Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Week in the Proverbial Nutshell

Not too much going on around here--again. Except for this weekend. Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER came down so that Breezy and I could host a baby shower for a friend she's had since fourth grade!

Anyway, here's my week in a:

There is an actual weather update: WE GOT RAIN! That's right! And we've had it several times over the last few days coupled with some amazing storms! It has been glorious! PLUS, we have a couple of days coming up when they are calling for the highs to be ONLY in the upper 80s! We might need to get out a sweater or two. 

Several of you have been waiting for a picture of Tucker in his brand new carrier- I finally remembered to get Hubs to help with this over the weekend, so, HERE'S TUCKY:

He looks a little pitiful here. I think he was wondering WTH he was doing in the carrier without being outside walking--and why his dad is carrying him and not me. Usually, he's looking all around and then looking back at me and giving me little Tucky kisses! 

Birdie is still slowly adjusting to be in Texas. She says it's HOT. The main thing bothering her is that she has no family close by. We are a tight-knit family so moving away does take some getting used to. ANYWAY, she got her sewing machine set up and went out to get some fabric, a pattern and various other sewing needs. She returned to her apartment and taught herself how to sew! She made an apron. Here it is:

Her sewing machine...

The necessary items...

In progress...

Finished product!

Finished product on Birdie!
OH! This is Birdie's office---

Here's another angle of her office.

Breezy and BestSonInLawEVER arrived Friday night. It was almost strange with just the four of us here, but more pleasant than anything. Breezy has a friend, Keely, that she's been close to since 4th grade. Keely's mom was one of our most wonderful parent volunteers at the elementary school the lovelies attended. Sadly, her mom passed away a few years ago. But Breezy and I have stepped in as family for this wonderful occasion. So we're sort of honorary aunt and grandma! It'll be great practice! She got TONS of gifts and everyone had a great time! Here are some highlights:

The goodies.

Granddaughter of a dear friend- cute isn't she?

Some of the girls---that's Keely in the chair with the balloons. Breezy is to her right (your left...the girl holding the paper...LOL)

This kid is just the cutest thing!

The woman talking is Breezy's 3rd grade teacher! She is one of the most wonderful people ever put on Earth! (I'm not exaggerating I could write an entire post on her!) She was a good friend of Keely's mom too!

Two pregos at the party! That's Keely on the left.

Breezy and Keely!

My dad is having surgery to remove (we certainly hope they get it) cancer from his prostate on Thursday morning (August 18). Any and all prayers/positive vibes are welcomed and appreciated! 

That's all for now! Hope everyone has the best week EVER! And remember to smile- it makes people wonder what you've been up to!


  1. My thoughts will be with your dad - and with you - on Thursday morning x

  2. Love the dog carrier! As much as I'm sure Duke would love it, at 100+ pounds he is not getting one of those!
    Hoping that as time goes on and as busy as she'll be, that Birdie will adjust to life without family for as long as it takes. Great apron! Reminds me that I should get my sewing machine out once in a while. :-)
    Lovely baby shower and so nice that you and your daughter are such great friends to make this a special time for the mama-to-be!

  3. And, not to forget, thoughts and prayers for your dad. Will be looking for a good update!

  4. Keeping busy is a good antidote to missing your family. She looks so cute in her apron.

    That shower looks like a lot of fun...friends and family, that's what makes it good. Kids do steal the show, though, don't they?

    Best wishes for your dad's surgery and a speedy recovery.

  5. Firstly, I hope your Dad's surgery goes well and that he bounces back afterwards! I will definitely be thinking of you all and sending lots of healing, positive vibes to him. Secondly, the shower looked super! Keely is lovely! Please do tell us about their Grade 3 teacher :) Birdie can be very proud of her first effort on her new sewing machine! Her apartment is also looking very nice now she's settled in. It was great to see her office, too. Oh, that little Tucker is just too cute for his own good! Give him an extra cuddle and tummy rub from me.

  6. Jane- Thank you so much!

    Laura- Pretty sure that Tucker wouldn’t have one if he weighed anywhere NEAR 100 lbs! I’m thinking that Birdie will be too busy especially once her grad courses begin! Thank you so much for prayers for dad! We are hopeful, but you just never know.

