Saturday, August 13, 2011

Murder in the Dark

This is a big time fun game to play at night with all the lights out! Technically, the rules go something like this:
  • Take a deck of cards and remove all but one of the Aces and Kings
  • Shuffle and deal out one card to each player
  • The player receiving the ACE is the murderer and the player with the King is the detective.
  • No one tells what card they have received
  • The lights go out- seriously, you shouldn't be able to see a thing!
  • Everyone spans out and the murderer 'kills' the other players by whispering "You're dead" in their ear
  • Killed (tapped) victims have to lie on the floor until the game is over.
  • Some people play until someone runs across a victim and then yells out, "Murder in the Dark!"
  • Then they turn on the lights and the detective begins interrogating everyone trying to determine the murderer.
Of course there are many variations on these rules. And the way we play is a HUGE variation.

When the lovelies were growing up we were quite active in the children's programs and youth group at our church. It was through the church that we met the Lambert family. And let me say that, if you do not have Lambert Mister in your life, Murder in the Dark will not be near as much fun! Lambert Mister is, simply put, a NUT and his wife is BIG FUN too but borders on the sane side. We all love them both and their kids so much. If you don't have Lamberts in your life, you are truly missing out!

Lambert Mister loves to tease and joke and play games and---he knows how to get the most out of life. Their whole family does for that matter. But Lambert Mister takes it to a whole new level.

When he sat behind us at church he loved to try and get the lovelies to laugh. We sat in front of them several times at the theater and he would pick on the lovelies through the entire movie. They LOVED it! And he still does it to this very day when given the chance.

Several families at church took turns having all the kids over at their houses all the time. We had such a great group of parents and kids! But the most fun of all, for kids and adults, was going to the Lambert's and playing Murder in the Dark. And Lambert Mister is the reason why.

Lambert Mister was the murderer every single time. He would move stealthily through the dark (pitch black) house and just listen. He listened for the slightest noise and any whispers. Once he knew where everyone was trying to hide, he went on the attack. When Lambert Mister grabbed one of the kids they would scream so loud you would think they were really being murdered! Lambert Mister would pretend to stab the victim and the victim would have to lie on the floor until all the other players had been murdered. The game could go on for HOURS!

Lambert Mister took great pains to be silent and to scare, as Breezy says, "the crap out of you!" She says what she remembers is "terror." And yet, not one single kid could wait until the next time so they could play again.

All of us are now empty nesters. But everyone- kids and adults- remember the fun of being scared and murdered at the Lambert's house!

If you know a crazy person have a wide open friend who would completely enjoy being the murderer- then play this game! It's a BLAST!


  1. Memories are a wonderful thing to pull out now that our kids are making some without us :(
    Good thing we have our blogs to write what we still do remember as I know mine memory doesn't work so well anymore.

    Fun, fun times for sure! Great game.
    We've played on only with lights on and it involves winking. I think this one would be enjoyed too

  2. Sounds like great times. Isn't it funny how little ones like being scared like that, and keep coming back for more!! Bit like reading fairytales to them really. Some of them are a bit dark and scary! Great post. Have a great weekend.

  3. I will print the game and share directions for my 10-11-13-17 year old nephews and nieces - I am sure it will be a hit. Thanks for posting!

  4. how do you keep the "dead" people from being stepped on by the living?? lol this sounds like so much fun :0)

  5. Thanks for the directions. Now I have to find a bunch of people to play this with. Hmmm...there's a big family birthday party this weekend. maybe?

  6. That sounds like a game I would love. Wonderful memories.

  7. Holy cow!!! That sounds AMAZING!! I can't wait until the next time a bunch of kids are out here and they want to play a game, we are soooo playing this one!!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. That sounds like a blast. But just having the two of us here, it's pretty useless...hehe. With your brood of kids and friends I bet you have great time playing this one.

  9. Unfortunately I don´t have a "Mr. Crazy" in my neighborhood... but just reading this, I can already imagine the screams and laughter and I totally believe you that it was a lot of fun. I´m already imagining you doing this with your grandkids....they will love you for it. :)

  10. This reminds me so much of the thrill of being frightened, in fun only, of course, as a child! What great times your family shared with other like-minded families. Quite special!

  11. You know I had completely blocked out Murder In the Dark until you told your tale. We used to play that at home and it was terrifyingly 'defrightful'!

    Thanks for the memories~

  12. I've never heard of murder in the dark and it sounds like a blast. But I don't get what the detective does? How does he detect? Can he just ask yes or no questions? Are the other players required to answer truthfully? He can't just go to each player and say, "Are you the murderer?" right? So what does he ask?

  13. The Lamberts should hire out for this game. It sounds like so much fun, especially with Mister around.

    Reminds me of being a kid and all the cousins telling really scary stories in a pitch black room at night! We got scared silly and loved every minute of it! :-)


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