Wednesday, September 28, 2011


HUMP day is here which means it is FINALLY time for my TWO favoritey fun HUMP DAY HOPS!

If you're here for Chats on the Farmhouse Porch only, then scroll down.

First up this week is WEDNESDAY HODGE PODGE from Joyce at From This Side of the Pond.  This meme is fun and sometimes even poses a challenge (read: she makes us use our noggins!).   

1. It is officially fall here in North America...I realize not everyone who participates in the Hodgepodge lives in North America but if you do, what's your favorite memory of Summer 2011? If you're not in North America, what's your favorite memory of the season just ending on your side of the world? My favorite memory of summer is that it's OVER. Actually, my favorite memory is DoodleBug's 20th birthday! 

2. Your favorite nut? You know I mean the edible kind, right? You know I was going to put Hubs, right? My favorite edible nut is the pecan. Or almonds. Wait, walnuts. Shoot, pistachios. Dang it. The only nuts I don't like are cashews.

3. What activity puts your sense of balance to the test? Sometimes, walking. That's right. Merely walking. In my defense, I do have allergy issues that affect my middle ear.

4. How would you describe your sense of humor? MIA most of the time.

5. September 28th is National Ask a Stupid Question Day...what's your stupid question? Why did I buy the 8 lb weight ball when there were plenty of 2 and 5 pounders sitting right there on the same shelf?

6. Roller skates~hula hoop~jump rope...which activity would you most enjoy? Yes, you have to choose. When I was a kid I most enjoyed all of them. But, as an aging adult, I guess the one that could possibly cause the least bodily harm would be hula hooping. Unless I was to throw my hip out.

7. What's your most sentimental possession? I have several items that belonged to my Grandmother and Great Grandmother but I think the one I hold closest is one of my Grandmother's hand embroidered hankies. I keep it tucked into my bible.

8. Insert your own random thought here. Our weather idiots people say that we're going to get cooler weather by the weekend. I hope they aren't merely dangling a carrot in front of a bunch of jackasses. Speaking of weather idiots people- we have a new one on one channel. She's a she. And she's no better than the ones of the male persuasion.

Next up is a HUMP DAY HOP from Patrice at Everyday Ruralty called Chats on the farmhouse porch!


  1. Would you rather cook or clean house? Cook, cook and COOK! Didn't even have to think about this one!
  2. Who do you resemble in your family? I have pretty much an equal resemblance between Mother and Dad.
  3. Have you tried e-books yet? I have and I much prefer to hold a real book in my hand and turn the pages. Although I can see where e-books are better for the trees. Of course, they'll probably just find another reason to chop them down.
  4. Do you collect anything?  Santas and nativity sets. I've been doing this for YEARS! And it's seriously way past time to stop the madness.
  5. What's your favorite fall tradition? When the lovelies were growing up, it was EVERYTHING- from festivals to holidays. Now, it's going to my dad's for Thanksgiving. We won't be able to go this year, however. But it's a good reason-Breezy's BFF since 6th grade is getting married. We love him and his entire family and his fiance is wonderful so we are looking forward to celebrating the beginning of their lives together as husband and wife the Saturday after Thanksgiving (and that's my run-on sentence for you Patrice...LOL). No shopping this year--which is fine with me! 


  1. It is positively teeming rain here and has been almost all night. Seriously, it is pouring-you can't see your hand in front of your face kind of rain. Ridiculous. We are soooo soggy and I'm sure the snow is not too far away.

    Maybe you could exchange the weight ball?

  2. I want Fall to come before winter arrives!! I'm so tired of the muggies and the heat. Let me shut my fans off and open those windows wide to let mother nature breeze on in.

    BTW...I resemble my Dad the most--but have my Mother's "personality", so everyone thinks I look like her. Weird, huh?