    Stephanie- I can’t believe she taught herself how to use the machine. Must be from all those years as a little one when she sat on my mother’s lap while she sewed! We did have a fun time at the shower and YES! Kids do steal the show! But we love it! Thank you!

    Desiree-Thank you! We are hopeful but there’s always the off chance… The shower was great. We are sad that Kim, Keely’s mom, isn’t here but I think she’s here in spirit. Birdie is proud. She just tried a different pattern that was a bit harder and will send me those pix soon. Tucker sends a bunch of puppy kisses!

    Michelle- Thank you so much!

  7. I had to scroll back to the top to make sure I read correctly "not much going on around here"!!
    The shower looks like a lot of fun, and yes, that little kid is very cute!
    glad that Birdie is beginning to settle in; it must be very hard to be far away from her close knit family.
    best wishes for your Dad for Thursday.

  8. oh, and smiling at the "remember to smile" bit!

  9. Mimi- Well, it wasn't much until the weekend hit! LOL The shower was fun and she got tons of great gifts! Thank you for the wishes for Dad.

  10. The apron is really beautiful and I can tell your daughter is talented, if she can teach HERSELF to sew!!
    The shower looked like a lot of laughs and that so important for a shower. I hate showers over here because no one plays any games and it´s really boring!!
    Will be praying for your dad´s surgery. Hope the doctors get "it" all!!

  11. I love the apron and the colors, great job!

    It is wonderful that you could host the shower...they are so helpful for soon to be mothers.

    Prayers for your dad flying your way.

    Hope the next week is the best every.

  12. How sweet of you guys to put on a shower for her friend. So thoughtful. Great pics and I'm sure everyone had fun. Thinking of your Dad and sending positive energies to you and him. Keep us posted.

  13. Birdie is so talented, I don't think I could have done such a nice job with that apron, if I had never sown before. You know what I think about Tucky, he's got to be the cutest dog on the east coast....
    You know, I really like reading your blog because with all the pics and your stories, it really feels like I've known you and your family for a long time. I consider you guys like the extended family I don't have, and Tucker is my step-doggy..:)

  14. Betty- We played games and chatted and just had a blast! You should give a shower and show them how it's done! Thank you for keeping Dad in your prayers!

    Gail-She was so proud of herself! So was I! Thank you so much! Prayer works! I'll keep y'all updated.

    Barb- Dang, you should have come down for it! This was a lively group! Thanks for remembering Dad- I will update, hopefully, Thursday or Friday.

    Alessandra- She is talented! I'm amazed because she didn't get it from me! LOL I love that you feel that way about us! That's how we like people to be- if you're ever over here, you have to stay with us! Tucker sends puppy kisses to you!

  15. Birdie's office looks a bit grim? I've forgotten. where does she work? I'll keep you dad in my prayers kiddo.

  16. My Week at a Glance got put on hold because I was too busy with my Blogoversary! I'll get back to it.
    Nice to see the pics of Birdie's office and sewing project!

    What a wonderful idea to step in and be surrogate grandma & auntie!

    Know the anxiety about cancer and dad's....I'm living that myself ;(

  17. Michele- She's at TK Gorman high school in Tyler. It's a small training room. But they are a small school. Thanks for remembering Dad! He is a true believer in prayer.

    Cindy- I've entered your giveaways! I hope I entered all of them- Now I just want to win them. LOL I'm totally NOT digging this whole cancer thing. Not one bit.

  18. Tucker is the cutest thing!! And I'm so glad that Birdie thought to take her sewing machine along. Great idea! I think sewing can be therapeutic. Looks like a fun party and yeah, that little girl is adorable!

    I'll be praying for your father and for the doctors.

  19. Many positive vibes for your Dad and a successful surgery Thurs.

    Love all of the pics. Sounds like you all had a great party! :)

  20. Prayers for your Dad...and for you! Lots of happiness in those pictures, how many gorgeous memories were made!


  21. Thanks for sharing the picture of Tucker. He does have the WTH look. I'm so proud of you that you left the cupcakes alone. They would have called my name over and over!


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