL?! AND I am so totally, completely, 100% ready for autumn I can hardly stand it! I WANT those cooler temps and I want them NOW! I am SICK AND TIRED of this sauna we call the low-country summer. AND we had a storm last night! As usual, most of the rain skirted us but not the noise. It came through loud and clear. 


  1. Have you shared the veggie burger recipe here? I'd love it if you share.

    We are going to the Giants/Jets game later this month. I'm an Eagles fan but I love going to games regardless of whose playing. We'll be in the company box and it will be a good mix of fans from both sides which makes it more fun. I'm definitely ready for some football!

  2. Joyce- I don't mind sharing but I didn't write it down. I know. It's a problem with me. Anyway, next time I will write it down and share! I enjoy going to games regardless of who's playing too! Football is just good fun!

  3. Happy Hump Day! Thanks for joining in. I liked your answer to #3- ifineverhadtotakethis... I also liked the one where you feel naked without Tucker! I guess now that you wear him in a backpack that means he can double as a fashion accessory!!! darn! That won't work with Wendell.

  4. Right there with ya on the math/science and English/history. I only needed one math to graduate high school and so took General Math in 9th grade--passed with Cs. If I'd needed algebra to graduate, I'd still be in school!

  5. Pre-sesaon football, huh? I am more of a hockey girl myself so I have a bit of a wait yet! Oh and my first thought about the naked question was "coffee" - is that bad, ha!


  6. We're all looking forward to NFL football and of coure UT Vols playing again soon. One more reason to love the fall, right?

    Check it out…Wayback Wendesdays, Chats On A Farmhouse Porch, What I’m Loving Wednesday

    Your friend,
    Cathy Kennedy, Children's Author
    The Tale of Ole Green Eyes

  7. Wow a ford galaxy you would be so cool if you were driving around in one now, you know vintage. :) My kids were in the car with me and we drove by a car lot with a 1965 El Camino and you should of heard them wanting that car.
    I didn't know you home schooled your lovelies. How nice. I think for me that my kids that have kids are planning on home schooling so I am glad I didn't mess it up for them.
    The ones that are in college now, tell me how much they miss it so It was all worth it and I think the only thing I would change would be we did more fun things.
    I was to much about academics.

  8. I love thinking about back to school traditions! I need to go shopping for a new pencil box now!

  9. Just had to wave your storm last night in my face didn't you? I just heard that they don't expect rain here til OCTOBER. Can you believe that?

    I need something to make me smile. Please post the photo of Tucker in his carrier soon.

  10. Patrice- Not sure they make one big enough for the great and wonderful Wendell! I like what you've done with your Wednesday meme!

    Beverly- I did have to take algebra and geometry- I HATED both! Just the thought of them gives me hives! LOL

    Jacalyn- Well, I could have put green tea. LOL Hockey is not my thing but we do have a hockey team here. I think. :)

    Kathy- Thanks!

    Cathy- I agree! Football is one more reason to love fall!

    FG- I only homeschooled the two youngest ones through middle school but we had a blast! They talk fondly of it now and they were way far ahead when they got to high school. They used to tell people that they loved being homeschooled but that their teacher was mean. LOL

    Betty- I still go through the school supply aisles. I even bought a couple of new journals! Fun times!

  11. I loved the 'naked without...' answer -It conjured up a very amusing picture but that's just me being childish. Talking of childish I had a satchel...even as a teacher (how square is that?)
    Hugs to you, you fab person and I owuld gladly send you our riotten rain if I could...would you like the wind too? Summer? What Summer?
    XOXO and xoxo for Tucker (well, he is only little)

  12. Loved your answers. They were great. I would love to watch surgery. I asked my Dr. to film my knee surgery but he said no. I was disappointed. Splitting shin bones, filling the gap with bone filler, putting screws in. It's like a HGTV show.

  13. i'm wicha on FOOTBALL...bring it ON!

  14. That's one of the best tongue twisters I've read so far today. Good job.

    Yes, I'd like to see the recipe for the veggie burgers too (and the zucchina lasagna).

  15. I seem to have trouble with my feeder and have missed a few of your postings. All caught up and WOW you are one busy gal!

    And yessirree Bob I'm ready for football...Louisiana gal gotta have some LSU, SAINTS and transplanted part of me gotta have some PANTHERS, WOLFPACK AND TARHEELS....not that I'm ever conflicted!


  16. Michele- I promise I'll get a picture of Tucky in his carrier ASAP. Or, ASAIR-as soon as I remember.

    TWIN! It's been YEARS! Well, not years. But it seems like years! I'll gladly take your rain. But we already have a wonderful ocean breeze. Why don't you come on over here and enjoy some sunshine?!

    Barb- You must be Birdie's real mom. LOL Glad you stopped by!

    skoots- YES!

    Cathy- Thank you! I worked on it for HOURS. LOL I will post the ingredients but I didn't write down the amounts of each.

    Sush- Oh yeah! Bring on the football: NFL; college; whatever! You are a hoot! LOL

  17. I won´t send you any rain from here, because we have NONE. :) But I do hope it cools off soon for you.
    You make that veggie Burger sound so good. I´ve never had one and would really be interested in a recipe. Could I get it?

  18. So you are a sports fan! Well then I'm glad for you. I really am not a fan, so it takes all kinds to make a word. I do love the tongue twister!

  19. Betty- We got RAIN this afternoon! I'm too excited! Veggie burger post coming tomorrow!

    LynnMarie-Yes! I absolutely LOVE sports! So do the lovelies. Hubs wasn't much of a sports fan until he married me. LOL Thanks!

  20. Well, long time no read, I think I've missed the last couple of posts, won't let that happen again. Sorry about your unpleasant weather, I like veggie burgers too, but zucchini lasagna goes to #1 on my list. And yes, I would totally dig watching a surgery...

  21. You know, I almost answered #1 with DOE. I am a fairly new teacher in the profession, and I already see a lot of inconsistencies in the way things are run. I'd love to be on the inside. Perhaps I'd understand the reasoning behind the rules. Thanks for visiting my blog today!!

  22. Ohhhhhhhh, your meal sounds delish!!! I too love the veggie burgers; they're a favorite. Which makes me think I'd best go to the store today and get me some. And I like meatless spaghetti myself. Much better than with any ground meat added!!!

    I have to laugh at your too. And your 'hated subjects' in school. Well, not the fact that anything math was on your 'list'...but the way you described them. My favorite was English and Lit...both grammar AND the plays and prose of the classics.

    I enjoyed your hope you'll find time for a return visit sometime. In fact, today my post is: SOMETHING STUPID

  23. Great questions. I had to bypass these this week because I have my hands full with my giveaway posts. That sure takes a lot of work
    What was I thinking?

  24. I always enjoy your responses :) Maths & Science were my weak subjects, too but now that I'm older, I wish I'd not given in to my mental block.


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