  3. Joyce- Sunny, hot and humid here. But MAYBE this weekend! We did have rain last night though. I'm determined to make this 8 lb ball work because I'm stubborn. LOL

    Cookie- Yes girl! I'm with you on that one for sure! That is weird. I have my dad's personality which means I am short tempered and opinionated. Wait, Mother is like that too. LOL

  4. I used to love those pretty embroidered hankies!

    I'm looking forward to that cooler just doesn't seem like fall when it's 90 outside :)

    Do I need to send Ed to your house with his fake roach??? LOL

  5. Kathy-Me too and they always remind me of my Grandmother. The one I have is one of the ones she always carried to church. Geez, how many times can I write the word 'one' in ONE sentence? LOL If you want to be a widow, send him with that fake cockroach. :)

  6. I'm with you on Summer - good bye and good riddance!!!

    I don't even listen to the weather idiots around here - I can do as good of a job and it doesn't take me near as much time to do my own forecasting as it does to listen to theirs.

  7. Donna- You sure got that right! I'm not really sure why they even pay them to be on tv. LOL

  8. Get out of here, is there really a national day for asking stupid questions? lol

    It was great fun meeting you on Patrice's farmhouse porch today and glad you didn't bring your 8lb ball weights. =D

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    Autumn wishes!
    Cathy Kennedy,
    Children's Author, “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes”

  9. I'm so with you on the cooking vs. cleaning thing! I also prefer a paper book, but I may get used to the other. I see the advantages of not having so many books throughout the house- they get dusty and really take up a lot of space.

    I know someone who collects Nativity sets. She puts them all out in one big room of her house each year. There is a woman at our church who collects Christmas village items- houses, churches, shops, all the accessories and the village people. It takes up an entire room of her house. She has a couple hundred buildings this far!
    I've known lots of Santa collectors. You'll have to blog about your collection, closer to the Holiday.

  10. Yes, cooking is better. But only if I can cook what I want...muffins are my favorite thing to make!

    Love your scarf - I can see the footballs.

  11. Cathy- Right?! LOL Girl, I can't even lift that thing again yet. :)

    Patrice- I collect the Thomas Kincaid Christmas village. I LOVE it. But we only have 1300 square feet in our house and I have to put the village all over the place- even in the bedrooms. LOL Then the Santas and the Nativity sets...oh goodness.

    Stephanie- You are one of the few who can see those footballs! Birdie said that she can see them- but she's got it in person. LOL Glad you're back from your amazing vacay!

  12. Our weather forecasters told us last week that we should expect snow in the next couple of weeks, and then changed their minds to tell us we were in for an Indian Summer. Tsk....

  13. You'll have to do a photo-blog of your collections! I don't have collections, but do have a whole closet devoted to Christmas stuff. I've actually gone through it but it still ends up being a closetful! (not a word??) And you do know the answer to the heat. It's suppose to be 55 degrees here tomorrow and 34 tomorrow night. brrr. lol

  14. Too bad you don't have my favorite meteorologist! He's the "bomb"!

  15. Those nuts are all pretty good. Mine sense of humor is MIA too but you did make me laugh so maybe you still got it!

  16. Oh, we both collect nativities!!! Great minds think alike!!!

  17. So I guess your weather people/idiots are the same as ours over here. They must go to the same schools. LOL!

  18. Just stopping in to say hi. Still hot here too, but I don't mind except for the freaky allergies that are driving me nuts. I love that pic of Doodlebug, she's so cute.

  19. sterlingsop- Talk about extremes!!! Wonder which you'll actually get? Maybe they were just using the old CYA tactic? LOL

    Judy- LUCKY DUCK! I want some of that cool weather. We're anxiously awaiting Saturday morning. Every closet I clean out looks like it still needs to be cleaned out.

    Mary- We'll take him!

    Debby- I do love nuts! I have it sometimes but not very often. It's gone away...with my good sense.

    Deb- We'll have to do some photo posts about them so we can each other's!

    Betty- Either that or they're related! LOL

    Alessandra- I'm so ready for some cooler weather I can hardly stand it another minute. My allergies are trying to act up but I'm holding them at bay. So far. Thanks! She looks like me! LOL


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